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    Who Still Owns Their FIRST Amp?

    A Marshall DSL401 that I converted to a head. I still use it occasionally with MIB pedals into the clean channel into a 212 closed back cab with ET65's. Not a fan of the OD channels on this Marshall but, the clean channel with pedals works.
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    Equalizer in effects loop - simulates tone stack?

    I admit it. I have used an EQ pedal in the loop while simultaneously running an EQ pedal out front.
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    Forget NAD! Try an MXR EQ in your loop!

    An EQ pedal was one of my very first acquisitions 20 years ago after getting a decent guitar, amp, and speakers/cabs. Never been without at least one and sometimes 2. One in front and one in the loop. Instead of buying a new amp every 2 months like a lot of TGPers I would just try different EQ...
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    Swapping tubes and biasing is akin to trying a different brand/gauge of guitar strings and a proper setup. I don't consider that modding. Just routine mantainance.
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    Inexpensive Unloaded Speaker Cab

    I don't know man. I'd be afraid they'd sound "buzzy" :) Thanks, I'll be here all week.
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    Could I get some information related to cabinets please?

    I like easyed's suggestion. Have a Matchless style head cab built to match the width of your 112 cabinet.
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    Dumpster score

    Were the pages all stuck together?
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    Van Halen 1984 Guitar Tone

    I know he did. I was just being funny. I'll be here all week.
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    Safest way to accept payment when selling locally.

    Cash only in $1.00 bills. Whos gonna go through the trouble to counterfeit singles.
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    Van Halen 1984 Guitar Tone

    Its about time someone made a thread about EVH tone. I was getting frustrated with blowing up vintage Marshalls running them at 140 volts.
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    0 inclusion wire to build amps...? thoughts?

    Builders should also make sure to orient all the wires in the same direction as it comes of the spool. You don't want to accidentally put a piece of wire in the circuit that is in the wrong direction as this can limit current flow. :)
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    0 inclusion wire to build amps...? thoughts?

    I always dip my wires in oil. Snake oil to be exact. This allows the frequencies to slide right through to the next component in the circuit with ease. It's a big part of the crystal lattice.
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    This cabinet will surely give you tone of the gods, right?

    Yeah, around here it would cost maybe $150 for the flamed maple. I'm thinking the back panel is (or at least should be) veneered plywood. You'll see guitar parts retailers like stewmac or warmouth who have flamed maple top blanks for rediculous prices. They are laughing all the way to the...
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    Blues and Classic Rock guys, what amp do you gig with?

    JCM800 2204 for larger venues. Bandit with MIAB pedals for smaller venues and jamming.
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    which 12" speaker has deepest bass response?

    OP has a 5 watt amp.
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    Replacing a G12-65 with something brighter

    Are these brighter than a G12-65?
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    1" deeper cabinet result in more bass?

    The 1" added depth will have more bass. Maybe 1% more. So, yes the manufacturer is correct that new cabinet has more bass. Also, maybe there is something else going on in the circuit to add more bass in the new model or a different speaker design.
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    Ceriatone loop. Active buffered vs passive?

    I run a volume pedal> EQ pedal> digital delay in my passive loop. Works great although, it lost a bit of highs so, I just jacked up the treble and presence a bit to compensate.
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    Marshall Tone - If money was no object ...

    You described the Marshall Origin 50.
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    Should I but a modeler or an amp?

    Well, it sounds like you are several grand in at this point so, you could either go a bit deeper and complete the rig with some sort of amp modeller like an Amplifire or, sell everything and get several tube combos for varyious tones in your studio.
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    why is 212 better than 112 ?? (technical question)

    I signed up with Gieko insurance and got more
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    Anyone use a 5150/6505 NOT for metal?

    Don't forget that your guitars volume goes from 10 all the way down to 0 to adjust for varying amounts of gain as well.
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    Baffle Made of Meranti Mahogany ???

    Was the Mahogany a veneer over plywood or was it solid Meranti Mahogany.
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    Does Neil Young use NOS or current production tubes in his tweed Deluxes?

    Wouldn't there be other factors to consider when trying to exactly cop that tone besides just the tubes? A lot of the caps and resistors are +/- 5% to sometimes +/- 10% so, you would need to measure each component in the circuit and use components with identical readings. Also if the answer was...