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  1. heavyrebel

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    It'll be an Eminence Copperhead for the 1x10.
  2. heavyrebel

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    Steve posted this on facebook with a picture, but here is the text. 6BeeM8 – ECL82 What is the 6BM8? The 6BM8 is a 9 pin current production tube containing one high gain triode (pre amp tube) and one power pentode in the same glass envelope. The power tube section has a dissipation of 7...
  3. heavyrebel

    New Amp From Carr - Super Bee

    Carr Super Bee Nested in Classic Black Face Super Reverb Fullerton sounds with all the usable power needed for great tone and great fun! - Super Seductive, Super Rocking, Super Black Face inspired swagger sporting current production 6BeeM8...
  4. heavyrebel

    Sold Carr Lincoln **PRICE DROP**

    2 EL-84's sound like 4.
  5. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar vs Carr Mercury V

    There will be a video coming out soon from Carr that features a band with two guitarists playing thru both the Telstar and Merc V. It was shot Friday and it being edited now. You'll be able to hear them both at the same time and see who is playing what, etc.
  6. heavyrebel

    Guitar Center...you're killing me Smalls! (Carr Amplifiers content)

    Led Zeppelin in a purple box.
  7. heavyrebel

    Carr Skylark

    It's been awhile and nobody took notes, but I know we changed a Mallory cap to a Jupiter, changed the value of a Solen, simplified some ground wire routing, and changed where a couple resistors connect.
  8. heavyrebel

    ThroBak vintage pickups

    I've bought pickups over and over for Teles mostly, but no satisfaction. Finally I beefed up the caps. If a Tele had a .22, then I'd put in a .47. If it had a .47 then I'd put in a .1. It made the pickups sound full and not anemic and tinkly. Finally I'm satisfied withmy Teles. On my Gibson...
  9. heavyrebel

    Best non-NOS tube? Are there "boutique" tubes?

    We've had to cut back on selling replacement tubes, trying to conserve what we have for production. But we get them from TAD and Tungsol mostly, Tube Depot, Tube Store, Antique Electronics Supply, etc.
  10. heavyrebel

    Does a single channel Deluxe Reverb-ish amp exist?

    Sportsman is my favorite.
  11. heavyrebel

    Vibrato technique question...

    BB was a righty.
  12. heavyrebel

    Carr Skylark Vs Carr Telstar

    Sportsman has the same control layout as an Impala and it's 19 watts. Impala Jr. for some.
  13. heavyrebel

    NAD Carr Sportsman

    I just put the Texas Heat back in. It rocks more. The Ruby is smoother, less jagged. I like the jagged.
  14. heavyrebel

    Carr Rambler question...Very Treble-y?

    Fun trick.
  15. heavyrebel

    Celestion Copperback

  16. heavyrebel

    NAD Carr Sportsman

    Celestion Ruby sounds damned good in a Sportsman.
  17. heavyrebel

    Can a Carr Rambler do an authentic blackface tone?

    You can use your Rambler differently by inverting the controls. Turn off bass/mid/treble, crank the volume. Then bring up the tone stack slowly. You'll figure it out from there. Juices the amp and makes you attenuate it with the tone stack.
  18. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    Well, I lied before about the 2 weeks. Looks like your amp is going out to Electric Mojo today!
  19. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    It went Tuesday. I bet they don't even have it there yet.
  20. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    That one went out. What a great gift!
  21. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    Just finished your chassy. I'd show you pics here but that seems more complicated than building an amp.
  22. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    I'm actually wiring up the chassy for yours today! Things going the way they usually do, that means you'll probably see it in about 2 weeks. Orders went crazy at the turn of the year, probably right when you ordered this. We do appreciate everyone who is waiting and want you to know it will...
  23. heavyrebel

    Carr Telstar

    Which one is it?
  24. heavyrebel

    Roland blues cube artist

    Elsinore is the combination of the Wizard cone and RWB magnet, coming as close to the original Kingpin as we could. Yeah, it costs to go to UK. Check with CODA Music. They might have a spare.
  25. heavyrebel

    Roland blues cube artist

    They're $100 plus freight. Write to info@carramps.com. Include your address and can get a total quote.