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  1. copperhead

    SD-1 - how are you using yours?

    It's for boosting a cranked British amp that is breaking up , volume on max & tone 12 o'clock or above & gain 0 or add a little .it really pushes an old JCM or Plexi
  2. copperhead

    Filter Capacitor Replacement?

    It would be way simpler to get the caps from an amp part store (what i mean is it takes so much time going through the filters of places like Mouser) https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/capacitors?filters=Type%3DElectrolytic%2CTermination%20Style%3DRadial%20Leads
  3. copperhead

    Traynor YBA-1 Script logo tube rectified

    Are you in Canada ?
  4. copperhead

    Thoughts on Mooer GE150?

    the GE150 has some good heavy tones & effects are pretty lackluster & it don't really have any nice clean tones ..I sold mine & bought the HX Stomp .
  5. copperhead

    What IR Plugins are you using?

    The Ugritone TRVE cab sim , you can add 8 IR's & blend them how you like . https://ugritone.com/collections/impulse-responses/products/trve-cab-ir-loader
  6. copperhead

    What IR Plugins are you using?

    https://ugritone.com/collections/plugins/products/trve-cab-ir-loader I use the trve cab loader & you can load & blend up to 8 impulse responses within it , they are always on sale & they have some great IR's for the heavier tones .
  7. copperhead

    My new HX Stomp wish list

    More Amp models .
  8. copperhead

    john sykes/zakk wylde harmonics with low output PAF

    What amp are you using ?
  9. copperhead

    To those who hate relic'ed guitars...

    Put a ding in you prized guitar equals a few hundred bucks deducted if you want to sell it . Relic'ed guitars ,this is fine no deduction....
  10. copperhead

    I think moving import lines from WMI Korea is a mistake

    Indonesia is making good quality guitars now & the sticker price of the WMI guitars are gone way up .
  11. copperhead

    The Official Fender Mustang GTX Amp Thread (2020)

    I was a Advocate for the Mustang III V2 a few years ago ,which i thought did amazing cleans that compared to my Deluxe reverb . I know the model after those were pretty bad but how do the new GTX compare the Mustang III V2 in a room blasting/ gig . without any of the phone/software crap ?
  12. copperhead

    Peavey Classic 30 Handle Replacement?

    This maybe close https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/handle-leather-amplifier-style-strap-mounting-hardware
  13. copperhead

    does this look like ebony ?

    Ebony don't have open pores like Rosewood .
  14. copperhead

    24.75 Scale Shredder style guitars w neck through construction

    Some of the pointy Charvels from the late 80's & 1990 had a neck through & Gibson scale . 750xl . with that said you can buy the brand new Kramer Nightswan but it is a bolt on .
  15. copperhead

    Hundreds of Gibson Firebirds Destroyed (On Purpose)

    I guess they didn't ""Play Authentic"
  16. copperhead

    That nasty basswood!

    I was only a problem when entry level guitars was made from it .....................Basswood = Monster resonant tone ..on all price levels ...........
  17. copperhead

    Is the new Marshall DSL thin and buzzy or.. EDIT-NAD!

    Crank it up on 10 & report back if it is still buzzy .Most master volume amps will be fizzy at lower volume ....Non bedroom amp material .
  18. copperhead

    Mini humbuckers...

    Try them . they are usually lower output but have more treble than most full size PAF's
  19. copperhead

    Chappers managed to make the DSL40CR sound like crap today

    Sounds like a mushy mess of saturation .
  20. copperhead

    Naphtha To Clean Guitars?

    Go to to the walmart/hardware store & you can buy a gallon of Naphtha ,it's called Camp fuel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coleman_fuel This is all i ever used & I've built dozens of Guitars over the years & it won't hurt nitro or Poly finish or any part of the guitar . it don't leave a...
  21. copperhead

    Who loves pointy guitars with Floyd Rose?

    I have a soft spot for the MIJ pointy Charvels
  22. copperhead

    Mark Agnesi leaving Norm's

    Wow ,i liked his videos & never had a problem with him . Guys that rub you wrong way ? Mine Jeff Kiesel ....lol :mad::mad::mad:
  23. copperhead

    Is 5e3 circuit versatile?

    The stock 5e3 circuit is picky when it comes to guitars ,Hotter pickups usually end up with too much bass on hand so lower wound pickups most likely work better .
  24. copperhead

    A few questions for the Katana experts.

    If you use a looper the 100 has an fx loop which the 50 don't .