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  1. stratoquack

    Satriani is the Gilmour of “shred”

    I guess for the same reason you took the time to post in this thread? Sorry you're having a bad life, Bill
  2. stratoquack

    Satriani is the Gilmour of “shred”

    Prove me wrong….
  3. stratoquack

    HSS Strats.... what do you guys have in the bridge?

    Tom Anderson H2 or H2+
  4. stratoquack

    What to hit in So Cal

    I know it is. I've gone to The Potato from Chino before. It's not all that bad and it's better than sitting in a hotel room bored.
  5. stratoquack

    Wilkinson locking saddles

    Installed them on my Charvel DK24HSS this weekend and I'm a believer! They work great!
  6. stratoquack

    What to hit in So Cal

    I'll be in Chino the week of 8/29. I've already looked at The Baked Potato and The Whiskey. Any good clubs I could check out during the week? I know Waddy Wachtel used to have like a Tuesday night residency somewhere. Thanks Bill
  7. stratoquack

    In Praise of the BB Preamp

    Mine is #283. It's never left my board since I bought it ages ago.
  8. stratoquack

    NGD - Suhr Modern Plus

    Stunning! Enjoy!
  9. stratoquack

    NGD - Hamer Studio

  10. stratoquack

    Wilkinson locking saddles update?

    Been keeping an eye out for quite a while on Reverb. Anyone know anything? Update?
  11. stratoquack

    NGD / Anderson Classic

    Love my Classic! Soft 50’s V neck!
  12. stratoquack

    Sold Digitech Freqout

    Cool pedal that I bought from a fellow TGP member 3 months ago. Never gigged with it. Has velcro on bottom. It great shape. $175 shipped in Cont U.S. No Trades
  13. stratoquack

    Anderson Appreciation Thread

    I think that thing is drop dead gorgeous as is!
  14. stratoquack

    NGD- Tom Anderson Drop Top

    I congratulate you as I play my 20 year old Drop Top!
  15. stratoquack

    Mesa TC-50 EFX loop/volume drop

    I've seen some folks discuss this and I hear a noticeable drop in volume when I turn on the efx loop on my TC-50. I tried an EP Boost in the loop for the heck of it and, even and its lowest setting, it's too much. What are other folks using?
  16. stratoquack

    Xotic BB Preamp: still relevant in 2022?

    Absolutely! I have serial #287 and it's still no my board working like a charm!
  17. stratoquack

    The Green Warmoth Mahogany Strat (NGD)

    Looks great! Enjoy!
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