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  1. bryce_y

    Sold First Year (1949) RCA Blackplate 12AX7 Tubes

    Super rare 1949 RCA "JAN-12AX7" tubes. The earliest RCA 12AX7s I recall having prior to these were made in 1951...and I've had thousands of 12AX7s in my collection. Finding these from 1949 in this condition is almost impossible these days. Pulled from a military signal tracer which obviously...
  2. bryce_y

    FS EICO 667 Tube Tester, Late Model, Excellent Condition

    I am selling a superb Eico tube tester. This is the last version of the 667, made circa 1975. I have owned five or six of this model over the years and have held onto this one because it is so unbelievably clean, and accurate . The previous owner was obviously very meticulous with his...
  3. bryce_y

    Sold Heathkit IT-28 Capacitor Tester, Checker

    Offering a late model (1970) Heathkit capacitor tester for sale. The IT-28 is a piece of gear that every tech should own. These are cool in that they put out up to 600 volts, so you're getting a "real life" test. I replaced the electrolytic capacitors, the eye tube is bright, it works great...
  4. bryce_y

    Sold 1957 MULLARD 12AX7 - ECC83 Long Plate "Holy Grail" Tube

    Selling a highly sought-after early Mullard "long plate" 12AX7 tube made in 1957 (MC1 prefix/code). Tests at 1525-1650 on my Hickok 580, where 1250 is min. good. Sounds great, beautiful graphics/lettering, not microphonic. $72 includes shipping/tracking. Payment via USPS "postal" m/o only please
  5. bryce_y

    Sold 12AT7 - 6201 Tubes for Fender Blackface and Silverface Amps + 7025/12AX7

    Lot of NOS and "ANOS" 12AT7s...great upgrades or spares for your vintage (or modern ;)) Fender. They all have matched triodes; refer to the test results listed below. From L to R in the photo: -1958 RCA 6201 (premium 12AT7) 3-mica blackplate. Tests as new at 90-92 on my TV-7D/U, where 50 is...
  6. bryce_y

    Sold Vintage MULLARD 5AR4 - GZ34 Rectifier Tube - $89 shipped

    Offering a Fisher-labeled Mullard GZ34 rectifier tube made in 1962. "OO" getters, made at the Blackburn factory. Tests excellent/well-balanced at 60-60 on my TV-7D/U, where 40 is min. good. Built like a tank...there's a good chance that this tube will outlive you :oops: Only $89 shipped! *sold*...
  7. bryce_y

    Sold Telefunken 12AX7 - ECC83 "Smooth Plate" Tubes + Mullard 5AR4 Rectifier

    Offering a superb quad of Telefunken "The Fisher" labeled 12AX7s. These are the sought-after smooth plate version from the early 1960s - all four are from the same batch. Yes, they have the "<>" stamp in the glass. These test as new, sound great, and have closely matched triodes, testing at...
  8. bryce_y

    Sold 1958 Mullard 12AX7 "Long Plate" Tube

    "Holy grail" Mullard long plate 12AX7, with Amperex bugle boy code is MC1 B8J (Blackburn, 1958). Tests excellent on my Hickok 580, reading 2050-2200 where 1200 is min. good for each triode. Sounded great in my BFSR. These are becoming increasingly difficult to find, especially...
  9. bryce_y

    Sold NOS 1950s RCA 5751 (12AX7) Triple Mica Blackplate & CBS 5Y3 Rectifier Tube - Fender Champ

    I scrounged these years ago from a military radio's "spare parts field kit", NOS (unused) from 1956...they were wrapped in a weird material that was a cross between cloth and toilet paper, which preserved them perfectly. The RCA 5751 tests at 2250-2250 (new and perfectly matched) on my Hickok...
  10. bryce_y

    FS Vintage RCA "Isotap" Isolation Transformer + Voltage Reduction

    Bump...maybe nobody knows what this is? LOL
  11. bryce_y

    Sold 1960s "JAN-5751" (12AX7) Preamp Tubes - NOS/NIB

    Don't miss out on these...
  12. bryce_y

    FS Vintage RCA "Isotap" Isolation Transformer + Voltage Reduction

    This is a must-have for working on old tube gear, and also doubles as a stepped Variac (adjustable voltage output). Works as it should and it is in nice shape for its age! $75 shipped. Check or USPS "postal" m/o please
  13. bryce_y

    Sold 1960s "JAN-5751" (12AX7) Preamp Tubes - NOS/NIB

    5751 is the same as a 12AX7, but with 30% less gain. Great for getting more "travel" out of your volume control/taming an amp that is a bit too loud... In response to the "outer space" pricing of other 5751 tubes currently listed here, I have decided to offer some really nice *affordable*...
  14. bryce_y

    FS 5F2 Tweed Princeton Tube Amp

    I'm selling a Mojotone "Fender 5F2-A" tweed Princeton ~5 watt tube amplifier. This is an older amp made in 2012, and looks/works as new. This kit is currently $806 + tax + shipping (about $935), and then you have to wire and build the amp yourself. This amp also features a 10" baffleboard and...
  15. bryce_y

    FSOT Mullard EL34 XF1 Pair

    Test results...and what these were tested on...would probably help your sale. Just FYI
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