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  1. ToneBum

    Source Audio Atlas Compressor

    Good to hear. I think I can just play with the presets for the time being as I wait for this. But question, will the dongle be USB to TRS or 5-pin MIDI? At the moment it would be wildly convenient if it were TRS as I already have a Disaster Area Midi Box 4 under my board with open space ;)
  2. ToneBum

    Source Audio Atlas Compressor

    Thanks! Super helpful. One more question since I’m new to Source Audio—the manual says you can control the Atlas via midi through the Neuro Hub or USB. Is there a simple way to connect my midi to the usb somehow? Trying to avoid buying the Neuro Hub if I just own one SA pedal.
  3. ToneBum

    Source Audio Atlas Compressor

    Alright, it looks like the Atlas is what I need. However, anyone who’s used it maybe help me out—if I’m also in need of a pedal that can add some general EQ to my rig, will the EQ onboard the Atlas suffice or would there be a big benefit to buying an EQ2 also? In reality, I just want to use EQ...
  4. ToneBum

    Help Me With Plastics: Cream, Parchment, White, Antique…

    Question about pickguard and pickup covers…I’ve got a partscaster Strat project I’m working on (obvs the one with P90s) and I’d like a pickguard and pickup covers that can get me close to the vibe of this Fender. Should I buy “white” pickup covers and a “parchment” pickguard? I don’t want it...
  5. ToneBum

    Sold Worship Kemper Rack Rig + Remote + Expression + Case + Profiles

    TGP community, I've got a complete Kemper Rack rig perfectly suited for worship leaders that use Multitracks (but certainly not limited to that demographic). It's listed on Reverb for a bit higher than I'd sell it here for. I'm simply trying to clear $2000. So if you live in Southern California...
  6. ToneBum

    Order switching pedal?

    Anyone else know of a production model that does this in STEREO?
  7. ToneBum

    Veritas New Pro Line

    Any news? For sure Casey should have them by now, yes?! Has anyone got word of when the buyers will receive their guitars? I didn’t order one myself but I’m very curious about customer feedback!
  8. ToneBum

    How To Solder Right Angle MIDI Connector (Switchcraft 05DL5MX)

    Yes, there are 8 different positions these plugs can do! Very versatile!
  9. Bondi Breakers Sighting!

    Bondi Breakers Sighting!

    The Del Mar replacement
  10. ToneBum

    Bondi Effects Breakers Overdrive

    Looks like someone at NAMM let the cat out of the bag! Bondi confirmed that this will replace the Del Mar and that this new one is "Del Mar-ish. Same concept but much better executed." Who's excited with me?! Let the hype begin. Bondi Breakers Sighting! by ToneBum posted Jul 17, 2017 at 9:15 AM
  11. ToneBum

    How To Solder Right Angle MIDI Connector (Switchcraft 05DL5MX)

    I've been told the same thing about most devices only needing 3 points...but most everyone goes on to suggest soldering all 5 just in case! So I'll echo that suggestion--you never know when a device will need all 5, especially as your needs and gear change in the future. You know what they say...
  12. ToneBum

    How To Solder Right Angle MIDI Connector (Switchcraft 05DL5MX)

    These little right angle midi plugs are awesome! But they can be a little tricky to solder correctly without frustration. Hopefully this helps anyone looking to make custom length midi cables yourself. The real trick is steps 1, 8, & 9! 1. Strip back exactly 1” of the MIDI cable 2. Put the...
  13. ToneBum

    DIY Insert Loop Box ("Audition" Box)

    Yes it is close! Thanks! I don't need the other two jacks though...maybe I can figure out a way to omit them. I'll need to just review that site a little more carefully
  14. ToneBum

    DIY Insert Loop Box ("Audition" Box)

    A guitar "looper" is not what I'm after. I don't want a foot switch. I want the IN to go to the OUT unless I plug in a pedal to the FX loop, at which point it would engage the loop. Again, this is m simple stuff but I just was hoping someone could give me advice on what jacks to use and exactly...
  15. ToneBum

    DIY Insert Loop Box ("Audition" Box)

    TGP, I want to build a simple box that I can add into my pedal chain that will allow me to audition new pedals when I get them. Essentially it's a very circuit that needs no power and now switch: In > Send > Return > Out I want to make it so when there's no cable plugged into the send, the In...
  16. ToneBum

    One Control Crocodile Tail

    I did some more reading of the manual. You're right. It seems that if I connect Output 1 to the In of 8 (and then keep linking them) then I'm good, I'll be running in series. If I didn't put the jumper there I could use 8-10 in the FX loop of my amp. Makes sense!
  17. ToneBum

    One Control Crocodile Tail

    New question for y'all! The bottom line of my question is, can loops 8-10 be run in series, not parallel? Let me explain: I have a direct rig and I use it for both acoustic and electric. I use a Kingsley Squire preamp with a Torpedo CAB for my amp sim. I plan on putting this combo in loop #10...
  18. ToneBum

    Soldered patch cables for loop-switcher

    Any other soldered right angle plugs that will work with these? Just bought a One Control Crocodile Tail Switcher.
  19. ToneBum

    Bondi 2026 Compressor

  20. ToneBum

    Bondi 2026 Compressor

    Wow...I just ordered a Deep Six but this comparison is making me reconsider saving a tad more for the 2026. The clarity of the 2026 is obviously much better. I know I could just add in some dry signal on the Deep Six but doesn't this defeat the real purpose of a comp anyway?
  21. ToneBum

    Smallest STRAIGHT SOLDERED plugs?

    $2.95 for Switchcraft 380 and reasonable shipping
  22. ToneBum

    One Control Crocodile Tail Loop Switcher

    Interested as well! Any opinions out there? For me, I think the overall idea of this pedal is incredible and for the price it seems the best out there. Love how easy it seems to program presets too. I don't need ten loops now (8 would suffice) but I think it's nice having the 10 for the future.
  23. Pedal Board Layout (Pro Size) RevB

    Pedal Board Layout (Pro Size) RevB

  24. ToneBum

    Is there a STEREO ABY box out there?

    Just thought I'd add a solution I was looking for. A little "Frankenstein" setup but I think it'll work. Comments welcome. Here's my scenario: 1) I want to convert my pedalboard rig to stereo at the end of the chain (for my Timeline and BigSky). 2) I regularly use both my electric and my...
  25. ToneBum

    Sold Neunaber Stereo Wet Reverb *NIB* PRICE DROP

    Considering it Tweak...lemme think a little
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