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    Sold Kingsley Harlot V2 Tube Overdrive Pedal

    Kingsley Harlot V2 - TRADED The is the 3-knob version with the 2 dipswitches (lows & mode). Excellent condition and works great. No velcro. Comes with the original power adapter.
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    NGD: Fender American Original 50s Telecaster

    So a ‘new to me’ guitar showed up today. American Original 52 Telecaster. Based on the serial number it’s a 2017 model. Anyway, it’s stock and in great shape, except for a few paint chips here and there. Honestly though those just aren’t that noticeable on the butterscotch to me, so I’m not...
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    NAD: Quilter Superblock UK

    I got one of these things and I think it sounds great! And that is through a pair of cheao headphones, and a desktop speaker using the headphone out. I can only imagine how much better it will sound through a PA, or an actual CAB.
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    Sold Kingsley Jester v2, Providence Chrono Delay

    Stefano - I pm-ed you, and will send you an email shortly.
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    Sold Kingsley Jester v2, Providence Chrono Delay

    I’m the original owner of all of these pedals (and the power supply), all of which are in excellent condition with no cosmetic issues and working perfectly! The pedals are all in the original boxes with the paperwork they came with, and both the Jester and the Chrono come with the AC adapter...
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    Sold FS PastFx Reticon Flanger

    $249 shipping USPS Priority Mail. Great sounding pedal with no issues cosmetic or otherwise, I am the original owner. Selling to drum up some $$ to help pay taxes...
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    PSA: First batch of PastFx Elastic Mattress Flanger (V2 Mistress inspired) listed

    nope. No noise at all, very quiet. What setting did you experience the noise with? I can try to see if I can reproduce it? I'm yusing a $20 18v power supply I got off amazon, a les paul, and a tonemaster deluxe reverb. only other pedal in my chain is a td-y
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    PSA: First batch of PastFx Elastic Mattress Flanger (V2 Mistress inspired) listed

    Thats the exact pedal I had. Still have in fact. I had it rehoused a few years ago but still have the original enclosure. Rehousing didnt turn out great though, it pops when you first turn it on
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    PSA: First batch of PastFx Elastic Mattress Flanger (V2 Mistress inspired) listed

    played around with this even more last night. Setting pretty much the same as previously mentioned above, but now I crank the blend to the max, and that gets me the liquidy sounds I'm after. Nice pedal. I'll probably eventually pick up the mattress as well, and I also need their CE1 clone. I...
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    PSA: First batch of PastFx Elastic Mattress Flanger (V2 Mistress inspired) listed

    I got my PastFx R F and finally got it powered. I can't get it to make much noise. I didn't touch any of the internal tweaks yet, and am running the bottom three knobs at noon, and the rate around 9 oclock, range around 1 or 2 oclock, and the color around 11 oclock. Nice pedal so far. I had...
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    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Deluxe Delay Pedal

    Selling this pedal I got for a project that is now over and done with. The Diamond Memory Lane Deluxe is an evolution of the Diamond Memory Lane Jr, with most of the same functionality plus a separate speed and depth control for the modulation, and a tone knob for the repeats. This one also...
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    Milkman F Stop?

    I just picked up a shift line twin mkiiis does The f-stop sound ok if I run it in a loop? Twin has one thabks
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    Sold Cutthroat Audio Penguin Amp

    I'm the original owner. This is Penguin # 1009. Ron did this one in a deeper cab with the blackface bronco style tolex the OG Tuxedo Princetons had. The other option this amp has is instead of high and low inputs, it has a true second channel, complete with an extra 12ax7. True to form, Ron...
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    Sold Maxon AD-900 (2 MN3005) Delay Pedal w/ Original Box, Papers, Power Supply

    Selling my Maxon AD-900 Delay pedal. This one is in great shape, works perfectly, and comes in the original box with the paperwork and rubber pad that was never used apparently. It also has the original power supply, not sure if that can be used here in the states, but the pedal will run off...
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    Sold Buffalo Fx TD-X & Retro-Sonic Flanger

    (SOLD) Buffalo FX TD-X - $375 shipped USPS. Reluctantly putting this up, pedal sounds amazing but I will hunt another one down when the $$ situation improves. No box, but the pedal has no cosmetic issues and it functions perfectly. Sounds fantastic, very easy to dial in, and it sounds great at...
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    Buffalo Fx Reticon Flanger (Steve is MIA, info needed)

    Pedal King I'm one of the one who lost out on the preorder of his flanger. Still digging my TD-X though, that pedal is amazing. Hopefully one of these days I can track down an Evolution or a Power Booster at a reasonable price
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    Sold 1981 Inventions DRV No 3 & Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay HW

    Selling these pedals to go in a guitar fund. I'll even take crypto as payment. 1981 Inventions DRV No3 - SOLD Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay - SOLD
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    What's the best clone/replacement for the ce-1?

    Finally got my past fx chorus ensemble. I got the deluxe version with the mn3002. Sat for a week in the Australia airport, but once it landed in the US I had it within days. Anyway, I think it sounds great. I'm powering mine with a Truetone cs6, off one of the 500ma outputs. 100ma output...
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