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    Suhr Modern Satin Flame Consideration (Open to Alternatives)

    All, I've got a birthday coming up (ends in 0) and am looking to make a pretty significant purchase. Usually I might seek out something gently used, but given the current circumstances in the world a return policy is something valuable to me right now. I'm looking at the new Suhr Modern Satin...
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    NGD: The second headless wonder of the world

    After getting a Kiesel Vader last year, I decided to save up for a HSS version with a trem. I was looking to essentially create a headless version of my Suhr Classic Pro, and it came out pretty well. Just a country / funk / jazz / blues / gospel player living in a shredder's paradise :)...
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    Ibanez AZ HH and HSS wiring

    I've been scouting the AZ series recently and while I'm not interested in the guitars at the moment, I am VERY interested in the wiring and would like to rig my HH and HSS guitars to have this setup. Does anyone have any good links, diagrams, or suggestions that would get me close to the Ibanez...
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    NGD: Stepping into the Modern World

    First off, if you thought this thread was going to be about a Suhr Modern, it isn't, but I own one of those too :). I've waited a few weeks to post this to really sit with the instrument, but it is time. I picked up.... wait for it.... a Kiesel Vader. Why does a guy who primarily plays jazz...
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    Sold Analogman ARDX20

    Analogman ARDX20 in great shape, velcro never applied to bottom of pedal. Asking 200 + 20 shipping for $220 shipped. Thanks for looking. Ardx20 by D. Robinson posted Mar 28, 2017 at 5:56 PM
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    Guitar Tech in the NOVA / DC Area

    Long story short, I picked up an old Gibson 'The Paul' from a local shop and need to get it refretted, preferably with SS frets. Does anyone have any recommendations for techs in the area? I'm not concerned about a fast turnaround, just a quality job. Thanks
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    Bright Humbucker for IRW Neck Mccarty

    Hi guys, Looking for some suggestions here. I recently picked up a pine telecaster and it has shown me just how dark and muddy the neck position is on my 2002 IRW neck mccarty. As it stands, I have the bass side of the neck pickup pretty much laying in the pickup cavity, so I don't think...
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    Sebago Texas flood in the NOVA / DC area?

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone has a texas flood around NOVA or DC, really would like to play one. I'd be happy to let you play through my 160watt Redplate heads as well.
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    Mesa LSC Speaker Advice

    I just came into a LSC via a trade, and I know I will want to change the speaker, perhaps even convert the 1x12 combo into a head and 1x12 cab, and definitely do the first Reeder mod. I'm coming at this search from a very specific angle: I love my LSS with a Celestion Gold, so I'm looking for...
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    FS: Mesa .50 Caliber Combo w/ graphic eq $350 + shipping SOLD

    For sale is a Mesa .50 cal combo w/ graphic eq I bought used last summer. This amp rips, but I don't currently have a place in my amp stable for it at present. Amp looks like it has been gigged in the past, but it seems to run just fine. Recently re-tubed with Mesa El84s. Asking $350 +...
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    FS: Traynor YCV40WR SOLD

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my Traynor YCV40WR purchased new in 2009. Great and sturdy amp, has performed reliably for 5 years and going strong. The amp has been gigged ( a few private parties), but I take care of my equipment and it is in good shape. One nick in the tolex near the bottom of...
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    FS: American Deluxe Ash Tele w/ case $1020 shipped firm

    Hi folks, I'm regrettably putting my 2011 Deluxe Ash Tele w/ case (purchased new) up for sale. It is essentially the same as the newest deluxe ash tele with two differences: -60th anniversary neck plate -U-neck If you like your tele with a fat neck, this is the one! Looking to send it to a...
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    Jazz clubs in London?

    Fellow citizens of London, I'll be in the city traveling with a group for the international component of my Masters degree and I'm looking for a few good jazz clubs in West End. What are your favorite places? Thanks in advance.
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    A beefier Mesa .50 Cal?

    I've been loving the tones I get from my .50 cal I picked up last summer lately. It is the 4xel84 version with graphic eq. Is there another amp, from that era or current era of Mesa, that sounds like a beefed up .50 cal? Once it has been cooking for a while at a gig, I notice that it loses...
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    Telling when a kt88 has gone bad?

    Hi guys, I've got an amp with 4 kt88s and a few minutes ago I got a weird sound out of the amp. I looked in the back and it looks like one is simply not lighting up, so I turned the amp off. Tubes I've blown in the past have all glown blue when they bit the dust, so I'm wondering if it is...
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    Adding a Mesa Lonestar to the table if you already own a LSS?

    Dear all, Over the past few weeks I've fell in love with my LSS again. I usually rotate through all my amps on a regular basis, but I've really been feeling it lately. Are the two Lonestars different enough to warrant owning both? This is not meant to be a versus thread, I'm just curious...
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    Strymon Mobius/Flint Headroom

    Hi guys, I've been loving these two units together, but I noticed something odd a few weeks ago. Both pedals are in the loop of my amp. If I engage the trem side of the flint when I have my amp set to some distortion/overdrive, I get this scratchy sound, fizz may be a better...
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    Looking at keyboards after being out of the game for a while. Advice?

    I took piano back when I was about 12 or 13, and mysteriously stopped after two years. I'm 22 now and looking to get back to playing keys, everything from Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Debussy, and Schoenberg to Herbie and Chick, with some jazz organ stuff thrown in as well. I have $3500 tops to...
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    Albums like Scofield's "Piety Street?"

    Starting to get more into the New Orleans/ gospel blues/jazz thing and have really been digging this album lately. What else is out there like it? I realize there is probably no other guitarist with a unique a sound as what Sco lays down, but surely there is stuff out there similar to this...
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    Epic New Rig Day: Redplate and ASW content

    Extremely excited for my new rig to finally be complete! I've had the Redplate Stardust since the very end of June. So far I have run it in low power mode through the Celestion Gold in my Mesa LSS. The 2x12 cab showed up today and I have been able to unleash the 160watt monster! Up first...
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    Timeline Swell gripe, anyone with me?

    Yes, I searched, and this has been brought up in a few threads, but I think it deserves its own. I have had my timeline for a month now and make my way around almost every delay type on a regular basis. It is truly an inspiring piece of equipment....about 95% of the time. However, I think...
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    2x12 cab advice needed for 160watt monster

    Recently I purchased a RedPlate Stardust and am currently seeking a 2x12 cab so I can run it at 160w instead of the 27 I have been running it on through one Celestion Gold. I'm looking for a 2x12 that is reasonably portable, preferably open/closed back optional, but open if it is fixed. Needs...
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    Sebago SSS 'Texas Flood,' Anyone played/heard one?

    I realize this is a relatively new model, but I figured someone on here has had a chance to play one. On the Sebago page it looks to me like the SSS it is based on is John Mayer's though I could be wrong. Any info on the sound of this amp would be great.
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    Got a budget, need advice.

    I'll try to keep this short and sweet. Right now I have a Mesa LSS 1x12 w/ a Celestion Gold and Mercury Magnetics OT dubbed 'the tank' that I am really pleased with, and a Traynor YCV40wr I keep around as a backup. I'm looking for another amp to go along with the Mesa. More than likely I will...
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    Brightening up a Mesa LSS

    I'm currently exploring options on brightening up my amp, and would love some tgp input here. I constantly struggle with the bass and mid knobs on this amp. It seems the sound is always slightly muffled, thuds so to speak,or is dense. I always play with the amp on a stand to help battle the...