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    Sol Philcox Blues Master Class?

    "Youtube fame" or not, his Chicken PIcken DVD's are excellent. Sol is a great teacher and his enthusiastic attitude is welcome also.
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    Any new Surf bands I should listen to?

    A little late, but thanks to eveyone's suggestions-thought I heard it all you know?
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    Any new Surf bands I should listen to?

    Looking for newer stuff to want to freshen up the Ipod. Been diggin Satan's Pilgrims though! Thanks in advance
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    Seems I really need to play with a lighter touch..........

    That's a really good article. I wish I had seen that a long time ago. Now I know why I wear my frets out the way I do.
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    Am I the only one who likes to use different picks?

    Currently I am using the red Dunlop Jazz pick. I like it for picking accurate passages if the song/genre calls for it. But I find myself disliking its stiffness for strumming, so I cut down a different pick to the same shape with a thinner, more flexible feel. Does anyone out there use...