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    Saw Pat Metheny Last Night

    Very cool. Their new album is really good too. Last time I saw him was duo with Larry Grenadier at the Blue Note. Excellent!
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    For those who have played 30+ years

    I think I did a lot right. Probably just, "practice more and be more focused when doing so."
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    I should check him out more. I was watching a live clip that was pretty impressive.
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    Johnny Hiland slow blues

    He's a killer player. Real nice guy too.
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    Can you recall the moment you decided that music would or wouldn't be your vocation?

    Classic! LOL When I was starting to burn out as a school teacher, I often thought that guidance councilor was the job to have. Granted it has its challenges, but a school job without "classroom management" is huge.
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    Can you recall the moment you decided that music would or wouldn't be your vocation?

    I decided at 16 that I should be a rock star or music teacher.
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    Strat's middle pickup

    I was in a band with a guy who only used that. Others feel that it's at its best when combined. A small part of me thinks that "Sultans of Swing" is middle pickup. I'm not entirely convinced it's bridge/middle.
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    Music lessons as a business and taxes

    Everything you've listed is a deduction. I give my accountant a detailed listing of what I spend. Sometimes he asks about other things I might not have listed, but I'm conservative about what I write off. He's the final judge, well the the IRS is, but it goes through him. There's websites that...
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    Bar owner says don't bring anyone to the gig

    I had a gig in which the contract stipulated that I need to announce my appearance on my own website, social media THEN I got an email several days prior staing that it was turned into a private party for the owner. Basically got booked for a fraction of what is usually charge. It was pretty low...
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    Joe Walsh being awesome.

    Just started watching... His vocals are just great here.
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    Learning to read music

    It's not hard to learn to read. The principles you learn on day one never really change. Most people, especially guitarists, play at a level beyond their reading ability, so be reasonable in your aspirations over the next year or two while your reading catches up to your playing ability...
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    guitar for a beginner: save them some money or get them a better instrument?

    The budget models from Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez—all fine. File the nut properly, lower the the saddle, adjust the truss rod (all likely to be required) and the instrument will be good for any beginner. I use an Fender cheapo for drive around lessons. Bought it used for $50 and after I set it...
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    so i've been offered a gig at...a yoga class.

    I do these gigs a lot. I'm a practitioner and yoga teacher too, so I know what's going on and what it feels like. And while I like to leer at women as much as the next guy, the yoga room is not the place...just my thing. I'm in the mindset of service. I generally avoid singing, if only because...
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    An artist make a record that they sell for $9, and it ends up on Youtube for free?

    LOL I'd be nice if that $100 gig in 2004 was a) still around and b) paid $140!:dude
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    iPads/music stands on stage...when did this become a thing?

    ^^The first time I saw it was Eminem, at least 10 years ago on SNL. Eminem! His was "hidden" in a monitor wedge. No more music stand guilt for me. I try to keep it low profile and don't use them on all gigs. If I'm filling in on a rock gig and need cheat sheets, I toss some on the floor...
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    Private Parties

    Private parties are great. Charge as much as possible. Don't work cheap.
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    Stage Dress Code....what do you guys wear?

    ^ Another clue: where is the shoulder seam on the shirt? Does the shoulder seam meet the arm in the same way as in your body, or is it an inch or so down the arm. That's the first place I look when trying on shirts.
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    Stage Dress Code....what do you guys wear?

    ^The Ramones have that look, which was great for what they did. It's a uniform too. It's a matter of the look aligning with the music. Just like some metal bands can pull off shorts.
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    Stage Dress Code....what do you guys wear?

    This is right on. I was guilty of wearing XL's for a while. Not sure what that was about. Great looking T's and jeans cost money–too much money–but the cheaper alternatives almost never look good.
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    The Firm

    I was there too, also high as a kite. Brendan Byrne Arena!!! I went back the following year too and still have the shirt from that tour. I was a major LZ fan and was eating up anything those guys were doing at the time, including JPJ's and RP's work too.
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    If An Elderly Neighbor Offered You A Guitar....

    Nothing so extravagant, but I've sold instruments for elderly friends. Kind of as a favor, but taking a cut—in a transparent way, taking what I was offered, usually worked out to 20% of the selling price. My ebay, my packaging, driving to the post office. I let them know what it sold for...
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    Actual pros: junk gear

    Sid's just like me---does everything but the frets and goes to Bob Pieper for that!
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    Does Denny Dias Get The Respect He Deserves?

    That's a great one. I worked on that with a student. Safe to say, an unsung hero among SD guitarists.
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    Simon and Garfunkel?

    They were great. An important and big part of 60s music.