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  1. crazymauler

    What amp killed your overdrive pedal GAS?

    Suhr Badger 18
  2. crazymauler

    PT15 to IR, or not to IR?

    I’m hoping to own this amp someday soon, the features and tones are so impressive. For my part, I would absolutely get the IR version. I own the RLIR and it’s the best gear purchase ever. Having that built into an amp is just genius IMHO. I would use it all the time. Plus I’d keep the RLIR to...
  3. crazymauler

    Suhr RL-IR users

    I've had my RLIR since it first came out—probably the best and most game-changing piece of gear I've ever purchased. I love it. Yes it needs power (comes with a power supply). I use it for studio work with a couple different amps and I use it live (playing at church) with just my Badger 18 head...
  4. crazymauler

    Badger 30 inspired by which Marshall amp?

    FWIW here's my experience with my Badger 18: • I liked the Badger 112 cab w/ Vet30 • I really like that cab with a G12-65 (which I still have in there) • I absolutely LOVE running it into the Suhr RLIR's 4x12 cab with Greenbacks, just glorious I don't think I'll ever own an actual 4x12 w/...
  5. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR users: do you use the stock IRs?

    This happened to me when I first got mine, turns out it was not new but previously owned by someone who screwed up the folder structure and none of the IR's were named/loaded correctly, so almost every one of them didn't load and I only heard the bypassed (non-IR'ed) signal, which does sound...
  6. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    Yeah the IR's need to be Mono, 48kHz wave file... the RLIR will truncate longer IR's to 20ms but don't worry about that, still should sound fine (actually sound fantastic).
  7. crazymauler

    Suhr Badger Owners Unite! (Badger Owner's Club meets here!)

    @Soundstorm I re-tubed my Badger 18 a while ago, purchased directly from Suhr customer service. I'm pretty sure any good quality tubes will sound great, but I believe they come stock with a JJ in v1, Chinese in v2 and v3, power tubes are JJ, and I think the rectifier is a Sovtek.
  8. crazymauler

    Great Movie about amps

    That was a fun movie to watch, very cool to see some of my heroes in there (Lifeson, @sinasl1 , @Husky ). As obsessed as I've been with modeling and IR's lately (Suhr's RLIR, Iridium) it's refreshing to remember where these sounds all started from. I love the comment shared by Metheny: "That's...
  9. crazymauler

    Great Movie about amps

    Whoa, killer! Thanks for posting this!
  10. crazymauler

    Who's Using a Tube Amp and Cab IRs? What's Your Setup?

    Suhr Badger 18/DRRI/PRRI > Suhr RLIR > ProTools. Love it!
  11. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR users: do you use the stock IRs?

    I use the stock IRs (they're fantastic) and downloaded a few others as well. The RLIR is the best piece of gear I've purchased in a long long time.
  12. crazymauler

    DRRI: Simple way to disable/disconnect reverb?

    I'm pretty sure you could just unplug the RCA cables that connect to the reverb tank, should have no effect on the rest of the amp. Intermittent reverb: my best guess is it's a poor connection in that RCA cable, try re-seating it (both at the amp end and at the reverb tank) or replacing it. Then...
  13. crazymauler

    AC15 Help... Is there an actual clean tone in there?

    IME that's expected behavior. When I had one there was basically no clean headroom at all, even with a Strat or Tele. If I did turn it down to where it was really clean, the tone was thin, anemic, and unusable to me. That amp has a sweet spot that's definitely a bit grindy/crunchy. "Edge of...
  14. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    FWIW I leave mine on 24/7 (along with a lot of my other studio stuff). No problems.
  15. crazymauler

    4x12 in a bedroom sized space

    I'm doing this very successfully with a Suhr Reactive Load IR. :D
  16. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    That's probably just a result of proper gain staging, which always yields good sounding results. Setting the "DI LEVEL" as loud as you can without clipping should give you the best sound IME. But the amp you're using and the level you're sending into the RLIR will also determine the best setting...
  17. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    You won't get any indication that something went wrong other than the IR's will sound terrible (because they're unfiltered). It's readily apparent whether you're hearing an actual IR or an unfiltered signal. If you're hearing an unfiltered (terrible) tone (making sure you're using the "IR"...
  18. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR - good for practicing with headphones?

    I'll chime in, FWIW... 1. I don't use it with headphones often, but my Shure IEM's sound better than my Sony 7506's, likely because of the ohm rating: my IEM's are 20 ohms, the 7506's are 63 ohms. Per a recent comment from @Husky the headphones should be around 16–32 ohms ideally, otherwise it...
  19. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    This happened to me but I think I wasn't careful enough when loading the IRs and especially knowing how/when to power the unit on and when to attach the USB cable. When I did it wrong the folder structure got corrupt and some of the IRs ended up with the file getting renamed, resulting in what...
  20. crazymauler

    Princeton Reverb RI owners

    I have a version with a 12" Greenback (I think it's called British Green) and absolutely love it.
  21. crazymauler

    Need a lighter tube combo amp w/12" speaker for pedals

    Good post, I agree. With a Princeton Reverb Reissue you're only going to save about 7 lbs. A Blues Jr. might save you close to 10 lbs. but is that worth it? Along with the above recommendations, you also might look into a direct solution with something like the HX Stomp (if that's feasible for...
  22. crazymauler

    Need a lighter tube combo amp w/12" speaker for pedals

    I have one of the Princeton Reverb reissues with a 12" Greenback and it's a fabulous amp that meets all your requirements, highly recommended.
  23. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    I have experience with both. I have the RLIR and love it. I love my amps and my pedalboard. The RLIR is an amazing tool and the IR's perform fantastically for me. I had the HX Stomp for a day and returned it. I thought the amp (and speaker) models were actually pretty good. But there were only...
  24. crazymauler

    Suhr Reactive Load IR.

    I too love the RLIR, it's a game-changer. Contact Suhr's customer support, I'm sure they'll help you out. They're the best.
  25. crazymauler

    Digging the Suhr Reactive Load IR

    Ah very cool, thank you. Agreed, the ability to crank an amp w/o the turbulence will be a game-changer for me as well. Nice work!