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  1. sbrollins76

    Ok .. I Admit It .. I Really Liked/Like The B-52s

    My wife will occasionally bring a quiche home, and every time I see one in the fridge I have to belt out, "Quiche la poodle!" in my best Fred Schneider.
  2. sbrollins76

    COVID cancellation: was I being unreasonable

    You did the right thing, OP. Months ago I was talking with a family friend who's an ER doctor about starting band practice back up. At the time, California's numbers were still relatively stable (at least here in San Diego County). Her first question was, "Will anyone be singing?" Doctors and...
  3. sbrollins76

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    Pearl Jam Zeppelin Kiss Steely Dan Rush Allmans, Skynyrd, Southern rock in general Chili Peppers Bluesbreakers, really any Clapton except Cream Fleetwood Mac before Buckingham/Nicks The Eagles Radiohead after OK Computer (I listen to every new album, then never listen to most of them again)...
  4. sbrollins76

    Playing Sweet Home Alabama at a gig. Your opinion?

    Add me to the list. I dislike southern rock in general, LS in particular, and hate this song most of all.
  5. sbrollins76

    What's your most controversial Led Zeppelin opinion?

    I can't stand Robert Plant's voice and I think the rest of the band is a weak rip-off of the Who.
  6. sbrollins76

    Don't people know the Beano Album anymore?!

    I've listened to it a few times. It doesn't do anything for me really, but neither do any of the other straight British blues-rock bands from the 60s. I'd rather listen to someone who took that style somewhere else than a guy who just played the same electric blues riffs faster and louder than...
  7. sbrollins76

    Paul McCartney accuses Rolling Stones

    Yup, can't believe it took 6 pages of thread before someone brought up "Dig A Pony."
  8. sbrollins76

    Post-Punk: Rip It Up and Start Again (book), by Simon Reynolds

    My thoughts exactly. PKM is one of the all-time great rock books.
  9. sbrollins76

    Greatest Three-Album Run Ever?

    It got one by me about 100 posts back! Great minds! :beer
  10. sbrollins76

    Listening to side 2 of Abbey Road

    Me too. Just saw Paul here in San Diego on Saturday and he closed the encore with Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End (right after doing a pretty ferocious Helter Skelter). Magical for sure and the perfect way to send everyone out.
  11. sbrollins76

    The BEST bands that came out since 2000 are?

    Some I haven't seen mentioned that are particular favorites of mine: Courtney Barnett St. Vincent Arctic Monkeys Best Coast The Decemberists
  12. sbrollins76

    The greatest American Rock Band is / was ...

    Yup, this is the right answer. Although Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers is a close second.
  13. sbrollins76

    Album "Slippery When Wet" - does it suck or not?

    Me too. Bon Jovi wish they had a song as good as "Last Train to Clarksville." And they've definitely never rocked as hard as "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone."
  14. sbrollins76

    Album "Slippery When Wet" - does it suck or not?

    It was a huge hit, so by that measure it does not suck. But, yes, it sucks big time. I was 10 when it came out and commandeered my dad's cassette. Then a year later a friend wanted to trade tapes with me. He got Slippery When Wet and I got Appetite for Destruction. :dude
  15. sbrollins76

    natalie portman’s shaved head ....

    Beat me to it. I can't believe it took nearly 3 pages of thread before this one came up.
  16. sbrollins76

    whats your No 1 guitar tone ever (one choice)?

    Most of the time, Live at Leeds or Marquee Moon.
  17. sbrollins76

    OK, Let's Be Honest...Worst Concerts You Attended

    Foo Fighters with Ween opening in Salem, OR 1996. Ween was probably the worst thing I've ever seen and Foo Fighters were just "meh." Rage Against the Machine opening for U2 on the PopMart tour in Eugene, OR, 1997. I don't like Rage anyway, and they were worse live. Sting here in San Diego...
  18. sbrollins76

    Greatest Three-Album Run Ever?

    The Bends OK Computer Kid A
  19. sbrollins76


    London Calling is great all the way through. It's a rare double-LP that actually should be as long as it turned out. Sandinista is where the Clash start to lose the plot, and Combat Rock is where the wheels fall off. Both have some of their best songs, but the rest just isn't up to snuff...
  20. sbrollins76

    Where would you rank a band Eagles in your book?

    I agree with the Dude and Mojo Nixon:
  21. sbrollins76

    Jack White switches to EVH Stealth

    The whole album gets better for me every time I hear it. "Over and Over and Over" reminds me of Scary Monsters-era Bowie. And "Corporation" is basically JW doing "Apache." I think it's my favorite of his solo albums.
  22. sbrollins76

    Jack White switches to EVH Stealth

    It looks like a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or DeVille.
  23. sbrollins76

    Where to start with The Cure?

    Head on the Door would be my next pick after that. Or Wish, if you want to go chronological, but both show the pop side of the band really well.