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    Digitech Jamman to PC to CD

    I originally bought the Digitech for saving multiple loops for my gigs but then I added a 1GB card and have dubbed up some nice acoustic guitar full song arrangements. Makes sense to burn a CD for family, demo/promo and backup. I run a laptop with XP and have a built in burner. What experience...
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    BBE Acoustimax

    My 814ce with ES doesn't hold a candle to the natural acoustic sound of my Breedlove C-22 with a fishman undersaddle and condensor mic thru my Pocket Blender. With a desperate move I'm bidding on a BBE Acoustimax to help my 814ce. Any of you using the Acoustimax with your ES? Results and tips...
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    Fingerstyle acoustic.

    Who's got the best playing fingerstyle guitar with a strong punch. My Breedlove C-22 and Taylor 814CE only cover the mellow nice stuff. Anybody play a Maton Spruce/maple or Martin strickly fingerstyle that gets good dynamic separation and quality tone and volume? Need to add a different...