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  1. crazymauler

    Question for FOH guys - how do you process a close-mic'd cabinet?

    IME no reverb is needed from the FOH because you're already in an ambient room environment (unless it's an outdoor show, then I'm more likely to add a touch of reverb). Also, most guitarists are already adding reverb and delay to their tone (often way too much if you ask me!), so then I'm...
  2. crazymauler

    Recommend a "decent" kick mic pls.

    I would definitely get a dedicated kick mic. I've used pretty much all of them, and all can sound great, but my two go-to choices are an Audio Technica ATM25 (kinda scooped/modern sounding) or an EV RE-20 (more vintage-y/thumpy). Used prices should be decent on those, too!
  3. crazymauler

    Drum micing - looking for suggestions

    I've also been in your shoes, but rather than changing mic's or mic'ing technique (your setup is already extensive), I usually go for changing the source sounds: using different/odd drums/cymbals, cheap (almost toy) hi-hats, putting various odd things on top of the drums/cymbals (a tamborine...
  4. crazymauler

    N00b asks about recording electric guitar direct

    If you love the sound of your amp(s) and want to record direct/silently, I highly recommend the Suhr Reactive Load IR. It's been a game-changer for me with recording and practice. If you want to go totally amp-less I think the HX Stomp (or something similar) would work quite well.
  5. crazymauler

    Anyone else using an RE20 on kick?

    I tend to place it pretty close to the batter head (more so than other more modern sounding mics). Also, make sure you don't accidentally have the low cut switch on!
  6. crazymauler

    Anyone else using an RE20 on kick?

    I use one all the time for kick, I think it has a nice vintage-y thump to it, and I can EQ it a bit more if needed. Love it. Also a killer mic for bass cabs.
  7. crazymauler

    Mic or techniques for recording cranked guitar amp?

    SM-57 is a great choice, perfectly suited for amps (hence its ubiquitousness). As for volume, I don't think a 20-watt amp will be so loud as to preclude any mics, you should be fine to use most anything (save for rare and delicate old ribbon mics). Modern ribbons, condensers, and of course...
  8. crazymauler

    Any tips for collaborating on recording projects in separate locales?

    I do this frequently. I recommend you each bounce a stereo rough mix of your parts (or the song) to share with each other (or stereo stems of instrument groups if you want/need more control over the mix while you're tracking), and bounce them as mp3's which will be easy to attach in an email. No...
  9. crazymauler

    Advice on Instrument cable to XLR through snake

    You may need to take the instrument level DI out from the amp into a DI box and then XLR out from the DI box to XLR in on your snake. The DI box should make the signal a balanced low impedance one which should work well into your snake.