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    Question about smaller multi-effect units

    I didn’t settle on anything yet but I did get to try the line 6 stomp which was overkill for me, but a great unit. But just for a quick grab and go I’m considering the zoom g3n.
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    ....Regarding maxing out the Master on a Blues Junior

    I read a lot back and forth on diming the master volume on a Fender Blues Junior and using the regular volume to control volume level to get a more open, less boxy tone. Others prefer using the Volume to get some some grit and just use the master to control overall volume, to get more break-up...
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    Stronger strings for lighter gauge guitars

    I use D'Addarios 10's on all my guitars, but prefer the lighter feel on my les paul and prs, but really feel the tension when I switch to my strat, longer scale length. From what I understand, strats come from the factory with 9's, and there are a lot of players that prefer 9's on the strat...
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    Question about smaller multi-effect units

    I just need something simple, stompbox format that has a delay, drive, and modulation, that I can thrown in a gig bag and go to practice, and inexpensive. I'm looking at the Mooer Red Truck so far and the hot one ampero four button. Anything like that I should also be looking at?
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    Tube Screamer

    I'm with you on that.
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    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    That's Nuts!!! I was going to say the Preservation Jazz band at the Pres Hall....but you had to throw Robert Plant in there? That's awesome!
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    Who gigs a Tech 21 Trademark 60?

    In all honesty, I probably have no real reason. The ToneMaster does check off just about every box for me. I can't get past the price being that high for me. Even used, these are the same price as a really good used Deluxe Reverb. The reviews are so mixed on the ToneMaster, I really would...
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    Who gigs a Tech 21 Trademark 60?

    I've been gigging with a Blues Jr Tweed, which is one of the newer models. It's not terrible, but I really miss my Deluxe Reverb. However, I like the smaller portable lighter weight of the Blues Junior, for gigging, and really don't play large venues, mostly smaller bars or clubs. I've always...
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    HB recommendation for HSS Strat, please

    Im running the same setup. how are running your pickup heights? The volume Is different.
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    HB recommendation for HSS Strat, please

    I just put a jb In my Strat. I like it, it a pretty musical pickup and fun to play. Louder then the hot noiseless pickups I have in the neck and middle. But I’ll live with it. I’ve tried a pearly gates, custom custom, tone zone, custom 5, and a paf pro. So far I like the JB the best, but...
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    Acoustic guitar under 1K

    I always forget about yamaha. Not just a good guitar for the money...they’re good guitars .
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    Acoustic guitar under 1K

    Taylor. I have a 214ce, it’s a nice guitar, it was under 1000 if I remember. Seagull also makes a great guitar for a good price. I had one that I traded in for the Taylor, but I actually miss it. Both are fun to play and sound pretty good. The lower range, non-USA martins are good also.
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    Smallest change to your guitar that made a big tonal difference.

    In my les Paul I’ve changed pickups, caps, pots, tried 50s wiring, topwrapped the tailpiece, etc.. all at different occasions. Decided maybe I just didn’t like the les Paul and decided to sell it.. Brought it my guitar guy and has him bring back everything to stock, with my original...
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    Humbuckers with best cleans?

    I really like the burstbucker pros in my les paul. In my strat bridge I have a Pearly Gates which I like a lot for clean tones.
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    Recording with your iphone

    For any of you that record your band practice with an iPhone or iPad, is there a decent easy to use app that I should look into ?
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    DD-500 - Phaser Related Question

    I've asked this before, I think, but figured I'd try again. I have a DD-500 and began setting up some modulated sounds in there like Flange, Chorus, Trem, using some of the tips in this forum. They're decent enough for what I would use them for, and frees up a bunch of space on my board...
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    Is there a pedal out there that you've always wanted, but couldn't bring yourself to spend for?

    Strymon Sunset. I actually bought one, had it for a few days, loved it, then returned out of guilt for paying so much for it just so I could set it up to sound like the pedals I already own. I still want one, eventually.
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    Single Coil sized Humbucker for Strat project

    How did you like the tone zone? I saw this post late, but I'm kind of looking to change things up on my strat. I had a tone zone S in my strat at one time, and Fender a few years ago was using them in their 57 hot rod strat series. Having tried quite a few single coil humbuckers, including...
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    Gilmour Compressor (or Compressors!) Questions

    Assuming that Gilmour didn't use compressors post gain, to answer the initial post gain question, I've been trying out the Mooer Yellow Comp which I guess is based on a diamond optical compressor after my RAT. I'm not 100% sold on it, but I prefer my compressor after my drives, just haven't...
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    Need help with pedal order for leads...

    Can you tell me about the TImmy? While looking at the MXR Sugar Drive, I started watching clips of the Timmy and a lot people like the Timmy as a solo boost. Could you expand on what you like, or not like, about the Timmy after the RAT.
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    Just picked up a mxr mini booster

    I've been playing with it a lot more, I'm using it as a solo boost after a RAT and before Delay into a clean amp. I spent a lot of time with the internal pot. I have it dialed in with the trim at about 25%. I think the trick to using this is the tone control. It's not really a tone control...
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    Need help with pedal order for leads...

    Ok, I picked up a mxr mini booster, musky golden horse Klonr, and a mooer yellow comp and placed them after my rat and before my delay, just to give me an idea of what direction to go in. The mxr with the internal gain low or completely down and adds a big volume clean boost, but not much...
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    What Boss Pedals Are As Good Or Better?

    SD-1 - As a standalone overdrive - still sounds great. CE-2 - I don't like chorus, but this just sounds right. DD-3 - point everything at noon and instant 80's stadium concert solo! BF-2 - Flanger is decent, but the chorus sounds you can get from here are excellent. DS-1 - We've all had...
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    Overdrive that cleans up with guitars volume knob

    I rely on pedals that clean up well as a big part of my sound. However, a lot of pedals that clean up well also lose some dynamics touch sensitivity, mojo, whatever.....My favorite that I use most regularly is my RAT, and it works great as long as the gain is not too high. With the drive at...