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    Marshall cab question.

    Does Marshall still make the 1960A cabinets that have the nameplate that says JCM 900 Lead Series and have the 75 watt Celestions? I looked on their site and none of the info would load for some reason.
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    VHT SigX

    Anyone try this through a 1960 with G12-75's?
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    What amps were huge failures?

    The hunk o' **** boat anchor that Lee Jackson designed for Ampeg.
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    Can't believe what I am hearing!!!!!

    Another funny thing about it is I would turn up a little bit to hear myself over him and he would say I was too loud. Then I would turn down and when I started a song by myself, he would complain that he couldn't hear me!
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    Can't believe what I am hearing!!!!!

    Tell a drummer that he's hitting his drums too hard/too loud and he'll tell you he can't play any other way.
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    SURVEY: which amp ended up being your biggest disappointment?

    Suhr-modded Marshall 2203. Noisy/hiss machine. It would have been better to have left it stock and just put a boost in front of it.
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    Current JJ ECC83S test results

    O.K. sounds great, but where can I buy them and be assured of this gain of over 100?
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    Marshall 2204 question?

    Hey guys, I have a 1981 2204 that I recently had serviced, which included new filter caps, screen grid resistors, bias supply caps and new tubes (Ruby Tubes 6550's and 12ax7's). I know these amps aren't considered high gain, but the amp seemed to have hardly any before the servicing, which I...