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  1. sbrollins76

    Epiphone Casino / Riviera 2020

    If you're not opposed to used, check out the '93 Nashville Series Riviera (they made Sheratons too) made in the Nashville factory as a limited run. I stumbled across one in a local shop a couple years ago for about $1100. Absolutely great guitar...
  2. sbrollins76

    Epiphone 'Inspired by Gibson' Hummingbird?

    The 12-string version is really tempting me at the moment. These look like a great alternative to something like an Eastman.
  3. sbrollins76

    Let’s see those old Japanese guitars

    '85 rosewood Tele and '83 Tokai LS80.
  4. sbrollins76

    Who else is excited for the new Epiphones?! (Wilshire, Crestwood and Coronets!!)

    These are modeled after the original body shape. The asymmetrical version came a few years later. I like that style better too.
  5. sbrollins76

    Who else is excited for the new Epiphones?! (Wilshire, Crestwood and Coronets!!)

    The Coronet is tempting, but I wish it was the batwing version, personally. I'm GASsing hard for the Hummingbird 12-string.
  6. sbrollins76

    Mandatory Guitar Buy Back!!!

    1994 Fender American Std Strat
  7. sbrollins76

    Trying to decide between these electric 12-strings

    I have the older stacked knob version of the Dano, and briefly had a Reverend Airwave at the same time so I could compare them. The Reverend was nice, but it wasn't $800 nicer than the used Danelectro. If I was going to spend more than $1K on an electric 12-string I'd save up for a Ric.
  8. sbrollins76

    20 fret electric guitars?

    Some of the Guild Starfires were 20 frets, I believe.
  9. sbrollins76

    What guitar brand do you have the most of?

    Fenders: Strat, Tele, and a Squier Bass VI. After that it would be "Gibsons:" Tokai Love Rock and a US-made Epi Riviera.
  10. sbrollins76

    New Epiphone Information and Photos: Coronet, Wilshire + More

    Coronet and Wilshire are tempting, but I wish they had done the asymmetrical version with the batwing headstock.
  11. sbrollins76

    Craigslist Scam?

    Yup, old scam with a new Covid twist. Usually they can't come see the item in person because they're in another state for whatever reason.
  12. sbrollins76

    Which Guitar Are You Still In Possession of That You Regret Buying?

    I tend to get rid of stuff that I regret buying pretty quickly. I'm generally happy with everything I have now. Only thing I'm gassing for is a Junior. Only guitar I'd say is on the bubble is Dano 12-string, and that would only be if I decided to jump up to a Ric. I definitely have a few...
  13. sbrollins76

    What guitar will you let your teenage son use - get him his own or one of yours?

    I let my kids (and others) use my guitars if they ask first. I hope eventually my boys or my nieces and nephews will want to play and my collection can be something to give them when I can't use them anymore. That said, I have all different guitars because I like switching between different...
  14. sbrollins76

    GC now selling incomplete guitars?

    They are hurting for used inventory right now, but that is ridiculous. It's funny because the description in the listing says "1400$" like a bad craigslist ad, then it's listed for $1700. And that's reduced from $1900! Obligatory:
  15. sbrollins76

    Locking nuts on hardtail guitars

    The EVH hard tail guitars have locking nuts with a fine tuner bridge. I bought a used one (MIJ Wolfgang Special Stealth) for my son when he expressed an interest in learning to play, and while it does seem to hold tune really well I don't know that it's any better than my regular guitars with a...
  16. sbrollins76

    What's Everyone Playing Today?

    Just got a Squier Classic Vibe Bass VI in black last week. There have been a lot of Cure songs played in my house over the last several days.
  17. sbrollins76

    2005 R6 vs 2018 Les Paul Classic Goldtop w/p90s

    I had one of those 2018 Classic goldtops and loved it aside from the neck. It had that thin Gibson profile with an almost flat feeling back down the center of the neck and almost no shoulder and I just couldn't bond with it. I would have been fine with the depth of the neck if it had just had a...
  18. sbrollins76

    Bring out your Rickenbackers!

    My 360c63/6 over the last several years. Supposedly only 50 of these made as a GC special run. This was my 40th birthday present to myself since a fireglo Ric was the guitar I had wanted to buy as my first electric, but 17-yo me was talked out of it by my guitar teacher at the time.
  19. sbrollins76

    Recommend a gig bag...

    I have a Mono M80 (acoustic, but functionally the same as the electric bag aside from dimensions), a Mono Vertigo, and a Gator Transit. The M80 has the most storage and seems to have the most protection. The Vertigo is easiest to use with the vertical loading but a lot less storage than the M80...
  20. sbrollins76

    Have You Ever Bought Back A Guitar You Previously Sold?

    No, but I do search online every once in a while hoping to come across an SG I traded toward another guitar a few years ago.
  21. sbrollins76

    Baja telecaster

    It should have a 4-way switch and the S-1 push button on the volume knob to flip the phase on the pickups (really noticeable in position 4 on the switch). Fender has a pretty thorough breakdown of serial numbers on their website...
  22. sbrollins76

    With ~$1000, which single-P90 guitar do you buy?

    I've only briefly played a Combinata and haven't played the Eastman (I'm really tempted by the DC model too), but I've owned an Eastman T59/V and played some of the SB59 models. Price to quality ratio on the Eastmans is exceptional. Eastman's varnish finishes feel great too. The Combinata I...
  23. sbrollins76

    Drop In Replacement For Kluson Tuners?

    Kluson Revolution tuners are great, but if you don't want Kluson-branded tuners for some reason, Gotoh also make locking tuners that will drop in. I believe Hipshot will also work with their mounting plates, although I haven't used them myself.
  24. sbrollins76

    NGD - but what's with the fretboard?

    That looks awesome, IMO.