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  1. 7thString

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    Seems like the 'haters' are operating on the presumption that the film can't be: A) useful marketing material for Reverb and B) an enjoyable, educational movie about the history and state of the industry I don't see these two things as being mutually exclusive.
  2. 7thString

    Reverb units....who has ‘em and what do you think?

    Had the Fender RI. Miss it dearly, sounded excellent in front of cranked tweed amps. Definitely a cut above the pedal alternatives
  3. 7thString

    Ebay Tale of Woe, Question About Return

    no they are obligated to send you a return label if the item wasn't as described. just contact ebay if you need more help
  4. 7thString

    EHX 'Holiest' Grail Inbound

    Was chasing a regular holy grail when I came across this monstrosity... there are so many oddball EHX pedals! I already have and love the Holy Stain.. this one seems equally quirky. classic clip from Andy for now... clip from me to come also :D
  5. 7thString

    Some people are going to hate me for this, but I feel that this is overlooked by lots of people. Atleast the people I know

    I definitely think the original post has some validity - playing and particularly learning with reverb can result in a less developed fretting hand - you will get lazy with releasing notes at exactly the right time / sustaining notes properly when playing in a sparse arrangement, as the reverb...
  6. 7thString

    Marshall tube preamp pedals?

    Fair enough. I vote Kingsley constable
  7. 7thString

    The Magic of Boost Pedals and Preamps (and the EchoPlex Mystery)

    IMO the EP 'magic' is mistakenly assigned credit to the circuit that was made famous by the quality of numerous guitar players that happened to use an echoplex. ‍
  8. 7thString

    Your current favorite Overdrive / Distortion pedal

    Changing my answer to Colorsound Power Boost
  9. 7thString

    Marshall tube preamp pedals?

    Why not get a Marshall amp?
  10. 7thString

    MIJ DD-3 Equivalent

    What makes it special? Not trying to be rude! Can't dd-20 / timeline / h9 get you to the same sound ? You can simulate the low / high cut from the sampling freq filtering with the timeline, or use the h9 vintage delay also set to 14 bit (iirc the bit depth for the early boss delays) to get a...
  11. 7thString

    Reverb buyer say pedal does not sound good - UPDATE

    Definitely seems like only a matter of time where you get screwed over badly enough by eBay / reverb to give it up for good. I love buying / selling gear too but have gone cold turkey on eBay after one nightmare experience, despite years of friendly sales. I still buy on eBay but never sell.
  12. 7thString

    Reverb buyer say pedal does not sound good - UPDATE

    Typical of the UK to require you to have ****ing gutshots with time and location metadata just to safely sell a used guitar pedal online... everyone lives in constant fear of either being scammed or sued. Maybe I'm just a naive country bumpkin lost in the big smoke...
  13. 7thString

    What is the best Harmony pedal out there? Is the Boss Harmonist PS-6 a good one?

    The dual modes in the PS-6 are pretty good but the Eventides track better and are much more tweakable
  14. 7thString

    Draw me a "fat" graphic EQ

    I would only have one bump somewhere around 250hz and if you really want to boost by 15dB then the sliders either side of the centre freq should give a smooth ride back to zero. With your cut at 400 and boost at 3.2k things might sound a bit phasey but that's just me. Ymmv
  15. 7thString

    What is/does "VHS" sound like?

    Leave a VHS tape on your car dashboard for a few hours on a sunny day, then have a listen. That's the sound ‍♂ I think most of the marketing around VHS pedals / plugins is based around the relatively common occurrence of people digging up old tapes and finding the elements have considerably...
  16. 7thString

    Stereo Chorus experts - I need help with replacing my Boss CE-2Waza

    the deco is definitely worth checking it out if you're a chorus / flanger fan
  17. 7thString

    Guitar to USB-C all in one cable

    This may not be exactly the correct sub forum for this but it is a cable after all, and I figure us snobs in here may have the most to say / speculate about it. Just saw this kickstarter. Now, these have been done plenty of times before (poorly) by the likes of Alesis (USB-A though) and other...