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  1. Tonefree

    4 or 16 ohms for Marshall cab with superlead and bassman

    IIRC running the cab at 16ohms uses all the wire in the transformer, full juice to the tranny gives better tone. Yes, No maybe? :dunno
  2. Tonefree

    Thinking of getting rid of some of my amps?

    Sell the house after you finish those kitchen floors for a nice profit. Buy a sweet single level ranch and buy more Amps and cabs with the extras! Everybody wins....
  3. Tonefree

    SUEDE!!! The Beauty and the woes

    There used to be a silicon based spray for suede. Didn’t affect the finish. Semi firm foam pad the size of the head footprint.
  4. Tonefree

    I'm done with the incivility on the Amps and Cabs forum

    Will miss seeing your builds...
  5. Tonefree

    Question about Ernie Ball pop-out casters

    They work fine. Yes, you just push them in or pull them out. There is an expansion ring that snaps into the socket holding the wheel and shaft in place. If your rolling it and smash it into a ledge or obstruction, it can definitely tweak the wheel so just be careful. :aok
  6. Tonefree

    Buying an amp back at the same price you sold it for?

    If it’s a rare amp it’s gone up in value after five years. Also, if you previously owned it you at least know some of its history. Added value for you. I’ve done it, worth every penny to get things back you never wanted to let go of.. :aok
  7. Tonefree

    AMPS.. IN THE ZONE #2 Blackface Super Reverb

    Great tone out of that Super a Pete. Is it running Alnicos or Ceramics ? Cheers, TF...
  8. Tonefree

    how do I hook up JBL speakers?

    Unless your using heavy gage wire.
  9. Tonefree

    how do I hook up JBL speakers?

    Should be big enough to get two leads in one terminal... solder the two together or just twist em tight.
  10. Tonefree

    how do I hook up JBL speakers?

  11. Tonefree

    how do I hook up JBL speakers?

    Push button down which opens a small hole in the terminal shaft, push wire into the hole, release button which pinches lead in place.
  12. Tonefree

    Converting closed back 2x12 cab to open back?

    Buy a 1/4 sheet of 5/8” Baltic birch. Cut two equal panels, probably about 9”, leaving about a 4-1/4 to 4-1/2” lateral opening across the back. Cut panels about 1/16” narrower than the width if you plan to tolex. Drill for input jack where you want it. Use the one piece panel to layout the screw...
  13. Tonefree

    Buying Tolex

    Here, https://www.tube-town.net/ttstore/Tolex-Kunstleder-Bespannung/Tolex:::111_119.html Cheers, TF...
  14. Tonefree

    Guy on Reverb using my photos of my Swart ST-45 in his ad

    Fraud undeniable, No excuse to steal others photos. People are strange.... :dunno
  15. Tonefree

    Buying an original Super Reverb - Questions

    Love craigslist finds...
  16. Tonefree

    Buying an original Super Reverb - Questions

    Are you in Portland, I was on the fence for that one.
  17. Tonefree

    EVM-12L lore

    So where do these fall, is this the Series I 12L ?
  18. Tonefree

    Options for Bassman LTD replacement handle?

    This? https://www.mojotone.com/Cabinets_x/Handles_x/Fender-Brown-Dog-Bone-Handle-w-Hardware
  19. Tonefree

    clearing tolex from a cab

    Try paint thinner and scrape with sharp utility razor blades. It’s a PITA but it works. Take your time. Light sand afterwards. Cheers....
  20. Tonefree

    Germino Amps- Bring 'em out, Let's see Yours

    Hey Stormin, She's got a Duane mix, a pair of CV ER 123's with a JBL 120 and a Celestion Cream 75. Sounds very sweet... :phones
  21. Tonefree

    Germino Amps- Bring 'em out, Let's see Yours

    Love my Club 40. Will never let Her Go... :aok
  22. Tonefree

    Best NOS tubes for super reverb

    STR 387’s I think that’s also a Mesa STR 415. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/best-6l6-tubes-for-fender-super-reverb.973797/