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  1. mule train

    Fake 59RI Les Paul at GC

    This smells of a fake, do you see this as legit or GC got hustled?
  2. mule train

    Fendergaichiban instagram Les Paul finishes?

    If you follow this account, do you have any idea what finishing techniques are used for the Les Paul posts? I’m not sure if they are filters or refins with a certain style aging technique. I am thinking of stripping my goldtop and trying to achieve that style of burst, so any help would be...
  3. mule train

    Sold PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library Dark Cherry Burst 10 Top-$2450

    ***SOLD***$2450 FIRM to lower 48***SOLD*** these are the pictures when new, sorta been a wall hanger due to me being a Strat body guy, but still in very good condition-not a lot has changed. I'll take current pics for serious buyers they just won't be studio quality stuff like Wilcutts! Would...
  4. mule train

    Sold ***SOLD***Charvel Guthrie Govan-flame maple

    Great condition, no issues Newer model with added split switch ****SOLD***$2400 to lower 48 Will consider bolt on strat type trades or a cool amp
  5. mule train

    Mesa TA-15 head question

    Can somebody tell me what side the vents are on the bottom of the head? I have mine apart and all of the holes are symmetrical and nothing apparent looks like it needs venting, just want to assemble correctly thanks
  6. mule train

    Help me understand fuzz pedals and treble bleed kits/impedance

    I’m trying to wrap my head around using a fuzz and how a treble bleed kit impacts it when the volume is rolled off on a strat. I vaguely recall That Pedal Show giving a small tutorial on the topic but it didn’t soak in, but remember Dan saying the impedance the pedal was seeing is why they...
  7. mule train

    Whats the point of RWRP middle?

    I get the no noise when in position 2 and 4, but why the need for two positions that are drastically different? Seems to be a better flow when all positions are equal in hum.
  8. mule train

    Sold Boss ES-8

    ****SOLD****Excellent condition, like new, never seen a foot! $500 shipped to lower 48
  9. mule train

    Looking for The Blackguard book by Nacho Banos

    I'm looking to buy this book, does anybody have an idea where to find one or have one to sell...?
  10. mule train

    Sold Strymon-Blue Sky. Boss ES-8, Strymon El Cap, Mobius,

    Blue Sky still available Boss ES-8 ***SOLD***$585 Approximately one month old, shipped with manual, paperwork and original box Other than velcro on bottom its immaculate All Strymon bought directly from Strymon store ***SOLD***El Capistan-$275 2 weeks old ***SOLD***Mobius-$400 NEVER Opened...
  11. mule train

    Sold WTT- my DGT for Mesa Mark III***SOLD***

    Looking to trade my PRS Grissom in solana burst for a Mesa Mark iii, preferably a green stripe or something with eq and simulclass export transformer would be a plus.
  12. mule train

    Musicom Lab EFX MK IV w/fuzz pedals ?

    I am thinking of picking one of these up so I can use more of my pedals and keep the signal chain a little less cluttered. I want to stack my Fulltone Octafuzz, '69 and 70's fuzz pedals in one loop(but only one on at a time), I know they like to be first in the chain, but can I put them in one...
  13. mule train

    Sold Guthrie Govan Charvel-$2500

    ***TRADED*** Probably the nicest guitar I've ever played/owned, feels like silk. Selling to fund the purchase of a Historic R7 or R8. No issues with it, it's pretty much like new, all case candy. Would consider a Germino Club 40 or other bass spec amps perhaps Or a PRS DGT ****
  14. mule train

    Fender cab and D120F speaker info

    Any info on what I have here...? Thoughts on the speakers characteristics and what they might sound good with(amp types)
  15. mule train

    rotary to mccarty switching ??

    I recently got the rs kit to switch my cu22 to mccarty switching. I am not seeing this or reading the schemetic very clearly. Does anybody have a clear picture of their mccarty control cavity or any help in wiring this thing up. It still has the dragon II p.u.'s in it. fwiw I have been...
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