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  1. Invisible Man

    Need some noise/drone/glitch/stutter in my life - Dr Scientist vs MWFX vs EQD vs Montreal Assembly

    Yeah, same page here. Lusting after gear that I have no time to play, and will probably have to sell in order to pay bills. But: I've owned and loved all of the pedals you listed in your OP with the exception of the Judder. I still own a BitQuest and CT5. Both are worth trying, but are getting...
  2. Invisible Man

    Fuzz that'll cop Muff and Face tones, AND do gating??

    Haha I came in here to recommend the Fuzz Factory. Send it in for an upgrade to the Fat Fuzz Factory. I don't use a Muff anymore...the FFF is plenty woofy and wooly for me. Not exactly like a Muff, but I think there's enough there. If you think your FF sounds thin, it's an easy $50 to spend to...
  3. Invisible Man

    Does such a delay pedal exist?

    I don't doubt that you're correct. But those two will probably clock in at around $400-$450, and I already have a DD-7 and all the parts! $0 sounds better to me right now...
  4. Invisible Man

    Does such a delay pedal exist?

    Necro bump. So, all of this is's what I'd like to adapt/mod/do: Rehouse my DD-7 so that I mount an on-board tap switch. This should be pretty easy to do, but it does force me to use the "EXP" jack. I'd also like to wire up a switch to the Feedback control to max out the...
  5. Invisible Man

    Boss DD-7 mods available?

    Hm...this all sounds about as I expected. There's no potential to hardwire a NC momentary switch to the tap tempo pads, and then mount the switch directly to the chassis? If possible, I wonder if it'd still be an option to use the expression pedal normally. It sounds like "no"--one has to choose...
  6. Invisible Man

    Boss DD-7 mods available?

    Necro bump. Me, too.
  7. Invisible Man

    What's the most complicated pedal you've ever played?

    From this: To this: Before realizing that what I want is a modular synth. So that's what I'm gonna do. Infinity is complicated...
  8. Invisible Man

    Momentary loop switchers - do they exist?

    Yes, it does. I'll do some hunting around. They're actually very easy to build, too, and the components might run you <$20 all told. I don't know much about Scofield, but there's a legendary pedal (the Boss VB-2) that has a latch mode that accomplishes exactly this--only engages when depressed...
  9. Invisible Man

    Glitchy/weird/cool Digital delays?

    You might find this useful: I'll add to this list the BitQuest (great delay) and the Montreal Assembly Count to 5.
  10. Invisible Man

    Soundproofing A Basement Studio

    Necro bump for more info...
  11. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    I've been using this: So, with that unit at least, yes, you can tap your foot.
  12. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    Ha! I'll throw some up. There's a new baby in the house, so things have been quiet the last three weeks.
  13. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    I don't use a click, I use MIDI clock that is set via tap tempo. It's continuously adjustable. So it kinda evens things out if they're off-track. Seems like live click tracks take so much production (gotta make some money to implement that kind of thing) that they're not used very often. I know...
  14. Invisible Man

    any loopers that can play 1/2 speed and reverse same time?

    @GreatAnt: Sounds like you need a Boomerang. The last couple threads you've started seem to be pointing you in that direction. Do it! If you want controllable loops with built in effects, MIDI implementation, and lots of weirdness, it's not a bad place to be.
  15. Invisible Man

    Any units besides Timeline do delay spillover?

    The Moog MF-104M. Probably not the answer you wanted to hear. Not preset-based, either, but it easily toggled by holding down the bypass switch.
  16. Invisible Man

    Good basic pedal signal chain?

    ^Seconded. Although there is great fun to be had by mixing these up, that is probably the most "common" arrangement. You might consider putting the phaser before dirt, too--some like that.
  17. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    Well...I'll be...that's great to hear! I don't remember that, but I like the sound of it. It is a bit of an oddball idea, and it seems very difficult to pull off in practice, as you say. Still, a very forward-thinking idea. I'd love to see/buy a SMMH v2 with some issues worked out (the volume...
  18. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    I've played drums, bass, and guitars in a number of bands for over a decade now. I've only recently (the last three years or so) delved into pedal-based looping, and into pedals in general. Now that I'm a family man, and subsequently don't play out more than five or six times a year (plus at...
  19. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    Yes. Yes, you do. Life is better this way. Not trying to gloat, but: clock synced sequencers, delays, is good. Right now I'm running clock out of my Pitchfactor into a splitter, which then times out my Moog delay, Moog MuRF, the Rang III, and a soon-to-be-delivered 8 Step...
  20. Invisible Man

    looping in time with pedal ques

    I don't think this is true. I'd love to be wrong, though! If memory (see what I did there) serves, the tap button is a momentary switch that is held down to record the loop. So tapping it in "loop" mode would just record loops, not set a tempo. It's a great tool, but for the kind of rhythmic...
  21. Invisible Man

    can the harpeggiator do all the arpanoid can?

    Eh...don't listen to me. My needs are idiosyncratic. Most people agree with Mr. Limbic; the app solves a lot of problems. I'm just really devoted to hardware. And I use Android devices for which there is no Bluetooth app. So I was forced to punch through individual parameters (of which there are...
  22. Invisible Man

    can the harpeggiator do all the arpanoid can?

    ^^^Yes. That's precisely what happened earlier this week. But consider if you'd use other algorithms on the H9. I don't like anything on the ModFactor, and my digital delay needs are met elsewhere (or, frankly, by the pretty interesting delays in PF algos like Quadravox, Diatonic, H910/949...
  23. Invisible Man

    glitch, stutter based pedal shootout

    Preach! I'm using a PF, CT5, and Particle on my pedalboard right now. Add in the Fat Fuzz Factory, the Bit Commander, and a FrantaBit (soon to be exchanged for a BitQuest), and you can compose a lot of weird glitched-out soundscapes. I've also had my eye on the Afterneath for a while--that...
  24. Invisible Man

    can the harpeggiator do all the arpanoid can?

    This is true--Eventide write that they do not write polyphonic pitch algorithms. Still, this one (Harpeggiator) is the one closest to polyphony, I think. I was playing sustained chords through it just this morning, and, while it doesn't do a perfect job, it does adequately pitch-shift triads...
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