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    335 / Epi Sheraton wiring - Pots won't pass through f-holes

    Hi, y'all. I decided to replace the low quality pot on my Epiphone Sheraton II. So I bought a couple of 500K CTS pot from Fender. That's what I found locally. I checked on the CTS website and I figured they're all the same. Thing is, I can't get them to pass through the f-hole and there's no...
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    Dual rectifiers Bassman 5E6-A

    Hi, y'all. This is actually more of a curiosity. As a project for the end of the year or next year I was thinking of getting a higher powered tweed amp built for me as a complement of the Tremolux (5E9-A) I'm waiting on. I had already decided on the tweed Bandmaster (5E7) 3x10' combo, perhaps...
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    Geoge Benson's Lady

    Hi, y'all... This is me struggling to play this beautiful song. Sadly (or fortunately) it stops before things get too interesting. I'm just too embarassed to show this :rolleyes: . Guitar is my Epi Sheraton with SD Antiquities and...
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    P90/single Tele combo and Stephenson Design pups

    Hi, y'all... I'm planning on upgrading my tele soon. Better yet, experiment a bit since it already sounds good. I was wondering if you could suggest a good P90 neck and single-coil bridge combo for it. Also, a good replacement bridge. I know Callaham is raved a lot but it is also known to...
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    Tweed Tremolux vs Tweed Deluxe

    Hi, y'all. I've been meaning to have a tweed Deluxe (5E3) built for me for quite a while now. Think I found the right builder, and almost ready to order. Thing is, researching I found those tweed Tremolux (cathode-bias, pair of 6V6s, 5E9-A) that looks to be real sexy. To my newbie eyes...
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    Seinfeld & Dumble

    I just finished watching for the n-th time a Seinfeld episode featuring the 'Soup Nazi'. I couldn't help but relate it to all these stories people talk about here. As Kramer said he is just a lilttle excentric... All genius are... :D No amp for you!
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    Another D-style amp question (sorry)

    Hi, everyone. Sorry to post threads about this amp since they usually and up bad but it's killing me here... I live in Brazil and will get my hands in a custom made Dumble style amp. The info I got from the builder is pretty consistent with all web info I gathered about this amp (if there is a...
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