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  1. TrickinSid

    New Jackson Audio Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal

    @KennySchtillrokken Ha...yea I remember that! Loved the amp. ... - the standby and power switches - the Red jewel light! I'm glad my mom took this picture...great memory. :)
  2. TrickinSid

    New Jackson Audio Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Pedal

    Interested! :) That amp was my first amp, when I was 13. The amp started smoking one day..., so that was that. I don't even remember what I did with the amp? I loved the sound of the amp - would be cool to have it in a pedal.
  3. TrickinSid

    I want to hear some tunes. Post your SoundCloud, Reverb Nation, etc.

    Zoom MS-50G Atomic Ampli-Firebox
  4. TrickinSid

    Just “inherited” a TC Electronics Nova System (NIB)

    Sorry...I don't have one and can't for sure answer your question, but usually you can do a complete reset somehow. Unless you are wanting to keep some presets?
  5. TrickinSid

    Ernie Ball strings

    Super Slinky for over 20 years.
  6. TrickinSid

    Vendor DCW Pedals - 2020 TGP Christmas Giveaway! Winners Announced!

    Congrats to the winner and for the fun contest! :)
  7. TrickinSid

    TC Electronics Polytune 3...$20 off

    I know it's not earth shattering......! But if you're in the market. :)
  8. TrickinSid

    Vendor DCW Pedals - 2020 TGP Christmas Giveaway! Winners Announced!

    First....thank you for this fun giveaway! Brings the Christmas cheer that we all need. :) I would love a Madam Marsha under my tree. I remember spraying the fake snow as a kid....always loved that! Happy Christmas to all!!
  9. TrickinSid

    Remember the early 90s? Tell me all about your digital and analog gear, Digitech GSP, ART SGX, etc..

    I had the ADA MP1 rack preamp (bought used)...and still have the Art SGX LT. I drooled over the ART stuff and ordered the LT for $300. My wife was very cool with that purchase along with many. I used both for several years in our cover band. Ah............good memories.
  10. TrickinSid

    Zoom MS50G = Still Great

    Cool pedal. I actually think the amps and drives are decent. Have used the pedal quite a bit for recording and I like the results.
  11. TrickinSid

    Anyone gigging with EHX B9, C9 or E9

    I've got the B9 and IMO it sounds great. I haven't used it live...but I think it would also work great.
  12. TrickinSid

    PSA: Digitech CabDryVR $69.99

    Thanks for the heads up!
  13. TrickinSid

    "do-it-all" dirt box when using backlines?

    Bad monkey...and a Rat! AmpliFirebox?
  14. TrickinSid

    Why isn’t the Proco Fat Rat more popular?

    I had the white face 308 for a looonng time and loved it. Got rid of it only because I quit doing the cover band thing and wasn't using it.
  15. TrickinSid

    Black Friday Steals!

    Mbuynow US via Amazon offers its Mbuynow Wireless Guitar Transmitter & Receiver System for $98. Coupon code "9QQMN58O" cuts it to $49. With free shipping, that's 50% off and a very low price to cut the cord for an electric guitar. (For comparison, we couldn't find one at Guitar Center for less...
  16. TrickinSid

    Black Friday Steals!

    Not a steal...but a discount. :) Guitar Center offers the Roland V-Compact Electronic Drum Set for $899.99. Coupon code "BLFR15" cuts it to $764.99. With free shipping. That's $184 off from last month's mention and the lowest price we could find by $360. It includes a drum sound module...
  17. TrickinSid

    Black Friday Steals!

    As one of its daily deals, B&H Photo Video offers the... M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" 2-Way 70W Active Studio Monitor (Black) for $49.95 with free shipping. That's $25 under our June mention and the...
  18. TrickinSid

    Question regarding IP rights of songs recorded with the Trio

    Sorry...I don't know the answer, but it's a great question. I was thinking of getting one for recording.
  19. TrickinSid

    What guitar strings do you use and why

    Ernie Ball...any slinky. Have used them for years. Love the strings and they last forever.
  20. TrickinSid

    Digitech Jamman Vocal Looper for $20

    Ordered.....thanks for the heads up!
  21. TrickinSid

    Electro-Harmonix "B9", "C9", and "Key9"........thoughts?

    I have the b9....sounds pretty cool. I think it would add to a bands sound options.
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