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    A Stradivarius on TV

    How do you leave a cello in a cab? Ha! Maybe a wallet... but a cello?
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    John Mayer, Vince Gill, & Keith Urban...

    He even uses a jeff beck sig. guitar on it.
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    Buyer Beware....Ebay content.

    look at the tuners.... unreal. Can't believe Ebay won't act on this kind of stuff right away. There's probably an honest person that paid hard earned money for that 200 dollar knock off.
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    Keith Urban - Knocked it right outta the ballpark

    I really enjoyed it as well, but the entire show, not just Urban's part, sounded EXTREMELY produced in regard to the audio. It sounded so squeaky clean that it didn't seem live. That's just me. The whole time my ears were stinging because although it sounded great, it didn't match what my eyes...
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    Steve Vai absolutely IN THE ZONE! Never seen anything like this.

    That video was an abomination. Some of the worst "music" out there today. Sounded like the guitar was malfunctioning for 4 minutes.
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    fall out boy? any fans?

    I can't do the vocals, but there's a reason that their pop writing is successful - it's not too bad.
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    If you could pick a fantasy rhythm section to play with it would be...

    Steve Jordan. And whatever bass player he chose. Playing wherever Steve Jordan wants to, whenever Steve Jordan wants to, whatever songs Steve Jordan wants to, for however long Steve Jordan wants to.
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    "There's no money above the fifth fret"

    I agree... I'm all for simple and I hate shredding on any instrument... But too many people use simplicity as an excuse to not progress on their instrument.
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    New Lincoln Brewster album...holy smokes!!!

    The tones are good, the solos are good.... but I don't want to hear him rip off unbelievable solos over rehashed 90's power ballad chord progessions. I've tried to like the album.... but for me, if the songwriting isn't there, it's an uphill battle. I don't know if he writes these songs, or if...
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