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  1. koamarlin

    Who are the best single cut german luthiers?

    Florian Jäger is a very meticulously working re-creator of vintage Gibson Les Paul designs, with his own philosophy on materials , woods , hard ware - and money...! ;)
  2. koamarlin

    Who are the best single cut german luthiers?

    Absolutely! I keep telling the story about Jörg , how he - almost 30 years ago (when I first met him in a little guitar shop in Mainz, Germany) took apart 3 Telecaster style guitars , rearranged parts ( bodies , necks as well as hardware and pickups) right on the spot in the shop , tapping the...
  3. koamarlin

    Who are the best single cut german luthiers?

    Nik Huber Dolphins Nik Huber, Jörg Tandler , Oliver Baron( Helliver guitars),Markus Quenzel, Guess, my preferences are clearly evident... ;-))
  4. koamarlin

    NGD: Paul Eliasson´s Custom Guitar

    It´s light as a feather and it plays like silk! ;-) This is a little clean sound sample I did in summer- so please excuse my dresscode...
  5. koamarlin

    NGD: Paul Eliasson´s Custom Guitar

    German customs are going strong , indeed... But this one is an American custom !
  6. koamarlin

    NGD: Paul Eliasson´s Custom Guitar

    Paul Eliasson Custom Guitar Hello everybody! It was almost two years ago when I ran across a couple of pics in the internet that attracted my attention. I had looked for years for a guitar, designed like the old Hofner 500/1 basses; Hofner had built a few guitars in that design back in the...
  7. koamarlin

    Springer Guitars - News from the shop

    Have not been that much inspired by somebody´s lutherie since I met Nik Huber more than 15 years ago. Your designs are classical yet avantgardistic ( is that the word?? :confused: ) alltogether!
  8. koamarlin

    Rank Your Guitars in Order of How Much You Play Them

    Ranking is subject to change in the future...:) - ´68 Fender Stratocaster Rosewood neck - ´09 Nik Huber Dolphin Custom / TV Jones pups - ´87 PRS McCarty Soapbar - ´82 Gibson Les Paul Standard - ´01 Parker Fly - ´04 Helliver Pilot / Hauessel P-90 pups - ´96 Warmoth Strat/Tele doubleneck /...
  9. koamarlin

    Ever buy just for color...

    Same Thing!!! Bought it cause it looked stunning . Unfortunately it did not sound good AT ALL!!! Took me 5 years to admit that to myself.....:facepalm
  10. koamarlin

    lets see those guitars in action (live photos)

    Lots of "new" Jazzmasters and Jaguars out there - but that´s the nicest i´ve seen so far!!!! Congrats!!:love:
  11. koamarlin

    lets see those guitars in action (live photos)

    And fourty years ago...:p
  12. koamarlin

    is this a fake?

    Definitely no fake! Period.
  13. koamarlin

    Post One Great Guitar Photo

  14. koamarlin

    Which one do I keep?? (Got carried away)

    Rosewood - by all means!!! IMHO it looks better - and it sounds better!:aok
  15. koamarlin

    Are you in love with your guitar?

    Well, how would you call it, if you kept most of them - but tend to have different favourites from time to time....?;)
  16. koamarlin

    Are you in love with your guitar?

    From that point of view I am definitely a swinger.... :D:D
  17. koamarlin

    Lollar P90 vs dimarzio virtual p90?

    I´ve installed a couple of DiMarzio Virtual P 90s on a Les Paul. As far as I can say: wrong decision....!!:facepalm
  18. koamarlin

    Real or fake?

    Don´t get me wrong here! I don´t oppose to the guitar being your choice! I do know chinese guitars grow better and better all the time. I play a couple of chinese guitars myself! I just resent the fact they´re using the logos and pretend being the original - at least some sellers do that...
  19. koamarlin

    Real or fake?

    What difference does it make if it´s a Rolex, a Gucci or a Gibson fake? All the workers who give their labour to produce the real thing are deprived of their efforts, their merrits and - maybe -their jobs someday....
  20. koamarlin

    Whats this guitar?

    Looks like an Egmond guitar (Netherlands) from the late sixties to me. Pickup is a japanese substitute taken from a no-name drugstore beauty from the same time...;) 100 bucks is almost a bit much for the shape the thing is in...
  21. koamarlin

    How Many Guitars do you Own and What is the most you've had at one time?

    No comment....:hide2 Take a guess....and add about 10....: ;)
  22. koamarlin

    Show us your unique f-holes (were talking about hollow bodies and semis)

    My Nik Huber " Jazz Project".... a bit inspired by Bob Benedetto....!;)
  23. koamarlin

    Nik Huber Koa Project

    Thanks for correcting the URL!:)
  24. koamarlin

    Nik Huber Koa Project

    Hi folks, finaly the koa topped Dolphin II with it´s beautiful brazilian neck is completed. I picked it up at Nik´s shop last Saturday. It´s gonna be on stage for the first time on Feb.6th - a week later. Hope , I will be able to show some pics or even a vid from the gig. Here are some pics of...
  25. koamarlin

    Motorave LeMans, Huber Krautster, or Koll Tornado?

    The Krautster has a Bigsby option!! :)
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