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    Digitech Trio Plus speaker cab emulation

    Is there a way to remove this? For the life of me I can't find it anywhere... and something tells me I won't. I knew the mixer out is mono (have no idea why though:huh), the looper is mono (I bought the trio anyway cause it is freaking amazing) and the headphones out IS stereo (for the...
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    Bought an old PA tube amp that...

    makes me scratch my head about its circuit. I bought it in a flea market, no writing on it, looks like as a "one of" thing for stage work. Anyway, looking inside, it doesn't have a tube rectifier or diodes, the only thing that MIGHT be a "rectifier" is a big metal cube that has four posts for...
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    Which Phaser nails the MXR Phase90 script logo for early EVH?

    Other then a vintage MXR Phase90 script logo:horse
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    Problem with Rich Mod (PPIMV)

    I have an old NMV PTP amp that is a Marshall Bass clone. I wanted to add a PPI master volume and read good reviews on this Rich Mod: Found the place where to put the pots (between the caps and 220k resisteors), lifted the caps legs and...
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    Vintage marshall gurus, what exactlly have I bought? (with pics)

    I'm talking about the "Farchi" in the middle... A bit of Israeli history is needed:) In the late 60s to early 70s taxes on import audio gear were sky high, so a few builders/companies started building gear locally. two of them (Halilit and Farchi) were selling also tube amps that were...
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