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  1. Hamer95USA

    EMG David Gilmour Stratocaster Loaded Pickguard

    I bought my EMG SA pickups first, then bought the EXG & SPC modules separately when I first started learning on what EMG pickups could do. These pickups were originally installed on a Strat parts guitar. Eventually, I found my 1987 Fender Japan Contemporary Strat, bought the EXG & SPC modules...
  2. Hamer95USA

    NGD Reverend Gil Parris GPS

    If I didn't own my Fender Japan Contemporary Strat, I wouldn't mind giving that guitar a try. I'm happy that the OP got a cool new guitar. Guitar George
  3. Hamer95USA

    What would you do if a guitar tech who has your guitar is unresponsive?

    I had a similiar situation happen a few years ago. I have a guitar tech friend who is kind of a hermit, living off the grid, so to speak. I was going to have him tweak one of my guitar and left it with him. I heard that he went to the hospital due to a stroke. I had to contact the owner of the...
  4. Hamer95USA

    Strat string gauge, 9's or 10's?

    .009 - .042 string gauge on my 25.5" guitars .009 - .046 sting gauge on my 24.75" guitars I used to play .010 - .046 when I first started out until I started having De Quervain's tenosynovitis (tendonitis of the thumb) in my left hand. As soon as I went to lighter gauge of guitar strings, that...
  5. Hamer95USA

    Yamaha makes guitars too... why are they not really considered?

    This is the only Yamaha electric guitar that I own at the moment, a Pacifica 303-12 electric 12 string guitar that I bought from the Guitar Center used website for $250. I used to own an '80s Yamaha FG series acoustic guitar and a Yamaha Studio Lord that I bought from E-bay. I owned it for a few...
  6. Hamer95USA

    Gig Bag Company?

    I own a Pro Tec Contego guitar gig bag that I use for carrying around one guitar: Pro Tec Contego guitar gig bag
  7. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    Where can I find a magnet with that shape? That's the perfect size for the headstock. I have a Fender Japan Contemporary Strat guitar with a Kahler Spyder tremolo bridge that uses a 3/32" Allen wrench. I could use one of those magnets on that guitar...
  8. Hamer95USA

    Black Strats Only Club

    My 1987 Fender Japan Contemporary Strat with Kahler Spyder tremolo bridge and EMG SA pickups & SPC module installed. Guitar George
  9. Hamer95USA

    Yam Fam

    The Pacifica 303-12 electric 12 string guitar has good playability, stays in tune well, and has Strat type pickups with a volume & tone. The Gotoh bridge & quality tuners on the guitar contributes to its tuning stability and works well. The neck is comfortable to play on and plays like a Strat...
  10. Hamer95USA

    Yam Fam

    1996/'97 Yamaha Pacifica 303-12 12 string electric guitar. I've included some information in the link below for those who might own one or would like some information about this guitar. Yamaha 300 series guitar...
  11. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    There was also another one that was made by Fender during the '80s and was installed on their import Strat guitars. It had a large handle to clamp down on the strings.
  12. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    Kahler USA had a locking nut like that. Kahler Deluxe/Pro String Lock
  13. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    If you broke a string, you would have to put a rag, a piece of foam, or something else under the bridge for the bridge to stay in tune while fixing the broken string. I would depress the tremolo bar handle, hold down the tremolo bar handle, and unlock/lock the string saddle to remove the broken...
  14. Hamer95USA

    Who rocks a SHS Strat?

    That's Vivian Campbell playing that guitar when he was still working with Dio.
  15. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    I like the concept of the Keyless nut locks. I wonder if there is enough pressure from the keyless nut locks to put downward pressure on the strings to lock it compared to using the standard Floyd Rose locking nut...
  16. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    I like the concept of the 3mm Allen wrench built into the tremolo bar handle, but it would be kind of awkward to unscrew the tremolo bar handle, unlock the lock/unlock the locking nut, and tune with the big tremolo bar handle's size. It would be good for an emergency 3mm Allen wrench to have on...
  17. Hamer95USA

    Floyd Rose Tool - HexHider

    I saw your post and looked on Amazon for the HexHider 3mm Allen wrench. I have a couple of Floyd Rose equipped guitars that don't have the wrench holders on the back of the headstock on either guitars. I bought a pair of the HexHider 3mm Allen wrenches for those guitars. It's much better than...
  18. Hamer95USA

    Your first partscaster…what would you do differently?

    I owned a Chandler guitar neck made of birdseye maple with an ebony fingerboard and a Chandler Strat alder body with a flamed maple top. I got both of them from a friend who used to work for Paul Chandler when he was based in Burlingame, CA in the early '90s. The body was a second...
  19. Hamer95USA

    How Many Guitars Do You Bring to Gigs?

    I carry 2 guitars and 2 amps and have one as a backup if break my string since I use a Floyd Rose bridge. I have also brought a 12 string electric as a 3rd guitar. If I use a song that is downtuned, I'll bring a guitar with a tunomatic or hardtail bridge and can be retuned for standard tuning...
  20. Hamer95USA

    Best vintage Yamaha Les Paul (Lord Player?) alternative that is not the SG2000

    I used to own a Yamaha Studio Lord guitar. It wasn't all that and I was able to sell it as fast as I got it to fund a Gibson Les Paul Custom purchase. It was just a well made Les Paul copy guitar to me. The Yamaha SBG 1000/2000/3000 and Weddington guitars are more state of the art and more...
  21. Hamer95USA

    Wilde Bill Lawrence pickups L-500L, L-500XL or L-90 differences? Holiday Sale now

    I used to own a Wylde USA L-500XL bridge pickup. I liked the high gain tone and output. I had it installed in a Hamer USA Diablo guitar. I sold off the guitar and traded away the pickup. I should of kept it and installed into another super Strat guitar build. If I buy another 2 HB super Strat...
  22. Hamer95USA

    Anyone else a fan of Gibson's "The Hawk", "Nighthawk", "little lucille" and "Blueshawk" design?

    Super Strat electronics with either 2 P-90, 2 humbuckers, or H/S/H on a Les Paul body & neck with a either a hardtail or Floyd Rose bridge. That was Gibson's foray into competing with the super Strat guitars during the '90s. I kind of liked the Nighthawk ST-3 with the Floyd Rose bridge. Hard to...
  23. Hamer95USA

    Is This Hamer Chaparral Worth Restoring?

    I'm happy that you restored the guitar into a playable, working instrument. I really wished that you didn't strip off the original paint on the guitar though, considering that it's a vintage guitar now. :(...
  24. Hamer95USA

    1995 Hamer Studio - revisiting my first Hamer guitar!

    Welcome back to Hamer guitars, mang! Great looking guitar! I'm sure after a few adjustments that it will sound & feel the way that you want it to. I remember seeing your screen name over on the Hamer Fan Club forums. I still have my '95 Archtop Sunburst myself...
  25. Hamer95USA

    Replacing a Floyd Rose?

    You would be making the guitar worse than it is. The next thing after that you will want to remove the locking nut and changing other things. Floyd Rose replacement bridge parts are availabe from Stew Mac, Floyd Rose Upgrades, and other websites. What exactly is wrong with the guitar? It sounds...
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