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  1. Braunzo

    Heading to NOLA... Any guitar shops?

    Thread says it all. Headed to New Orleans tomorrow and wouldn't mind stopping in a music store or two. Any suggestions?
  2. Braunzo

    Sold Bogner Shiva Head, EL34, Green Panel, Non-Reverb

    Thread title kind of says it all. The head was gigged, has some marks here and there. Nothing major. Nick on the corner and that's about it. Recently serviced. Includes original footswitch and smaller, more pedalboard friendly footswitch. Pics below. SOLD shipped/pp'd
  3. Braunzo

    Sold EHX Micro Pog & Xotic SP Compressor

    Micro Pog - $140 SP Compressor - $90 Shipped/PP'd.
  4. Braunzo

    Sold Suhr Reactive Load

    $SOLD Hasn’t been used much. A few minor scratches on the bottoms from sitting on the screw of an amp handle. Great way to record silently.
  5. Braunzo

    Sold Suhr ML/Thornbucker HSS set. Fully wired with Super Switch

    I have a fully wired set of Suhr Standard Landaus and Thornbucker pickups with pots and super switch. It’s wired to where the bridge humbucker sees 500k and the neck and middle see 250k. Never been installed, wired up by the good folks at Suhr. I’m looking for either a standard set of Lollar...
  6. Braunzo

    Jazz Internet Radio Stations?

    Do any of you guys have any stations that I can stream on my phone that you enjoy? Anything available I can queue up on an NPR app or anything?
  7. Braunzo

    Who does Filmosound conversions?

    I might have a few Filmosound amps laying around and I’m curious who all specializes in converting these things... and how expensive it can be.
  8. Braunzo

    Looking for a clean preamp.

    Hello everyone, If you were to go out and buy a clean preamp right now because you needed one for a tour you're starting this weekend, what would you choose? I understand that the Kingsley and Ethos stuff is kind of the go-to but it is not readily available. Basically looking for something to...
  9. Braunzo

    I have an old Peavey tube power amp... What should I do with this thing?

    I have an old Classic series Peavey tube power amp that's ran on EL84s. It's one of the non-stereo models. These things don't go for a ton of money, so I'm not really seeing the point in selling it but I don't really want it sitting around and doing nothing. So I'm looking for some creative...
  10. Braunzo

    That (90's) Alternative Thread

    I figured I would give this a shot. I was inspired by listening to Catherine Wheel the past couple days. I was thinking about the days of when guitar rigs could be just a few pedals with a millions sounds and bands were pushing to sound different from one another. Just kind of looking to...
  11. Braunzo

    Getting distortion toward the end of a record.

    I have a Pioneer PL-12D and it has a new Audio Technica cartridge on it. I've aligned it, I've taken it to have it aligned. It all checks out with the 49mm rule and with a proper protractor. I cannot figure out why my records start having distortion/clarity issues toward the end of a record...
  12. Braunzo

    I have an issue with Dunlop Wahs...

    It seems like every Dunlop Wah I get, they have the same issue. They have this "weird spot" in the sweep. With the wah engaged, if you go from the heel position and start going through the sweep, there is an odd place where it seems like the wah takes off and disrupts how smooth the sweep is...
  13. Braunzo

    New Afghan Whigs - Song/Video in post

    I dig it. It does seem like Dulli is fusing the Whigs and Twilight Singers worlds even more. Which is fine for me. I love both bands. The horns are a nice touch to this tune.
  14. Braunzo

    What gauge string are you using on your Martins?

    I have a couple Martins, a 000-15 what is kind of my "home" guitar and I gig extensively with a D-28. When I got the 000-15 years ago it came stock with 12's, then I went up to 13's (which are strings for big boys, apparently) and structurally the guitar couldn't take it. The belly started to...
  15. Braunzo

    Drastic EQ difference in dirt boxes

    So here is the deal... I just got a Homebrew Electronics UFO. It sounds awesome. I'm running into an interesting obstacle where it's EQ is drastically different from something like a Rat one SL Drive I might use as a tamer drive. It's probably a bit scooped in comparison and the low end is off...
  16. Braunzo

    fOXX Tone Machine Clones? Greer, Fulltone, MXR, etc.

    I think I've decided I'm looking for a fOXX Tone Machine clone... I had a Fulltone Ultimate Octave back in the day that I wound up selling to buy something different. Back then, I was just trying to cop QOTSA tones so I didn't really dive into the pedal, so it wound up sitting on a shelf for a...
  17. Braunzo

    Fuzz into Blackface Fenders

    I don't stay on top of fuzz very much as I never really got along with it for the most part. But I'm after a fuzz that will work well into the naturally scooped Blackface-style amps. I'm looking for enough mids to sound full/cut but also great clean up qualities with the volume knob (like every...
  18. Braunzo

    Always looking for something better...

    Anyone else get caught up in the game? For me, I'm always looking for the perfect amp to run pedals into. I already own a modded Deluxe Reverb with Mercury iron, midrange controls and a WGS ET-65. The amp is really fantastic. Probably my favorite amp for convenience and tone in one package. I...
  19. Braunzo

    Sold Dunlop BD95 Billy Duffy Crybaby

    What we have here is a like-new Billy Duffy wah from Dunlop. Two circuits in one enclosure. One is the regular 95Q circuit, the other is a more vintage setting based on Mick Ronson's wah. Just flip the switch between the two and you're good to go. Super cool pedal. Never gigged, no velcro, comes...
  20. Braunzo

    Theatre/Musical/Play Gigs... What's your rig?

    I was just curious if any of you guys do these types of gigs and what you guys use? IEM? Modeler? Small amp? ISO box? I'm just curious.
  21. Braunzo

    My problem with reverb is...

    ... I love it. But when I turn it off, I feel like my sound shrinks. I dig using some Devin Townsend style washes or some Shoegaze style washes but I use them sparingly. I usually just use a basic hall. But when it comes time to play it straight forward, I kick off the reverb, I feel like I've...
  22. Braunzo

    If I like the Fulltone Clyde Standard...

    ... What other wahs might I like? More than likely, I'll just get another Clyde Standard but I figured I would see what else might be worth checking out. The two Dunlop wahs (Billy Duffy, CAE) I've had in the past just didn't do it for me in comparison to my Clyde. I like the more vintage, less...
  23. Braunzo

    Making sure Lollar Special T's are right for me.

    I've pretty much settled on these pickups but I just wanted to make sure I'm on the right track. Looking to replace the (surprisingly good) Tex Mex pickups in my Road Worn Tele. I love the way the guitar plays and for the most part how it sounds. But my Kirn Tele sounds just a bit more clear and...
  24. Braunzo

    Anyone else have an issue pitting the bottom of your strings?

    I go through some strings like crazy because I wind up pitting the bottoms of them. Especially acoustic strings. Then the intonation gets all crazy so I have to change strings. Anyone else have this issue? Anyone have to lighten up their touch or anything? I'm running 12's on my acoustics and...
  25. Braunzo

    What is the next innovative guitar? (I promise there's context)

    I was watching an interview with Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie, The Cure, Tin Machine, Solo) on the Anderton's Youtube Page and he mentioned how back in the Bowie days they would pick on guitars that had "not history". They purposely rebelled against Guns n Roses because they thought it had...
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