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    Universal Audio Dream '65 vs. Ethos Clean

    Seeing a few youtube videos of the Universal Audio Dream '65 pedal got me excited. I currently own a Ethos Clean and wondered if there's anybody on here, that had the chance to compare the clean to crunch tones of those two pedals (or any other Ethos pedal with a clean tone) and could comment on...
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    recommend me a new wah under $200

    +1 on the Fulltone Clyde - I have the Deluxe version with 3 different sounds. But... Wah's are big & heavy and I use them probably for 1-3 minutes per night - sometimes I don't use it at all. So despite the sound might not be as good as the Fulltone - if you're a working musician that has no...
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    Neunaber Iconoclast...

    I already have to other Neunaber pedals, I've got only good things to say about them. I'm tempted, but... What keeps me from preordering: The 9 minute "first impressions" video shows a bunch of guys using a pedalboard equipped with an Ethos, a bunch of other pedals and an Immerse reverb in front...
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    FRFR solution or....Blues Jr???

    I've had my Blues Jr. for more than 15 years. Modelers come and go, but this amp has stuck with me. I don't combine these, I have a tweakable pedal board and currently also an AX8 (before that a Kemper and other fractal rack gear). Tube amps never get outdated and they always sound great. You...
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    Line 6 G10 release date?

    I can second that. The tone is great. I had some trouble with my G10, but Line6's customer support was nothing short of stellar. Best wireless system in it's class.
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    Line 6 G10 release date?

    I bought a G10 last week and used it on my gig on Sat night. While it was not an "extreme situation" regarding stage size or number of other wireless sources, I can say it worked perfectly. Plug and play, no body pack, no dropouts. I installed the base on my pedal board. I used to own a...
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    Line 6 G10 under a Pedaltrain Novo

    To all those who already bought a L6 G10 wireless and have a Pedaltrain Novo (the higher, newer model): Would it be possible to mount the G10 under the pedalboard in such a way that - I don't need to add higher rubber feet and - have the sender unit stick through the two rails from the top -...
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    Ethos vs. Kemper

    I bought the Clean Fusion. When my name came up on the AX-8 list. To my ears, the Kemper and the AX-8 are about on par sound-wise. The AX-8 is harder to tweak, but it doesn't require a separate floorboard. So I sold the Kemper to pay for the AX-8. I set up a decent Dumble-based patch on the...
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    Two Notes Cab & Ethos

    I actually tried to install the wall of sound application in my Mac, but couldn't get it to work. But then again, I didn't spend much time troubleshooting as I wasn't sure if that sounds 100% exactly like the Torpedo CAB and also - if I decide to go for such a solution, I'd need a hardware box...
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    Two Notes Cab & Ethos

    Thanks Mats. Mine has the HRM mod and I'm surprised how well it keeps up with the Kemper and the Fractal. It can't emulate hundreds of amps, but it does one thing really really well. And when I trade an amp to a gig, I take one amp, not a whole collection. Maybe I should just use my AX-8 as an...
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    Two Notes Cab & Ethos

    Thank you all for chiming in. The question isn't actually "is the Torpedo CAB a great product?" - based on the reviews it is getting here I already know that And since I own the Ethos, I know that it's great as well. I was rather hoping to find out more details wether the internal cab...
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    Impulse Response Players - do they all sound the same?

    kyolic, what were your findings on the differences between different software IR players?
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    Impulse Response Players - do they all sound the same?

    I'm currently looking at a device such as the Two Notes Torpedo CAB. Obviously, there is competition on the market - such as the AMT Pangaea, Logidy Epsi and so on. Analogy: If I take a cheap flat screen monitor and display a photo, it's going to look quite the same as on an expensive display...
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    Two Notes Cab & Ethos

    I have a bunch of gear... Tube amps, an AX-8 and a pedal board with an Ethos. I love the Ethos and the simplicity and sound of my stomp boxes. However, I wonder if I could make the Ethos sound even better when going direct by bypassing the internal speaker sim and go for a Two Notes CAB...
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    Mono Guitar Tick - what boards fit since Nano 14" is hard to find?
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    Is my TC Spark Mini broken

    My TC Spark Mini makes an clearly audible plop when I turn it on / off. No matter if I use the regular or the "prime time" feature. Is that normal? Can I fix that myself? I have the impression that it was always audible a little, but with my new transistor amp, it's really prominent.
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    Small overdrive pedal that sounds like a TS808 with a little more drive

    I have very little space left on my pedalboard - a mini pedal or maybe J Rockett sized one would still work. I'm looking for a TS 808 type overdrive with a little more drive than what my vintage narrow TS 808 or Fulldrive 2 (with the extra gain activated) have to offer. Any recommendations? Not...
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    Best way to mount pedals sideways on a Pedaltrain

    Hi, I want to mount pedals sideways on a Pedaltrain to save some space in between other pedals. There's only very little mounting surface from the rails. I thought that there must be a way to mount something to that section of the rails so that I get a better surface to mount my pedal on. Has...
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    Pre Amp Pedals: Kingsley Squire BF vs. Ethos Clean vs. ??

    What were your criterias that made the Ethos beat the Amplifire?
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    Ethos vs. Kemper

    Yes, I'm posting this in the pedals section, not in modeling... :-) I have a Kemper, a few tube amps and recently got a Henriksen Bud acoustic amplifier. The Henriksen sounds great and is super portable (9x9x9 inches). It works with both acoustic and electric guitars, is louder than you'd think...
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    Shure GLXD16 vs. Line6 G70

    Hi, Shure GLXD16 vs. Line6 G70 I'm thinking about getting one of these, read some posts but haven't found any direct comparison. Has anyone of you tried both and found a good reason to prefer one over the other? (Please no "I had a L6 device 10 years ago which was crap" thesis) I want to use...
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    No modelers on Broadway in Nashville

    I had the occasion to go to Nashville. There's a ton of great guitar players on Broadway - and all of them seem to depend on traditional tube amps and pedal boards. I would imagine if you have top keep your gear small and light (4 hours at one bar, then pack up everything and play the next gig...
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    Pedal Board Power Supply For AmpliFIRE?

    If Atomic says it just needs 600-700 mA, I'd have a look at the Cioks AC-10. 800mA on a single output, relatively small and super quiet.
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    Thoughts on Monte Allums pedals in comparison?

    I modded my CS-3 Compressor and my TR-2 Tremolo. Those were pedals that I already had bought new, years ago. I had a learning curve from the moment I realized that I needed a compressor until I learned how to actually apply it. Once I was at this stage, I had the choice of spending a few...
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