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    Friedman JJ-Jr vs Suhr PT15 vs MesaV:35

    Thanks! That's reassuring. It's truly hard to tell from online clips at times.
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    Friedman JJ-Jr vs Suhr PT15 vs MesaV:35

    been considering the PT15 but this is one of the things I’m wondering about. Can the PT15 get singing lead tones on its own? I haven’t seen many demos that feature high gain playing and it would be a letdown to still need a boost pedal for leads with a 3 channel amp. Not looking to do super high...
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    Is the MESA Triple Crown's 2nd Channel a JCM800?

    Has anyone with a TC50 gotten close to JCM800 tones? Curious about this as the JCM800 has always been held up as one of the all-time great tones...
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    Anybody playing Victory amps?

    Shame there isn't more distribution - no place to try these amps out. Really keen on the V30 MKII but reviews of the original weren't that great from what I saw. Hesitant to pull the trigger without a chance to play one in person.
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    Mesa Triple Crown TC-50

    Looks amazing!!
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    Updated Victory Amp V30 Countess MKII

    wow no interest From the Victory website: Originally developed with Guthrie Govan as his ‘flying amp’, the V30 MKII features an all-new Clean-channel Crunch mode and the footswitchable 'Nomod' function to offer two levels of bass response The original V30 has very distinct clean and...
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    PRS unveils the MT15 (Mark Tremonti signature amp)

    This looks like it could be a fun amp. If it's even halfway decent, I think the price point is right and hope it does well!
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    Updated Victory Amp V30 Countess MKII

    On paper, I've always thought the Victory Amp Countess hit the mark, but the reviews I've seen don't give much praise. Hopefully this new version addresses all the concerns with the original...
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    Suggest a Marshall type amp head with 2 EL34s, around 30ish watts and a master volume (or similar)

    I have a Suhr Badger 30. I think it fits the bill. It may no longer be there, but on the Suhr website there used to be a Badger manual stating that the Badger 30 actually produced 38 watts of output. Some people say it doesn't sound very Marshall-y, but I've gotten good results with it for...
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    Mesa Stiletto Deuce II sonic pause between channels.

    I had this issue with my Mesa Boogie Express. It was noticeable enough that my bandmates would comment on it. I'm hoping the newer Mesa amps don't have this issue. I didn't have any such issues with my JVM though.
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    Mesa Triple Crown TC-50

    Went through this entire thread. You guys have me wanting one! I saw a few comments on the lack of bass - any further thoughts on that?
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    Lone Star vs Mark I RI

    According to this demo posted by Mesa Boogie, the Lone Star drive channel is pretty close to the Mark I. "With DRIVE engaged, Ch. 2 becomes a nearly identical clone of the original Mark I™ circuit."
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    Forgiving Plexi Cleans and mild crunch with power attenuation...

    Suhr Badger 30 is great for that tone. Not sure what your playing situation is, but it won't stay crystal clean at high/gigging volumes.
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - Lone Star cleans?

    Any other thoughts on the Mark V:25? Does the sound cut out when switching channels? I've played Boogies before where there's a split second that the sound cuts out. It's to prevent the pop but it was noticeable.
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - Lone Star cleans?

    Thanks for the responses! I should have been clearer... I meant the Lone Star Classic. I'm a big Andy Timmons fan. That video is awesome! That's why the Mark V:25 came to my mind. I hadn't considered the Express 5:50 Plus but will look into it.
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - Lone Star cleans?

    I've always liked the tone of the Lone Star but it's really too much amp for home use. Also really heavy! Will the Mark V:25 get me close to those gorgeous Lone Star clean tones? And how do the overdrive sounds compare? Haven't seen one locally that I can try...
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    Marshall JVM crunch channel

    I've had a JVM410 for a while now and the crunch channel is the best part! I think it covers all lot of the classic Marshall tones people like. I think a lot of people that don't like the JVM aren't thrilled with how OD1/2 is voiced, but the clean and crunch channels actually give you a lot...
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    NAD ! Mesa Lonestar Custom .......

    That looks gorgeous!
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    Egnater Tweaker 15 compared to Egnater Tweaker 40

    I have both the 15 and 40 right now. Had the 15 for over 3 years and used it live a few times. Couldn't be happier with the 40; it's got the same great tone and obviously more headroom. Overall, it sounds bigger and being able to switch channels is awesome. The 40 also does low volumes...
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    Marshall DSL15H or Class 5 head?

    No loop on the DSL15H, total dealbreaker for me. The Class 5 is insanely loud, not good for practice.
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    NAD: Mesa Stiletto Deuce

    Any more thoughts on this amp? Always been intrigued by it. No low end? Thought it might make for a cool british-inspired sound. Build quality is supposed to be top-notch too.
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    Marshall amp feet - digging into cabinet tolex

    Thanks guys!! I was hoping someone made Marshall feet replacements that didn't have this round dome bottom. But I guess felt pads will have to do.
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    Marshall amp feet - digging into cabinet tolex

    The Marshall feet use 2 screws, not the same type screws as other feet, so I can't replace them easily with regular amp feet I see on sale.
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    Marshall amp feet - digging into cabinet tolex

    My Marshall JVM has those plastic amp feet with the rounded bottoms which makes a little dent on the tolex on my cabinet. It's unlike the rubber feet I see on other amps. I'd like to keep my cabinet undamaged if possible. Is there any alternative for these feet? Any help is appreciated.
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    How do you remove egnater logo from grill cloth?

    True. Good point. I'll try this. Thanks.
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