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    So I got a Mesa Electra Dyne 1x12...

    Yes cool pic! I'd love to try one in my home. They are not to terribly expensive for what you get. Mesa always brings good stuff to the table.
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    Mark V vs Rockerverb 50 mkII vs Shiva

    I've played the mark v for a few years. The rockerverb has a more brutal modern gain to its second channel. The clean channel was meh. For most versatility I would go with the mark V unless you plan in spending most of your time in a high gain territory, in which I might recommend the orange...
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    Mesa Mark V and Line 6 M9 Question

    I have always had a hard time with the MV's FX Loop. Its supposed to be top of the line, but... Some pedals are good in it, others not so much. I just think its finicky...
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    Please tell me what amp fits this description:

    I know. Weird, isn't it?
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    Please tell me what amp fits this description:

    Super sonic 100 twin seems to be a good fit in the modern realm. Would consider boutique as well as stated above. thanks for the ideas all
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    Please tell me what amp fits this description:

    Good thoughts. I currently play a Mes Mark V, but its just missing something.... Just picked up a Superchamp X2 for home practice, and it ACTUALLY gives the mesa a run for its money in respect to clean tones. That's whats fueling the search here. Thinking about the Dr Z route. Yes, one channel...
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    Please tell me what amp fits this description:

    Fender amp (or very similar) Head Effects loop Must have nice low end headroom Good headroom in general, though a bit of breakup aint too bad Good with Pedals and takes OD, Dist, Fuzz well Looking for an amp with good build quality, solid, great quality tone. So what amp you think...
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    Can a Mesa Lonestar combo amp be moved to a headshell?

    I have a Mesa Lonestar Classic 4x10 on the way, and although that is pretty cool, the thing is going to be a beast to lug around, I'm sure. Is it possible to take the chassis from the 4x10, and move it into a Lonestar Classic head? How about a Lonestar Special Head? According to Mesa...
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    if you have experience with both the mesa mini recto and the mark V

    I play the Mini Recto in the basement with kids asleep upstairs. I can get a great sound out of it at lower volumes. The channel two modern mode though, gets loud super easily. But yea, you can cop good sounds at lower levels The MV is much better in terms of low volume playing though, and...
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    Can a Two Rock Do High Gain Modern Riffing?

    I'm betting it can, but what does it sound like? Know of any clips where any Two Rock can do modern power chord riffing, or sweet liquid soloing? Pedals or straight amp, looking for any examples (if any) of how beastly a Two Rock Can get. Or are they just for blues/fusion stuff? Cause that...
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    FX loop Signal Strength - Mesa Content

    Is it possible to determine the strength of the signal coming from the send of the FX loop on an amp? My mini rectifier can take the MXR Carbon Copy well, and there is no audible difference between bypassing the FX loop, and engaging it. My Mark V however, cannot seem to play nice with...
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    Got the amp, need a cabinet! 1x12 or 2x12?

    I am playing with a port city os 1x12, and I am very happy with it. Big sound, crunches nicely and packs a LOT of punch for a 1x12. I play mostly Rock and jam music out of it with a Mark V head. It can take all 90 watts and still sing. A 2x12 might yield a bit more lower end, but not sure you...
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    Can I switch channel on my mark Five without the stock Footcontroller?

    Id like to use a smaller footprint footcontroller for my mark V. I just need it to change between the channels, and I don't need the switches for Reverb/EQ/solo, etc... The stock FC is so HUGE. I just need a three button footswitch to just change channels. Does anyone know if this is...
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    Show us your small amp with a LARGE pedalboard feeding it

    Pretty curious if there are users out there with a small one channel amp that is being fed by a pedalboard with more than 8 or so pedals! Are too many pedals overkill For an amp like dr z z28 or similar?
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    What amp to run in stereo with my Mesa Mark V?

    ps. I run the mark V at 90w
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    What amp to run in stereo with my Mesa Mark V?

    I'm looking for an amp to run in tandem with my Mesa Mark V. I use only clean channel, and get all my dirt from pedals. Here's my chain wah tuner comp phaser od od boost od delay I am playing through a Mesa 412 over sized recto. Id like to get an splitter box at the end of my chain...
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    Does an FX Loop degrade your tone?

    Cool. Ive got a bit different way of thinking about loops now. Thanks for the ideas!
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    Does an FX Loop degrade your tone?

    hmmm. interesting. a tool to fit the job.. Is there such thing as OVERKILL??? (nahhhh, never ;) )
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    Does an FX Loop degrade your tone?

    Good points Teemuk. I have been using the clean channel all the time form the mesa right now. Ive owned it for a while, and know how the OD channels can be set, but they don't have the appeal and touch and feeling of the clean channel and dirt pedals. My opinion at the moment of course. Your...
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    Does an FX Loop degrade your tone?

    I'm thinking. Lately, Ive only been using one channel on my Mesa mark V. Ive been getting my dirt from an analogman TS9 and a SRB 808+. They are getting the job done, even the heavy stuff. (SRB sounds better than the MV gain channels!!) I only use delay and thinking about getting chorus...
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    Anybody use a pedal for verb instead of the amp?

    wow. a lot more than I thought actually. Some good points. That Glabs seems really neat. Im alwasy wanting "more" from the amps reverb, but it always seems to let me a little down.
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    Anybody use a pedal for verb instead of the amp?

    Anybody out there using pedals to get reverb INSTEAD of your amps reverb?
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    First time building a cab with a friend (1x12) Any cool ideas or tips?

    Thanks got the help, very good points and has already helped me out. Keep an eye out on this thread and "hopefully" it won't turn into scrap wood LOL :) Will have pics up along the way
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    First time building a cab with a friend (1x12) Any cool ideas or tips?

    I would like to build an 8 ohm 1x12 half back cab with a friend as a fun project. Any website out there that can supply me with all the things I will need? Any tips? Thanks! :JAM
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