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  1. timberic

    Let's See Some Weather-Checking

    I know some folks try to fend off the inevitable, but I love the look of a nicely checked finish. Adds a lot of character IMO. Especially love those Goldtops when there's nice visible checks. Here's my Rock-n-Roll Relics Townshend. She only three years old, but starting to get those nice lines...
  2. timberic

    Kudos to Brad (Creepyfingers) Davis

    Not only does he build great pedals, he does a great job repairing/modifying old ones too! I sent Brad my vintage Colorsound Wah-Fuzz Straight which never sounded right to me. Brad had it back to me in less than a week sounding great! He rewired it so the fuzz and wah can be engaged...
  3. timberic

    From The Ashes of Uncle Tupelo

    I'm assuming that most will say they prefer Wilco over Son Volt. I like Tweedy and co., but I've been listening to SV lately and and I'm really getting into Farrar's songwriting and playing. Their latest and previous LPs are decidedly toned down, but still strong lyrically and musically...
  4. timberic

    '67 Trini Lopez Price

    Anyone have an idea what a fair price for a '67 Trini Lopez would be? All original w/case and no issues. Many thanks!
  5. timberic

    Pedal Order Recommendation

    Hey guys, I'm no good at this - help me pick the optimal order of my pedals. Here's what I currently have going: Guitar> Sunface Ti-UK > Freakshow Brown Rabbit OD > Dano Cool Cat Transparent OD > Ibanez Chorus > MXR Phaser > TU1 > Amp. I also have a BAD Spooky Tooth that can sub for the...
  6. timberic

    Basic Audio Spooky Tooth

    Hi, Can anyone explain the difference between the three knob version in the gold enclosure and the four knob in the green? Any preference? Many thanks.
  7. timberic

    NGD-Almost - Rock-N-Roll Relics Townshend

    Billy just send me this pic. She's almost ready. Originally, I was going to go the Gibson route, but I heard nothing but great things about Billy's work. Can't wait! Aged Pelham Blue D. Allen Cool-Cat P90s This should prove to be a no frills, rock-n-roll machine.
  8. timberic

    Building a La Cabronita - Electronics Choices

    I'm having a build done for a 2 PUP Cab. It's an MJT body, predrilled for the S1 and volume control. I'm putting a TV Powertron Plus in the bridge and a Powertron in the neck. I am clueless as to the best wiring/electionics options to match with these pickups and would appreciate some...
  9. timberic

    Anyone Familiar With Rock N Roll Relics?

    Anyone have any experience with these? Some nice looking builds here.
  10. timberic

    Colorsound Wah Fuzz Straight Inductor Replacement

    Seems like I need to replace the halo inductor in my CS WF Straight. Fuzz circuit works, but wah is functioning like a treble-boost. Can anyone recommend the best replacement for maintaining it's sound? There's many out there, for example, Whipple, Arteffect, Fasel Red/Yellow. Any help...
  11. timberic

    Stomp Box Aesthetics

    Maybe I'm crazy, but why have so many become so obsessive about how the cosmetic aspects of their pedals? You have those that won't go near a pedal because someone attached velcro to the bottom and those that won't buy anything with paint chips or missing paint. Then there's the asking...
  12. timberic

    Can Anyone Recommend Someone to Repair a Vintage Colorsound Pedal?

    So, I picked up this 1974 Colorsound Wah Fuzz Straight in one of those "gotta have it" moments, knowing full well that it may have issues. No suprise, the fuzz circuit seems to work, although there is very little high-end; but the wah doesn't work at all - pretty much just acting as a volume...
  13. timberic

    Fulltone Soulbender Questions

    Looking to pick-up a Soulbender, preferably used. Is there a difference between the older ones (circa 2000, 01) and the newer ones? Some have black controls, while others are white. Is this just cosmetic? Also, I'm not sure whether the older ones operate on a 9V, or strictly a power...
  14. timberic

    Les Paul Advice

    Considering buying a LP. Haven't owned one in many years. Last one I had was late 70s, wine red. Nice, but it was a boat anchor and I ended up selling it. Looking for something around $2K and I'm not sure what to consider and what to avoid; 80s, 90s or something more recent. Currently...
  15. timberic

    Gretsch Malcolm Young

    Considering one of these; maybe the dual filtertron version. Anyone out there play one? I'm not a metal player, not even a big AC/DC fan, but I want something that can get nasty, but can also be played cleanly.
  16. timberic

    Vintage Gretsch Duo-Jet Question

    I am considering buying a vintage Gretsch Firebird Jet, circa 1965, but all the talk about the need for neck resets makes me a bit gun-shy. How would I know if a reset was needed on a particular guitar? Would there be any visible signs (i.e., separation at the joint), or would it be...
  17. timberic

    Stupid Question - Bad Monkey

    I just bought a BM at a flea market this morning and for the life of me, I can't determine how to change the battery. Doesn't seem to be any release screw to pull it out from under the foot pedal. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!
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