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    Fender Jaguar Players, what's your favorite overdrive to pair?

    Hotcake, RAT, pretty much any kind of DOD 250 copy.
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    The ultimate fuzzes for early Pink Floyd

    Barrett used an Octavia on "No Man's Land" on his first solo album. There maybe a few fuzzed notes on "See Emily Play", which may have come from a Selmer Buzz-Tone or a Tonebender. There's Echorec all over the first PF album, and Barrett uses Wah-Wah on the last Floyd single he played on...
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    Need a new Delay for Spacey Oscillation

    Something was wrong with your pedal then! The Rubberneck really ocisilates.
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    Inspiring multi effect for heavy psych guitar

    Affordable psych multi? Probably the EHX worm, just add a RI big muff!
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    Orange announce new "Vintage Pedals" line

    They appear to be clones of the old Coloursound(?) made Orange pedals. So your take may be very relevant. Of course, no way anyone apart from rich rockstars would have a pedal board in the mid-70s!
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    Simple looper that records when you hold ?

    EHX Hazari, 20 second loop as well
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    Pete Cosey Gear?

    Cosey plays a Vox 12, tuned to one of his particular settings, on some live versions of "Ife", like here:
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    Pete Cosey Gear?

    By Agartha he's using two wahs (halifax & morley), a mosrite, and various guitars with his own tuning systems. I believe, however, much of the phasing may come from running the guitar into a Synthi Hi-Fli, much like Brian Eno did with Phil Manzanera's guitar in early Roxy Music. He used early...
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    Did the Fat Fuzz Factory make the Mastotron redundant?

    I love the Fuzz Factory/Probe, but I've had to use the Mastortion for outdoor shows, because the Mastortion is silicon, so it performed much better for outdoor shows in summer.
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    The Better Prince Solo

    Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker with a Boss BD2 given when it was played.
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    We have the MXR DoT, the MXR Timmy… how long until??

    This is much more appealing to me than a mini OCD. Some kind of Dunlop/MXR take on the Bionixic circuit would also be appealing but pretty niche!
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    Joyo American Sound(Tech21 Blonde) in a smaller enclosure?

    Yeah, I had one, it's good, but I don't really need all the other bells and whistles. Just the amp sim!
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    Joyo American Sound(Tech21 Blonde) in a smaller enclosure?

    Probably exactly the same pedal then. Sounds fine to me. If the Tech 21 Blonde was still really available I would buy that in preference anyway, but it isn't. The Joyo, Heur and Horse models are all the same cheap knock-off anyway.
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    Joyo American Sound(Tech21 Blonde) in a smaller enclosure?

    The Horse version of the American Sound is a smaller version of the Joyo AS. I've already used it live, it sounds good.
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    Hendrix Fuzz

    Hendrix also used Sound City amps during the recording of Axis. Its not clear what tracks they were used on.
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    Do any true stereo analog delay pedals exist?

    Ah yeah, I even had one of those, but they're like at least 40 years old now, and I wouldn't use one except for studio color. I was thinking of the EHX dmm Hazari, which is true stereo, and a wonderful box, but not in any way analog.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    Interested to see what transpires.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    This doesn't work with my Vertigo and EP3. Wierdly, it does work with my Vertigo and a Digitech FS3X tap switch. The EP3 does work with other pedals.
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    3rd party expression pedal with Source Audio

    I'd also like to get the EP3 to work with a Vertigo tremolo. I'm already using the RCA connectors to swap the connectors but I can't get the EP3 to work with the pedal
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    Julian Lage's recent IG post on his Tele (interesting "mod")

    Just unscrewing the guitars neck works with any bolt on of course. I taken my Jaguar and a 63 Dano back and forth across the Atlantic. Metal inserts sound interesting but aren't necessary per see.
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    Psa: sweetwater has a few dod pedals in stock

    Yep, was just playing with my band with one. Being able to bring in self oscillation on the fly etc etc is so useful.
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