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  1. Hamer95USA

    Hard Rocker is looking for his first Fender clean style amp. Which one?

    I own a couple of high gain, channel switching amp heads & combo amps. I'm currently using either a Reverend Goblin 5/15 watt or Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt 1x12 tube combo amps for the clean pedal platform type of amp with a Fractal Audio FX-8 floor processor running in 4 cable method...
  2. Hamer95USA

    Looking for stereo power amp recommendations

    Mosvalve 962 2 space version or 982 1 space version power amp. 80 watts in stereo or 160 watts in mono, affordable, lightweight, easy to find, and can run mono or stereo. I use the Mosvalve 982 in my wet/dry/wet guitar rack...
  3. Hamer95USA

    Rack units in a combo?

    Are you going to mount all of this rack gear into a combo cab? It's going to be real heavy. What kind of power amp? Stereo or mono? Are you going to control the channel switching or the effects on/off with MIDI? Are you going to use a power conditioner to power the whole thing?
  4. Hamer95USA

    Langner DCP-1 Elite

    I have 2 of the older ADA MP-1 preamps with the switch on top. I had the balanced input jack converted into a rear input jack for the preamp so you can plug your guitar on the front & rear input jacks. It's a good mod to have done to it since nobody uses the balanced input jack for anything...
  5. Hamer95USA

    Small (Physically) Amp Heads

    My Krank Nineteen80 Jr. 20 watt 2 channel amp head! My Stiff 90-AD (made by Tony Krank, same amp as the Nineteen80 Jr. amp head) 50 watt 2 channel amp head. Guitar George
  6. Hamer95USA

    Single rack space tube power amp

    Check out the Fryette LXII power amp: Fryette LXII power amp Synergy 50/50 power amp: Syn 50/50 power amp Marshall 20/20 power amp: EL-84 power tubes, 20 watts per side Mesa Boogie 20/20 power amp: EL-84 power tubes, 20 watts per side...
  7. Hamer95USA

    1x12 combo recommendations

    I own/use a Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt 1x12 combo with a Celestion G12-65 speaker or a Reverend 15/5 watt 1x12 combo amp with an Eminence Cannabis Rex as my backup amp for the clean pedal platform type of amps. Both amps can be found used for under $1,000...
  8. Hamer95USA

    Any Information you have on Krank Amplification please

    I think that amp is a Krank Revolution 2x12 combo amp. I don't know what speakers come with the amp. If you're not sure, you can always ask Tony Krank at his new company's website: Orbital Electronix/Stiff Amplification...
  9. Hamer95USA

    What is the highest gain guitar amp?

    My question to the OP is how many high gain amps have you owned or played through in a room whether onstage in club/festival/theater, at a music store, rehearsal studio, or at home? Did it work for the OP's musical style or was it too much gain for him? What kind of guitar & pickups were you...
  10. Hamer95USA

    Would you rather own a synergy 30 or...

    I had the privilege of playing my friend's Synergy Syn-2 preamp loaded with the Twin/Deluxe modules for clean and the Soldano preamp for the crunch feeding a Mosvalve 982 power amp into my Marshall 1936 2x12 closed back cab loaded with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. I loved the sound of both of...
  11. Hamer95USA

    EVH 412 mixed with V30's -anyone try it?

    I did the same thing to a '90s Marshall JCM 900 1960A 4x12 cab. I used a pair of Celestion G12C speakers pulled from a Marshall Modern Vintage 4x12 cab and a pair of Celestion Vintage 30 speakers. Sounds great with the top speakers breaking up when hit with overdrive and the Vintage 30 speakers...
  12. Hamer95USA

    3rd Power Kitchen sink Rock demo Video

    Thanks for posting the video! I like the tone of your 3rd Power Kitchen Sink amp. The overdrive channel sounds really raw & organic. I would have liked to hear the clean channel amp, in particular the blackface Fender or Vox type of tones. I'd love to have one of these amps in my amp collection...
  13. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    @Elric: I'm not trying to argue or disrespect you about your bad experience with the 3TM mod. I will have to say from my 10 years of using the stock ADA MP-1 preamp as my main cover band guitar rig is that it's noisy that I ended up having to use a pair of rackmounted Rockman Smart Gate noise...
  14. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    I own 2 ADA Depot 3TM MP-1 preamps. The 3TM tube circuit boards and "Ultra" mods didn't ruin or "wreck" the sound of my preamps, it actually improved it and the increased gain was what I was looking for. If you don't like the ADA MP-1 3TM modded MP-1 preamp, sell it someone who would appreciate...
  15. Hamer95USA

    To gamble or not? JCM2000 content

    Does the amp currently have any issues? Are the current tubes installed in the amp in good condition? If the amp is in good operating condition, I would keep & use it.
  16. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    @Jvguitar: Looking at the outside of the ADA MP-1 preamp for sale on Reverb. The headphone level knob is missing. You'll have to track down a replacement headphone level knob. Rack ears show signs of wear. Top & bottom panels have the typical cosmetic wear. Both rack ears and top/bottom panels...
  17. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    I thought you owned a stock ADA MP-1 preamp already? The MP-1 preamp with the MOD4 MKII mod is nice, but it needs the "Ultra" mods to make it more quiet, serviceable, and up to date. I bought my last stock ADA MP-1 preamp over a year ago for only $250 used. Unfortunately, the used prices along...
  18. Hamer95USA

    "nobody uses real amps anymore" says the sound guy

    Keep your amp! It will always sound better than the amp modeling/IEM/guitar in monitor set up that most people are switching over to today.
  19. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    Ok. Judging from the pictures, it has the Mod 4 MKII mods done to the stock MP-1 tube circuit board mods installed. It has the old v1.38 EEPROM software chip installed. The lithium battery looks original hasn't been replaced, and it has no battery holder. The AC cord has been shortened to fit in...
  20. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    You can download the modifcation schematics .pdf files from the ADA Depot link that I posted above. The parts can be ordered from Mouser Electronics ,and you can have your amp tech install the mods with the schematics & instructions provided. If you want the 3TM tube circuit board or MDRT...
  21. Hamer95USA

    Tube Works-BK Butler Amps !

    I only own the Mosvalve stereo power amps: the 982 single space (80 watts in stereo, 160 watts in mono) or the Mosvalve 500 (250 watts in stereo, 320 watts in mono). I use both for my wet/dry/wet guitar rack rig. It works great for my stereo guitar rack sound, it's consistent, it has no tubes...
  22. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    From my experience of using a bone stock ADA MP-1 preamp in a cover band during the '90s & early 2000's, I've had the following issues: Noise from the preamp itself when in the distorted tube channel or from bad grounding when connecting audio cables to other rack units. Noise becomes worse...
  23. Hamer95USA

    Friedman Steve Stevens V2

    Watching YouTube videos gives you somewhat of an idea of what that amp sounds like. Your best bet is to go down to the Friedman amp dealer in your area with your guitar and try out the amp in person at their shop...
  24. Hamer95USA

    Friedman Steve Stevens V2

    The drive side of the amp has been revoiced to be more percussive, the thump knob has been added to the front of the amp, the SS+ channel has it's own gain & volume knobs, and there's the Fat switch on the back of the amp which gives the amp slightly more gain. The clean channel is still the...
  25. Hamer95USA

    ADA MP-1 Info

    If you are good with a soldering iron and have some knowledge of electronics: ADA MP-1 mods If you want to send it in for modifcations, repairs, or buy the 3TM mod tube circuit board: How would you turn the noise gate, compressor, or delay on & off...
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