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  1. The Whale

    WARMOTH Soloist = Dinky size?

    I’ve built two soloists from Warmoth this far. The purple one I built in 1996 and has been my main girl ever sense. I’ve tried so many times to unseat her and always come back. She’s had over a dozen pickup combos and four bridges. The natural soloist is my most recent build. Based on a Suhr...
  2. The Whale

    Your opinion, please, on Warmoth

    I’ve built 4 warmoths: 2 soloists, a tele and a strat. They are my workhorses and I love them! Honestly, I have a killer PRS and LP Standard that stay home. Almost feel guilty keeping them. Warmoth is wonderful to work with, consistent and toneful.
  3. The Whale

    Pickup Suggestions needed

    man, I’m truly intrigued by Bootstrap pickups. Wish there were more sample videos to check out
  4. The Whale

    NGD - Suhr Pete Thorn

    I’m a lefty too and have owned a Classic S that killed. My guess is that @Husky would spec a guitar near identical to the PT Sig, if now just build a lefty.
  5. The Whale

    Choose The HB Set! Short Scale Superstrat

    Details: I'm building a 24.75, two humbucker strat-style guitar. The body is one piece mahogany and rather light. The neck is mahogany and rosewood. Bridge is a Hipshot Contour 2 point trem decked. I plan on wiring the guitar with a superswitch to get inside/outside coils and parallels...
  6. The Whale

    What pickups sound closest to Tom Short's Marc Ford PAFs?

    I had a set in my 03 LP standard and I should have never let them go. I can’t tell you what pickups sound closest, but I can tell you where I landed: Thornbuckers. They’re really great and versatile. You may want to try them, or a set of PAF Masters from Dimarzio. From Seymour Duncan, I did...
  7. The Whale

    Strat HH pickups and wiring?

    I’ve got a Suhr SSH+ and SSV in mine. They’re wired to a dimarzio 3 way toggle that allows me to tap the coils when in the middle position. It’s pretty sweet. 500k volume and tone with treble bleed
  8. The Whale

    NPD (new pickup day) Bootstrap

    Looks correct to me! - every lefty :). Good pickup choice as well
  9. The Whale

    Big headstock Stratocasters...

    Ok... I must know everything about this guitar! I’m jonesin for a birth-year strat and also leftie... this ones a stunner. I used to Jones for a ’77 LP but theyre boat anchors. CBS strats are cool as s**t. Whatcha got?
  10. The Whale

    HSS vs SSS question about Strat's

    ive been thinking about doing just this but with a Dimarzip Pro Track or Super Distortion S. ever played those? Tell me more about the chopper.
  11. The Whale

    Show me your Warmoth Strats! (and other Warmoth creations)

    I’ve built 4 at this point...for a lefty, it makes a ton of sense. The purple guitar (dubbed the Muscaster Solo) was the first one I built. Started with 24 frets...thus the weird neck pickup pocket the Muscaster S and Muscaster T are a pair. Both are painted by my dad. These turn heads and...
  12. The Whale

    Lefty Threads, or Southpaw's Delight, If You Will

    HA! That’s me too: righty playing lefty. For me, it just seemed most obvious to put my dominant hand on the fretboard. I’m truly not sure why righties hold a pick in their dominant hand. oh well... love being a Southpaw
  13. The Whale

    Lets see those custom made Telecaster style guitars.

    These are my Muscasters, built by me and painted by my dad. The t-style was the first.
  14. The Whale

    NGD: Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50's Goldtop 2020

    OK, so this could me so petty... and call me on it if it is. I have only one cosmetic issue with Epiphones and, oddly, it's NOT the old headstock. I kinda liked the old one, and the new one is fine as well. What bugs me most about the look of Epiphones is the finishing departments inability...
  15. The Whale

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    Lefty singlecut. Just flip the design in the CNC and get to steppin’
  16. The Whale

    Request: In honor of EVH, show your guitars

    I decided to build my own Frankie in honor of EVH... and tried to follow a similar process. I bought a used MIJ body from EBay. A friend had a maple Warmoth neck lying around and a set of Sperzels that he donated to the cause. The pick guard was also a “bottom of my parts box” find. The only...
  17. The Whale

    Lefty Threads, or Southpaw's Delight, If You Will

    That's really cool. I figured there were very few of us. I play left handed, but guitar is the only thing I do left handed. I couldn't get it through my head to have my more dexterous hand holding a pick. When I started to learn, I started to learn right handed and it was horribly hard...
  18. The Whale

    Anyone prefer SINGLE COIL bridge rock tones over Bridge Humbucker??

    All the unusual suspects have been named, so I’ll follow with the hardest rockingest single coil bridge tone you’ll ever hear: Ty Tabor! No one can make a single coil chunk like Tabor!
  19. The Whale

    Looking for a good Humbucker sized P90

    I’m super interested in this thread as well. The Bareknuckle line looks great but I’m not quite sure I want to invest bareknuckle cash yet. I’d love to hear more about the Dimarzio, Mean90 and other off brands. Anyone have a good recommendation for under $100 for the pair?
  20. The Whale

    Thornbuckers for a PRS DGT?

    I have Thornbuckers in both my McCarty and Les Paul. They kill both split and full HB. I’ve had a BUNCH of low output humbuckers in each... these are my faves
  21. The Whale

    Lefties: Should TGP have a lefty sub forum?

    Exactly! Give us our sub forum before we start converting the children to our evil Hendrixian ways ☠️
  22. The Whale

    Would you rather own a high end PRS or a Suhr?

    I have one if each now (‘97 Custom 22 with Thornbuckers and a Suhr Classic Pro). Both are awesome!!! I would highly recommend saving your pennies and scouring used markets.
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