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  1. fishlog

    Who is the King of Princetons?

    From what I understand it was a special run probably exclusive to Guitar Center but since I bought it used I can't be sure of that. Never said that. I have had a few Princetons and this is by far my favorite. I had the 68 but it kind of seemed darker to me and I feel like it didn't get on...
  2. fishlog

    Who is the King of Princetons?

    Sounds good enough to me...
  3. fishlog

    ‘65 Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue Speaker Swap

    Yup… got one in mine. Favorite amp I own.
  4. fishlog

    Blues Deluxe vs Hot Rod Deluxe vs Deluxe Reverb as a pedal platform

    Forget the 65 deluxe reverb… do the 68. In my book the hot rod or jr are not even in the same league as any of the Deluxe Reverbs so I’m surprised to see so many negative responses.
  5. fishlog

    Just Bought a Level 3 Scratch and dent Amp from Musicians Friend

    Sent it back no cost to me. I think if I had loved the amp I would have kept it. The damage was very minimal and not noteworthy. cleaned out my inbox too as I saw you tried to send a message.
  6. fishlog

    How different are Brownface vs Blackface Bassmans?

    Yeah I just had never heard anyone say Brownface Bassman I guess... Up until now I would have said "brown face Bassman? " lol
  7. fishlog

    How different are Brownface vs Blackface Bassmans?

    Hmmm funny I always called what everyone is calling here “brown” a “blonde”. I’ve owned 3 versions of the mid 60s blackface heads and I remember liking the most common (I think it’s the AB165 if I remember) the most. It just sounded more in your face than the others.
  8. fishlog

    Interested in Deluxe Reverb tone, but want it to be better than what Fender offer

    Oh yeah it’s expensive! I guess I was trying to be sarcastic in the top half of my post. All that boutique stuff is 3x the price I spent on my used 68 Deluxe Reverb. At least 3x. So I’d always get a laugh when someone would mention a maker and say how reasonable their prices were. That...
  9. fishlog

    Interested in Deluxe Reverb tone, but want it to be better than what Fender offer

    When I was looking for a good Princeton a few months back I kept on reading "Save yourself some money and buy *insert boutique maker name*" Wow that boutique stuff is expensive! Anyway did anyone mention the Milk Man offerings? My friend uses one and its fantastic.
  10. fishlog

    Princeton Reverb '65 Reissue thoughts

    Good thread to revive... I like 65' Princeton's too but generally go for the FSR ones. Love the different color schemes and most importantly different speaker. My current one is sort of tribute to the Blonde era in color scheme and had a Celestion Gold in it. At first I Found the speaker to...
  11. fishlog

    Greenback G10 vs Creamback G10 ??

    This is one of the better recent threads out there about 10" Celestions out there now so I am going to revive it! I have a 65 Princeton RI and it has a 10" Gold in it and when I play clean it sounds perfect when I kick in some drive from pedals things get a little buzzy. I'm playing the same...
  12. fishlog

    A question for all you tweed bassman and/or Deluxe Reverb players

    Bassman is loud and heavy but great platform for just about everything. You might miss not having reverb and it’s a very dry sound. I loved the few I have owned but got sick of how big and heavy it was.
  13. fishlog

    Time for a second amp -- Princeton? Something else?

    I just went through the Fender Princeton line up and ended up with one of the 65' FSR with the 12" Speaker. Bought the 68 Custom Princeton too. Been going back and forth all week with them because I can't keep both. I also had the Stapleton Princeton which was my least favorite. 68' and 65'...
  14. fishlog

    Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb quality issues?

    I just got one about 2 weeks and I can't believe how quiet it is running idle. So far so good!
  15. fishlog

    NAD: Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR 12" Celestion Blue Alnico (Chilewich Denim)

    Green back was exactly what I was looking for. There’s a rubbery, squishy sweetness to it I just can’t explain.
  16. fishlog

    NAD: Fender '65 Princeton Reverb Reissue FSR 12" Celestion Blue Alnico (Chilewich Denim)

    I really like these FSR Princetons. Total money grab but I'm a sucker! Here is mine British Sable: How you like that Green back in there? I just bought one for my Princeton which came with a G12-65 I think??? See what I like better.
  17. fishlog

    What's so special about the Chris Stapleton Princeton Amp?

    Had to buy one to try one...Wanted to love it but was disappointed. Much prefer my 65 with 12 Celestion. That being said the trem is the real deal... if I could just put that in my 65 I'd be al set.
  18. fishlog

    Just Bought a Level 3 Scratch and dent Amp from Musicians Friend

    This is exactly what I am hoping for!
  19. fishlog

    Just Bought a Level 3 Scratch and dent Amp from Musicians Friend

    I ran across a deal that to me was to good to not at least see if I could get along with it. $700+ off a Chris Stapleton Princeton. Until I see for myself I was curious what everyone's experience was with Scratch and Dent amps? I see a lot about Scratch and Dent guitars but not so much amps...
  20. fishlog

    Princeton FSR British Sable

    How long did that speaker take to break in?
  21. fishlog

    Princeton FSR British Sable

    Any further updates? This one checks a lot of boxes for and just looks killer.
  22. fishlog

    Why are there so few 2x10 amplifier combo options

    I've used 10" speakers for over a decade now exclusively. A vibroverb 63 reissue, a couple of different 2x10 and 4x10 cabs with older Fender heads (Bandmaster and Baseman) and a couple of tweed Baseman 4x10 reissues. I've loved all of them specially the Vibroverb. I currently use a Vibrolux...
  23. fishlog

    The BEST sounding Fender amp?

    Good poll... So torn. Love the black face baseman heads. Love the Vibrolux amps and even the custom which is what I currently use. Nothing like a the vintage Vibrolux amps but still a great amp. But if I had to pick a favorite would probably be the 63' vibrover RI they made back from 1999 to...
  24. fishlog

    65 SRRI vs PRRI General Opinions

    Still like the vibrolux options. I was a 59' bassman guy for the longest time and I learned one of the thing I really liked about that amp was the 10" speaker. There's a focused quality to it I just can't do with out. So the vibrolux gets you 2x10" and although it's not moving as much air...
  25. fishlog

    Considering a drastic change to my rig.

    Clarity! Great album! Have you ever googled or researched Jim Adkins custom telecaster? I'm sure it's probably in tune with the ladder JEW albums but it looks pretty neat.
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