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  1. memberzonly

    Spinal Tap 2

    Anything Christopher Guest has a hand in is pure gold. Don the wigs for one last ride, lads.
  2. memberzonly

    Best vocal performance on a rock record goes to.....

    My favorite female vocal performance in a rock context by a mile. Well played!
  3. memberzonly

    Let's talk Neal Schon

    They are either recorded by him - he plays keys or he gets song ideas from Cain.
  4. memberzonly

    Neal Schon performs National Anthem before NBA finals game 1

    Ihush Guitars. Luthier in Japan.
  5. memberzonly

    How Kenny Loggins Became The King of '80s Movie Soundtracks

    Conviction of the Heart is one of the best albums of the 90’s. Fight me.
  6. memberzonly

    Neil Diamond isn't terrible..

    Erase Sweet Caroline from existence and I am 10000% on board. Guy’s a legend.
  7. memberzonly

    Getting a convincing 50s sound

    Tele ( or hollowbody middle pup ) Fender combo - 6v6 Keeley Memphis Sun
  8. memberzonly

    Tears For Fears live on Sirius XM from this week

    He did play one of them on the original track along with the awesome Neil Taylor.
  9. memberzonly

    Bill Ward > John Bonham

    FWIW, if I listen to a Zep song, I listen to the mix. When I listen to a Sab song, I listen to Bill. No, I’m not a drummer. But my preference is the swing.
  10. memberzonly

    What is the first solo that you have learnt?

    Hello - Louie Shelton.
  11. memberzonly

    DLR cancels Vegas residency

    Sadly, many of those tickets sold at ridiculously inflated prices in the secondary market. Hope those folks have some recourse.
  12. memberzonly

    Vinyl records’ revival threatens environment and health

    Quick! Join the Death Cult before you miss out!!!
  13. memberzonly


    I’d rather see them do a 1 hr set at Wembley. Bill could get in good enough shape for that. And he’d make more than he would from an album.
  14. memberzonly

    New Guns N' Roses - Hard Skool

    This and Adler's swing. Cannot be overstated.
  15. memberzonly

    New Guns N' Roses single "Absurd"

    Axl channeling John Lydon - lol
  16. memberzonly

    Journey....Two Drummers......why?

    This is incorrect.
  17. memberzonly

    Diver Down is a pretty good album.

    My favorite VH album in playing and tone. I thought it was the truest his plexi sounded on record. It is what it is.
  18. memberzonly

    Neal Schon must have over 1000 guitars!

    He spent ~7MM on ~350 guitars in 2020. I believe his last total count was 680 guitars.
  19. memberzonly

    Your top 3 songs by Blondie?

    1) Dreaming 2) Hanging on the Telephone 3) Long Time
  20. memberzonly

    David Lee Roth vs. Steven Tyler?

    Of the two, I would have to pick Tyler, even though I love Dave. Dave was there to entertain, not connect with the audience. I don't think Dave CAN connect with an audience. Tyler is like Mercury. He entertains AND connects.
  21. memberzonly

    GC EVH mural in Hollywood

    Love. Wish it were there years ago.
  22. memberzonly

    Say the devil offers you a deal...

    It was painless. It was worth it.
  23. memberzonly

    Toxic Forever Chemicals in Guitar Strings

    Maybe if the strings were coated in ricin... Nothing to see here.
  24. memberzonly

    AC DC new single Realize

    It's refreshing to hear so little gain.
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