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  1. Joe Robinson

    Does a Bigsby Sacrifice Tone?

    Interesting question. I have three guitars with Bigsbys. But they always had a Bigsby. They all sound very good. But they are Gretsch guitars, so pretty bright to my ears.
  2. Joe Robinson

    335, The One Guitar Most Guitarists Have Only ONE Of

    I have two 335s. I bought one and it really knocked my socks off. I was playing in a band at the time, and so I bought another one to have a back up. I guess I was feeling pretty flush at the time. Anyway, I love them both. The band fell apart but the 335s stayed. I keep them separate, generally...
  3. Joe Robinson

    Fender American and Gibson USA: how many of you have BOTH?

    I played one particular Strat for close to 20 years, then bought another Strat. They are home base for sure. These days, I tend to favor Gretsch or a 335. The Gretsch guitars were the gateway drug to getting comfortable on 24 3/4 scale guitars and control knob locations and what have you.
  4. Joe Robinson

    ES-335 Played them, never bought one, LOVE them, question

    I have a 2010 Fat Neck made in Memphis and a 2012 59 Reissue made in Nashville. Both are great. They sound very very similar. Both guitars are custom shop, so maybe that's the way to go. Spendy for sure, but those guitars are really something.
  5. Joe Robinson

    Mike Campbell has some serious hang ups

    "Had one before, but Tom sat on it" By TGP rules, breaking a headstock off of a guitar is a capital crime, but I guess Mike got over it. Or maybe he didn't?
  6. Joe Robinson

    Mike Campbell has some serious hang ups

    I enjoyed the interview. Gotta say, Mike's a legit breadwinner via his guitar playing, so more power to him. Lotsa cool wear and tear on those guitars, especially that 54 Strat that Tom played a lot. Can't say I would dig the fretboard fungus.
  7. Joe Robinson

    Sherwood Green Metallic

    Sherwood Green with a Rosewood fingerboard. That is a fine looking guitar.
  8. Joe Robinson

    Jazzmasters are really getting popular again...

    I'm sure it's a valid design. I spent many a night down at Toe's Tavern in Redondo Beach listening to a surf band called the Halibuts. They played great surf music through a Jazzmaster and a Jaguar. The only cheap Jazzmaster I ever saw was the one that my brother and I bought in 1975 for $70...
  9. Joe Robinson

    Jazzmasters are really getting popular again...

    All this talk of the Jazzmaster having some kind of credibility with Indie bands makes me want to buy one and make the crassest hair metal with it. Granted Crass Hair Metal takes pretty decent chops and I don't have those.
  10. Joe Robinson

    ORANGE guitars... yes or no?

    Gretsch: The Orange Standard. Telecaster: Looks great in Orange. Lastly I saw an ES 335 in a beautiful Hot Wheel Orange color and it really took my breath away. I mean, I have a Pelham Blue 335 that is dead sexy and the Orange one took my breath away. Found it. It also has the benefit of being...
  11. Joe Robinson

    Gibson 335 vs. Gretsch Country gentleman

    I'm sorry to do this, because there was a lot of specificity in your question, but I have a 335 and a 6120. I say both. When you want that beautiful Gretsch Filtertron top end a 335 will be wanting. But...the 335 is awesome in it's own right. The 335 will cover more ground and IMO, sound better...
  12. Joe Robinson

    At what point is a tele no longer a tele?

    ...that picture reminds me of Tolkien. "But the Dwarves were greedy, digging too deep in search of Telecaster and uwhittingly unleashed the Corvus."
  13. Joe Robinson

    Am I the only one never to own a Telecaster?

    I'm on the old side (late 50's) and have a guitar collection in double digits. Started on a Strat, stayed there. These days, I'm more about 335s and Gretsch electrics and acoustics. Every time I pick up a tele, I kind of like them, but kind of don't care. I have too many guitars as it is, but I...
  14. Joe Robinson

    I dont like Gretsch guitars, but I do like the sound, what are my options?

    Plenty of higher end Gretsch guitars have nitro finishes. Can't do anything about the satin, and I recommend making your peace with the Gretsch neck. I play several guitars with quite thick necks, an early 90's Jeff Beck Strat for context. A fat neck 335. But I own 3 Gretsch guitars and the...
  15. Joe Robinson

    Securing a Gibson against an adventurous toddler

    Supervision. Cases. We had a pack n play gifted to us that the kid hated, I repurposed it as my guitar repository (in the cases) worked well. To the kids credit, if you show them love, and play songs for them, they get a good idea that Dad's or Mom's guitar is a special thing.
  16. Joe Robinson

    I'm going to do my first restring on my Gretsch Bigsby

    Invest in locking tuners. But in the mean time, I use a number 2 pencil to put the pre bend into the ball end of the the string. This helps it stick on to the Bigsby peg well. Some kind of wedge to keep the ball from popping of is good. I use a pink eraser for this. Never had it interact with...
  17. Joe Robinson

    Gretsch daydreaming

    I have a 2 6120s at the moment and a 6128EE Duojet. That Duojet you posted on wildwood will be a great guitar. Easy stringing? Get locking tuners. I am interested in what kind of amp you are running, because it will make a difference. Not every amp/Gretsch combination brings great tone. The...
  18. Joe Robinson

    Gretsch 6120, Which one? Would love any advice

    There are 6120s with zero frets. If you do or do not want that in your guitar check the specs. The Setzer Sigs do not have zero frets. I have a 92 Terada factory 6120 with what is known as the "Baldwin" body shape. Good guitar. I just picked up a Setzer Sig 6120 SSLVO (Setzer Sig Lacquer vintage...
  19. Joe Robinson

    Are Gibson Les Pauls and Gretsch Jets (Eletromatic or Pro Line) different enough?

    Have both, very different. Listen to Angus, listen to Malcolm. (I know Angus uses and SG, but you get it) The Gretsch will be lower output, but brighter, IMO. Gretsch Jets are semi hollow generally. There is an upper mid-range to top end thing going on with Filtertrons that defines the Gretsch...
  20. Joe Robinson

    Is there a something on a guitar that automatically turns you off from even considering it’s purchase?

    TL;DR. I don't care for relic-ing, but what I really do not care for are guitars with the finish on the necks sanded off. It's often replaced with all manner of yucky hand sweat. I just say, "too bad, that was a nice guitar until I saw that"
  21. Joe Robinson

    Chrissie Hynde Telecaster

    Should have gone with the mirror finish stainless steel pick guard that she had on that guitar around Learning to Crawl.
  22. Joe Robinson

    Better guitar for country rock....LP or 335?

    Both are quite good. Johnny Hickman of Cracker advocates picking right at the bridge to get twang out of a Les Paul.
  23. Joe Robinson

    Lets settle this nonsense once and for all

    Can I just say how lucky I feel about being here for this thread and Hawk? Great moments in TGP WTF?
  24. Joe Robinson

    I Lightened My Les Paul by TWO POUNDS!!

    I have to admit, I clicked on the thread anticipating carnage, such as a similar guitar that had been weight relieved via successive 1 inch wood bit holes (We've seen that before). But I think this project took the perfect guitar and made it rather special. Very cool. Now, just to be clear...
  25. Joe Robinson

    Say you have 5K to spend on a killer 335 , what do you buy?

    A Gibson '59 335 can be had for a good bit below $5K. I have two. Paid 2.5K for Memphis Fat Neck and 3 and change for a Nashville '59. Both guitars are quite nice. I'm acquainted with an actual '59 ES 335 and mine are in the ball park. That said, I'm not an overly picky guitar player. But my...
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