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  1. aeiou (why?)

    Is this Brazilian rosewood?

  2. aeiou (why?)

    Collings 470 Julian Lage Signature

    make it in Cadillac Green and I'll buy one
  3. aeiou (why?)

    PRS Modern Eagles

    I've had 2 MEI, a MEII and quatro. All stop tail, all awesome. MEIs were cool for collectibility, MEII have the best top, but Quatro was the best player and arguably best pickups
  4. aeiou (why?)

    “Factory sealed and we won’t open it”

    This was concern of mine when I ordered a Murphy Lab aged '57 Goldtop sight unseen from LMcQ. Big Money for me. I said I might reject it if it was too heavy or if the fretboard looked anemic> I wanted 8.5lbs and a uniformly dark fretboard. The sales guy said he couldn't promise anything, but...
  5. aeiou (why?)

    Kirk Hammett officially jumps to Gibson

    I stopped counting how many 'Greeny" references in the video, but good for him. Play those guitars KH
  6. aeiou (why?)

    George Lynch More Proof a Black LP Custom is Thee Coolest Guitar EVER

    \any LPC I ever played was smooth as butter. Heavy butter, but good butter
  7. aeiou (why?)

    Gibson Korina Limited 1 of 81 1958 came and it is darn good

    I had the chance to jump on one but got cold feet. Regretting it now of course. Looks great. Enjoy!!
  8. aeiou (why?)

    Korina returns to Gibson

    I'd love to own a korina Gibson V, but can't justify it the cost. Should have bought the 50th anni when I had the chance.
  9. aeiou (why?)

    Gibson Murphy Lab Owners Thread

    I picked up a '57 Goldtop ML and have been very impressed. Dark board, nice checking, 8.5 lbs, neck slightly thicker than the '59 I had. Already thinking about picking up a '54 heavy aged so the '57 doesn't get lonely.
  10. aeiou (why?)

    Murphy Lab in the house!

    Nice looking top! I picked up a '57 light aged goldtop, and have been very impressed with these murphy labs.
  11. aeiou (why?)

    Sold Glaswerks Zingaro 50W 1X12 Combo

    Damn, literally 45 mins away, but I can't cross the border. Thanks again Covid...
  12. aeiou (why?)

    The official Two-Rock thread! Post your amps, favorites, opinions, pics and tips here

    Well, I'm joining the club. 100W CRS ordered. Heck yeah suede, it's gotta look good in the master bedroom.
  13. aeiou (why?)

    Dr. Z Amps overhyped?

    I had (and still miss) the Maz 18 Jr. that I sold to fund a Z Wreck. Again, another great amp.
  14. aeiou (why?)

    Kiesel Guitars = horrible customer relations !

    It's too bad, I was looking forward to the post where 'the whole world sucks' because your new raw/hand rubbed finished Kiesel guitar got a scratch.
  15. aeiou (why?)

    Sometimes the guitar community really pisses me off.

    I've stumble onto Johan Segeborn's Youtube channel, and he is a legend and a beast. Full stacks
  16. aeiou (why?)

    Sold Gustavsson Bluesmaster S

    fudge. that was quick
  17. aeiou (why?)

    Roger Waters - Us + Them

    I saw this in Detroit. Great show, but definitely needed deeper pockets to enjoy the anti-greed, anti-corporate lyrics. A fine juxtaposition.
  18. aeiou (why?)

    Thoughts on financing guitars?

    I try to not finance too much Mortgage and car are a given. Lots of good advice here. 0% just means interest is already baked-in. Cash or no finance deal might yield a discount.
  19. aeiou (why?)

    Heather Mist - yay or nay?

    Always wanted a '57 LP with a Heather Poly top, dark back. Maybe M2M one day...
  20. aeiou (why?)

    Stones are better than the Beatles because...

    Beatles broke up to be happy. Stones stayed together for the kids (er, money..) I think if both bands broke up at the same time, say 1970, only a fraction of the world would remember the Stones.
  21. aeiou (why?)

    What master builder to go with?

    OP, I've often wondered myself, and wish I could tell you. I've never played a MB A lot of Dale Wilson and Yuriy's stuff seems to catch my eye. Todd Krause has a strong Clapton connection. John Cruz tend to pop up a lot, but also sell real quick. Best of luck!
  22. aeiou (why?)

    New Way Huge Teaser

    New face for the saffron squeeze?
  23. aeiou (why?)

    Favorite pickup for clean tone

    low wind humbucker with guitar vol turned down a few notches sounds great to me
  24. aeiou (why?)

    Well. The not-so-panic selling has begun.

    I thought we'd be seeing a bigger price drop, especially on the vintage gear, but it hasn't happened yet. I'd like a real '60s jazzmaster, but there is a lot of other things I'd like more at their current prices. I'll probably move onto something else once they hit what I consider a fair price...
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