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    Suhr Modern - Gotoh Floyd Rose range

    I'd imagine you must have more pull up range with a Floyd compared to a 510 bridge, given the bridge design. But perhaps someone with firsthand experience could weigh in.
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    Suhr Modern - Gotoh Floyd Rose range

    Got it, thanks again!
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    Suhr Modern - Gotoh Floyd Rose range

    Thanks for the responses! It's been years since I've had a guitar with a Floyd Rose bridge so I can't quite recall how much range it affords. That's very helpful. Awesome to get an answer from John Suhr himself! Sounds like it can go as far as possible if I understand correctly. Once the...
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    Suhr Modern - Gotoh Floyd Rose range

    I'm wondering how much range the Gotoh Floyd Rose on a Suhr Modern would have, with the recessed bridge option. Anyone with such a guitar or firsthand experience able to share their thoughts? I'm specifically asking how much you can pull up on the trem (e.g. a major 3rd on the open G string)...
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    What's your favourite Suhr Modern wood combination?

    Bump. Interested in this as well. My concerns around more practical rather than about tone. I know basswood/maple and mahogany/maple bodies will sound great. But in terms of weight how big is the difference? Also basswood seems softer and dings easily.
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    Suhr Pete Thorn Signature - Need Color Advice

    I say go for the goldtop. Turquoise is cool, but unless green is your favorite color you may tire of it soon. Gold is classic. I personally would get the black as I’m a fan of darker finishes.
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    I took 3M scotch brite pads to the back of my AVRI52 neck

    Sorry, not the finish. What did you use to sand the neck? You just took a little off the clear coat?
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    I took 3M scotch brite pads to the back of my AVRI52 neck

    what did you use to remove the finish? Thinking about doing this on a guitar with a painted neck.
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    GC used. Can the pictures on the site be any worse?

    Similar experience here. Called to ask for more photos since the one pathetic one online did not offer enough detail. I thought the salesperson would be glad to have an interested customer reach out, but I never got the pics. After a few tries, I simply gave up.
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    MusicMan JP 6 pickups disappointing

    Swapped out for dimarzio air norton and tone zone pickups. Like it better as they have a more classic sound but with a modern edge and definitely enough output. I personally found the stock LF/CL combination a little flat, but I suspect this is because they are voiced for Mesa Boogie amps which...
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    Which custom 24?

    My vote goes to the first one too. Assume both feel/sound similar. Been looking at custom 24 models lately. #1 looks like a winner, #2 looks odd and it might be unique but the the risk is that the novelty may wear off.
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    Ibanez Gilbert sig.

    Looks amazing! Congrats!
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    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    Slim necks ftw! :) Excited to see this.. can't wait!
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    Ibanez AZ - First Glimpse

    Very glad to see these guitars being produced. I'm an Ibanez fan and hope they sound and play as well as they look! Always felt there was a bit of a gap in the offerings for super strats with more vintage-oriented appointments e.g. no locking trems. I've not had good experiences with the...
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    DiMarzio humbuckers

    DiMarzio pickups are great. I have had a pair of 36th PAFs in my LP for a few years now. Lots of clarity. They are bright enough and provide a bit of that snap you don't always get with LP style guitars. I've been intrigued by the PAF Master and 59 models but haven't gotten round to trying...
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    Dimarzio or Bare Knuckle pickup suggestion

    I love Dimarzios. Admittedly, I've never tried BKP pickups but I've never had reason to. Conpletely satisfied with Dimarzios. For the neck, the Area pickups have always sounded good to me. Quiet and clean with the right amount of sting. But I'm more of a humbucker guy and have more experience...
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    NGD: Suhr Guthrie Govan

    Absolutely gorgeous! I had one but had to let it go. The neck shape wasn't quite my thing after all. Kind of miss it at times.
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    Guitar tech in SF Bay Area?

    SF is a bit of a trek but I'll keep Gary Brawer in mind. I'll try CB Perkins too.
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    Guitar tech in SF Bay Area?

    Looking for a good guitar tech in the SF Bay Area. Specifically in south bay near San Jose. Need to swap pickups in my guitar and want to find someone who knows how to take care of my instrument. Don't mean to be nitpicky but I've seen more than one tech handle my guitars in a cavalier fashion...
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    Need humbucker recommendation for my Les Paul

    Hey man, it's all down to taste. I put Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs in my LP Std. No complaints. Just enough output and punchiness. A lot of clarity as well.
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    my first Les Paul! LP Faded...

    Crazy thread revival... but I thought I would post a pic after installing Dimarzio 36th Anniversary PAFs in my Les Paul...
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    LP Standard Faded... Upgrades.

    I have a '05 LP Faded that I love. I put a Bobby Lee screwless pickguard on it I put in a Tonepros bridge and swapped out my pickups too for nickel-covered ones; also dropped in some upgraded caps and pots.
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    PRS Torero - anyone tried one?

    As the title says... wondering if anyone has played a PRS SE Torero? "The SE Torero Electric Guitar from Paul Reed Smith features a double-cutaway solid mahogany body and a maple top faced with a beautiful flame maple veneer. The 3-piece maple neck has a 24-fret ebony fingerboard and a...
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    Tell me about the Ernie Ball MM Luke guitar.

    Wonder if the OP got one....?
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    In defense of Dimarzio

    I've used them a lot and never had any complaints: PAF Pro PAF Joe Mo' Joe FRED Air Zone Air Norton Tone Zone AT-1 Area 61 Virtual PAF Underrated ones: The PAF Joe gets a really nice neck humbucker sound. Clear and warm. Air Zone in the bridge gives a fat nice rock sound...
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