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  1. gearo999

    Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue Bass Eq Control Pot

    Bump. Used to be a bunch of amp gurus on here. I guess everyone is using modelers...
  2. gearo999

    Marshall Silver Jubilee Reissue Bass Eq Control Pot

    Hey everyone, I was playing my JCM 2555 and the bass knob would barely turn, and then broke off. Anyone know what potentiometer is the correct replacement part? I think it is a 1M pot from the schematic but I can find the replacement part. Help, please.
  3. gearo999

    Need 2x12 cab recommendations

    As much as I love gigging with a 4x12, it tends to be to big and cumbersome on stage. What is a decent 2x12 for gigging? Will be used with a Marshall head and a few pedals.
  4. gearo999

    What 2x12 are you gigging with?

    A lot of times the 4x12 is just too much. Looking for something smaller for a cover band. Marshall heads and just a few pedals. Go.
  5. gearo999

    Guitar Amp Builders

    I have seen a bunch of threads, and I'm just as guilty, of giving negative feedback on a particular amp or guitar. I think guitar and amp builders should be able to give feedback on the skill set of the people giving their opinions. And we can use skilled people such as Peter Thorn (sorry to...
  6. gearo999

    Peavey JSX - C35 mod to fix the cocked wah on the gain channels...How to do it?

    Been jamming on this for a bit. I'm looking to fix the cocked wah sound. I think it is the C35 mod but I find any details on it. Help!!!
  7. gearo999

    EVH 5150 III 100 Watt Head - Channel 3 Volume Loss

    Life is good except for channel 3 LOL. Channels 1 and 2 work great. Plugged into the efx return and everything works. Only channel 3 has the problem. Any other ideas?
  8. gearo999

    EVH 5150 III 100 Watt Head - Channel 3 Volume Loss

    Hello Everyone, I have an EVH 5150 III 100 Watt Head and channel 3 has lost most of its volume. Channel's 1 & 2 work fine. I have swapped V4, V5 & V6 pre-amp tubes but the problem still occurs. The volume did come back for about 10 minutes but no where close to channel's 1 & 2 and dropped back...
  9. gearo999

    Tone Quest has been over for Years

    I started gigging with a JVM410H in 2007. I didn't know it then but my tone quest was over. Along with the Marshall I have a 5150III head, Bogner Ecstasy 101B, Engl Blackmore, Surh PT-100 and Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee. They all sound different and all sound awesome. It doesn't matter which...
  10. gearo999

    Marshall Silver Jubilee rhythm clip feature....but in a pedal?

    Just try a few pedals. I bet you can get the exact same sound without modding the amp. Using an OCD in the clip below.
  11. gearo999

    Bogner 101B - Still sweet as ever

    I got a great deal on Ebay back in 2002. This amp is killer. I have an old TSR-24 rack efx with delay in the loop.
  12. gearo999

    Marshall 2555x Reissue

    I went to Guitar Center to check out the Friedman stuff they had. Very cool stuff. Then I see one of these in the corner. It just has that Marshall sound. I have an OCD in the front with the volume at noon and drive at 9 O'clock. Just a big thick sweet sound.
  13. gearo999

    Friedman JJ-100 Head

    Finally tried a Friedman. The gain channel was pretty awesome. Close to the gain of a 5150 without the noise. Very articulate and it has a very modern Marshall sound with the mids is the right range. The clean channel was just ok. I have the Mark 5:25 and its clean channel is far superior across...
  14. gearo999

    NAD - Mesa Mark 5 25

    This head is very cool. This is the first Mesa I owned since 2003 (Triple Rec). It took about 15 min to dial in the six different modes and settling on two. My ears are tuned to Marshall mids so I had to keep in mind that I can't get that sound and enjoy those low mids. The same with the cleans...
  15. gearo999

    Searching for an all around combo

    I found some videos of the Rectoverb 25 and Mark 5 : 25. I'm leaning towards the Mark. Would the Mark V (90 watt)combo be a much better choice?
  16. gearo999

    Searching for an all around combo

    Started for looking for a combo for gigging with my band in small venues where my halfstack just won't fit. The first was Blackstar HT 40. Great clean but crunch channel voice seemed lacking in mids. Tons of gain and would make good practice amp at home. Next was a newer 6505 combo. High gain...
  17. gearo999

    what cab for a 100w marshall

    A Marshall with a good mix of speakers.
  18. gearo999

    Pedals in front of amp killing dynamics and tone

    Check your cables first. They are a major source of suck...
  19. gearo999

    Amps with GREAT effects loops

    Boogie loops are garbage.
  20. gearo999

    JSX not cutting it: Fryette Sig X the answer?

    Have you looked at the Marshall JVM series? You may find something there you like...
  21. gearo999

    List your FX loop issues and experiences

    Mesa and Soldano...not so good. Marshall, Peavey, VHT, Engl all have good loops.
  22. gearo999

    Marshall JVM 410h vs JCM 800 vs JCM 800 Reissue

    I have been gigging with a stock JVM for 5 years. Gmajor in the loop, ISP decimator up front. No problem with feedback. I use all the channels in my coverband, no boost pedals for lead work, awesome volume control, great tone, can cover any style of music...I do use an overdrive pedal on the...
  23. gearo999

    Engl Powerball, which one is best?

    I have the Blackmore and Screamer. I had the Powerball 1 and Steve Morse. I think the Blackmore covers the most ground for 70's and 80's rock and metal. The Powerball was a bit thin. Engl does have it own sound and leans more toward modern than vintage. Not boogie, not marshall...kinda in...
  24. gearo999

    what's your favorite amp?

    JVM410 is the best amp I have ever owned...out of about 25 high end heads.
  25. gearo999

    Marshall 1987x plus pedals vs JVM410H

    JVM all the way. Great tone and good control of volume.
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