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  1. Reyybarra

    You only get two amps

    Already have em both.. TR type 3 and Fulton Webb custom 31
  2. Reyybarra

    What is the biggest amp rig you've ever played through?

    I loved this rig… still have all but 4x12
  3. Reyybarra

    What amp has "cured" you G.A.S.?

    I don’t really look at amps seriously after my Two-rock. My Fulton-Webb is almost interchangeable, but since I got them 10 years ago… don’t really have a need or want for anything else.
  4. Reyybarra

    Did I screw the pooch??

    Something I’m not noticing… I mean it’s a pretty major amp, I don’t want to keep playing if it’s a good idea to send in for a checkup.
  5. Reyybarra

    Did I screw the pooch??

    Accidentally plugged in a pedal into the fx loop on my two rock type 3 without putting on standby. It made a weird woooop! And then just worked as usual. Seems to be fine, but wondering what y’all think? Did I screw up majorly? TIA!
  6. Reyybarra

    Amps you regret buying

    Only 1… three monkeys orangutan. I’m sure it was fine but ridiculous loud to get the sound I bought it for
  7. Reyybarra

    Lame tube amps…

    I have to step in and say that everyone i know making a living as a guitarist in nasville hates kemper but doesn't have a choice because of production. All are on a controlled stage, and none are the actual front talent, but never the less, none of them "swear it sounds the same"
  8. Reyybarra

    Best "Clean" amp ever?

    Anything resembling a steel string singer. Two-rock, bludo, amplified nation even. Nothing like something in this vein.
  9. Reyybarra

    Contemplating a Solid State amp to save on tube life. Anyone else ?

    I went to a 72’ vibro champ. Easy on tubes, or a katana that sounds good too.
  10. Reyybarra

    Lame tube amps…

    I recently saw a video of a guy shaming tube amp guys for shaming solid state kids. It made me think about a few things, and after some consideration, I think I realized a few things, that this generation maybe missing. 1. Going to a show and seeing something cool like a matchless, vintage...
  11. Reyybarra

    TAD 6L6WGC-STR Blackplate Alternatives?

    I haven't but i should be able to soon.
  12. Reyybarra

    Small grab and go voxy chimey

    Really want somethign el34 to add to the stable, i don't have anything voxy or el34 is, but i've been kinda on a small amp roll lately, cranked vibro champ has been my jam lately. anyway, any recommendations for a 1X8 or 1x10 medium gain voxy amp? thanks guys!
  13. Reyybarra

    ID this tone…

    I was really thinking matchless and LP, but this guys known for playing tele's... it really think the riff in the left is a tele. but the middle in the verse is really what i'm after. or the left on the verse, it sounds thicker and there's just a timbre that 1:41 has that really just sounds like...
  14. Reyybarra

    ID this tone…

    I know this tone, in fact im pretty sure I’ve used this tone… what’s it sound like to you? The reason I’m askin, is because I think it’s a sound that’s no longer in my stable, I have a 6L6 two rock, El84 Fulton Webb and Mesa maverick, 6v6 vibro champ, and a 65’ Allen modded bassman, something...
  15. Reyybarra

    Calling all Mesa Experts... what have i found?

    They are saying it's Pre mark series, but want to speak to the experts before i bite the bullet.
  16. Reyybarra

    Best 6L6 or 6V6 amps

    This is very interesting to see everyone’s opinion. To me two-rock is making the best 6l6 amps imo.
  17. Reyybarra

    New Two-Rocks shipping with Tung-sol/Ruby tubes vs TAD

    Just look around, i retubed my type3 with tad's this week and was able to find everything i needed.
  18. Reyybarra

    What tubes are everyone using in their two-rock's?

    I was using Tad's but seems like that's not going to be an option for a while...
  19. Reyybarra

    TAD 6L6WGC-STR Blackplate Alternatives?

    I feel your pain, i really like the short red base, but was able to find some before the crap hit the fan... subb'ed this thread for the sake of my two-rock
  20. Reyybarra

    Tube amp future.

    I'll give y'all a little insight from my small corner of the world... i live in a town of 300K. Every high school has a dedicated guitar program (i am one of the directors and have been here 17 years) Each program is around a 100 students. That's 500 a year. 500 guitarist a year. I'm not even...
  21. Reyybarra

    A fender dilemma….

    long post, but hopefully it’ll make sense… I have a 72’ vibro champ I had refurbished, it had a Weber 8” that works great and lately I’ve been just LOVING the tone. Been using it on all my demo’s, and honestly I’ve just been shocked at how much I love it. I have a two-rock type3, a Fulton-Webb...
  22. Reyybarra

    Where'd all the matchless go??

    Isn’t there a celebrity owned one in the forum right now?
  23. Reyybarra

    Where'd all the matchless go??

    well since i have y'all here.... what IS the clubman sound cause now i'm kinda confused. every video on youtube is TERRIBLE, like just ungodly terrible. I don't have an AC type in my collection, but i have a few old matchless cabs and figured now it's time to actually own a head.
  24. Reyybarra

    Where'd all the matchless go??

    Been eyeing a 90's clubman for a while and now that I'm actually serious they've all disappeared what gives guys???! I know duster still has Ian's old clubman i passed on when i was a broke ass college student, but someone sell me a non reverb clubman in teal :)
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