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  1. stratamania

    Warmoth has ruined me for production guitars

    Thanks for clarifying your meaning. Indeed if you put something together from previously assembled parts or new parts you still have assembled a parts guitar. If you disassemble a guitar to sell the parts that is what is known normally as parting out a guitar.
  2. stratamania

    Warmoth has ruined me for production guitars

    I wonder if you could clarify when you are saying parts-out guitars it seems from the rest of your post that you have made three guitars from parts? I ask because the term part-out a guitar usually refers to disassembling an already constructed guitar and selling off the individual parts.
  3. stratamania

    Guitar build using neck from Strat owned by Rory Gallagher

    I am sorry to read about this. Condolences to Patrick's friends and family...
  4. stratamania

    Help with EMG 89 SA SA Pickup Set Install

    It might be that this sub forum is as good as any.
  5. stratamania

    Wiring question. SSS strat, bridge/middle series by default

    If it is a standard 5 way switch it would not be possible.
  6. stratamania

    Help with EMG 89 SA SA Pickup Set Install

    You really need to provide more information, photographic evidence. But perhaps make sure you go through your connections for the 89 and make sure that the connections are not the reverse of what they should be. It might be better to move the thread to a more relevant sub forum...
  7. stratamania

    warmoth neck?

    Select the Schaller tuner hole option. Note: Also Warmoth does not drill for tuners screws or the locating pins found on Fender tuners but the Schaller bore will work for you.
  8. stratamania

    warmoth neck?

    My preference for Warmoth necks is with 6100 SS. But any work on them I do myself. Nuts from Warmoth are fine I would personally recommend TUSQ XL. The slots could be dialled in to suit a particular set up but they are playable out of the box.
  9. stratamania

    Tru Oil and Carnuba wax

    If you are using Tru-Oil why not just use the gun stock wax made by the same company.
  10. stratamania

    Coil Split or Parallel wiring?

    @rauchman give it a try and then decide what you prefer.
  11. stratamania

    building 3 teles for fun... finished "the les flaus"

    Well done you must be pleased as it is a lot of work to get to this point.
  12. stratamania

    What is the purpose of active pickups?

    You may know this but technically speaking they do not coil split. They have three coils, two side by side, and a third stacked under one of the previous two which is used when selecting the "single coil" mode.
  13. stratamania

    PSA: Buying some European gear from Thomann and shipping to the US

    Not exactly. 20% is the VAT rate that gets added. So if the VAT on consumer products which is listed as included is then deducted it works out as about 16.67 % less.
  14. stratamania

    Jimmy page wiring?

    The first diagram is using the term tapped and showing Seymour Duncan pickups. In reality they would be split and the term tap is being used loosely rather then technically correctly.
  15. stratamania

    Post your purple guitars

    Here is my Warmoth purple burst. Complete_2 by stratamania, on Flickr There are more photos and specs at the link below. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/my-new-quilted-purple-strat.1371285/
  16. stratamania

    Roon seems cool

    @CheckSix and @iowa many thanks for your feedback. It sounds like Qobuz is probably going to be closer to my wheelhouse and compatibility and so forth is something I have been delving into.
  17. stratamania

    Roon seems cool

    I am planning an upgrade/replacement for my old reliable system and have been investigating Roon and Roon ready devices, various HiFi, home cinema possibilities. Its probably going to be next year till I have it done overall. But Roon looks very good. I am currently going through the CDs and...
  18. stratamania

    Replacement Tuners

    Schaller F tuners. probably these https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/236/original-f-series-70-s?number=10580220.15.60&c=53
  19. stratamania

    Poly on 2000 dollar Fenders?

    Given the Elite series have modern features the target audience is not the vintage type nitro market.
  20. stratamania

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    They do indeed in particular the neck profile and fret size stands out.
  21. stratamania

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    Here is the link where I saw the specs. Neck Back Shape: 60's C Vintage Standard .810 - .930 https://reverb.com/item/35507444-suhr-classic-s-metallic-hss-ltd-bw-brandywine-rw
  22. stratamania

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    That is what I thought...
  23. stratamania

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    Thanks, it is interesting though and I was wondering because I saw some of these metallic offerings on a German site which stated a C standard neck and smaller frets than the specs cited at Suhr.com.
  24. stratamania

    NGD Suhr Indigo

    Very nice, though does it not have an even C slim profile?
  25. stratamania

    Pickup mounting screws issue

    Both types of screws are available from Warmoth for example compare the S10 and the S13. You need something similar to the S10. https://www.warmoth.com/Blade-Switch-Pickup-Mounting-Screws-C848.aspx