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  1. The Holy Drinker

    Vendor UltraWave - Multiband Processor: Next Generation Multiwave

    Does it sound different from the original? I thought the core sound was the same but with added features.
  2. The Holy Drinker

    Rainger FX - Drone Rainger

    This is one of the weirdest and most wonderful pedals ever. I thought the drone wouldn't be interesting or useful as it is just one continous pitch but I was wrong. This is designed very well and it is easy to use it with your foot and change notes while playing. The delay has a dark tone and...
  3. The Holy Drinker

    Transparent Tremolo, 2020 edition

    I think Hamstead Signature Tremolo is totally transparent. It doesn’t color the signal at all when the depth and gain is set to minimum.
  4. The Holy Drinker

    Alexander Pedals - History Lesson V3

    After trying it myself, 4HD is indeed my favorite. I love that it’s not limited to just one pattern. The distortion and the modulation on the Lofi mode is really good, imo. I also like the weird modulation on the Filter mode. Actually, all delay modes can be used as just modulation effects with...
  5. The Holy Drinker

    Keeley Hydra Stereo Reverb & Tremolo

    It’s out! Here’s my video. It’s a long (but hopefully helpful and informative) one. Timestamps are there to help.
  6. The Holy Drinker

    Empress Effects Reverb

    Thanks! I think it is laid out and designed well but the enclosure is probably too tall for some boards/cases. I would really enjoy a screen and maybe secondary functions on some knobs for more versatility but I know that kind of thing is a big turn off for most people and Empress probably...
  7. The Holy Drinker

    Empress Effects Reverb

    I’ve been playing with the Reverb for about 2 months and have just posted a video with some of my favorite sounds. I think this pedal is great for ambient and experimental type sounds. It’s very easy to use and dial in but as you can guess, Thing knobs are a bit hard to remember. I like the new...
  8. The Holy Drinker

    Random Warble Machine

    Yes I am and thank you!
  9. The Holy Drinker

    New Hamstead Signature Tremolo

    This pedal has one of the best enclosures and boxes I've ever seen. Everything feels very high quality. I love the footswitch. The pedal itself is very simple but it does a lot. The waveform toggle and the shape knob are the stars here. They can drastically change the effect. The range of all...
  10. The Holy Drinker

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    New mono board. This goes straight into HX Stomp but I might put it in the fx loop and place it between amp and cab. I almost always run stereo because I play with headphones and can’t stand mono. I thought it would be fun to make a mini mono board and put a subtle stereo reverb at the end of...
  11. The Holy Drinker

    Alexander Pedals - History Lesson V3

    I think is is the best looking Alexander pedal and the one with the best name. 4HD is probably my favorite mode here.
  12. The Holy Drinker

    Eventide TimeFactor vs. Rose

    I feel like it’s impossible not to love the Rose. It is so good but so underrated. More people need to try it.
  13. The Holy Drinker

    Alexander Pedals Superball

    Whoa I didn’t know that! I already have one. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. The Holy Drinker

    Alexander Pedals Superball

    Thank you! Yeah you’re definitely correct. The interface actually makes a lot of sense when you spend about an hour with the pedal. I was just thinking that this was a 20 knob pedal in a small box which is impressive when you consider the fact that it’s actually usable. Just a bit confusing when...
  15. The Holy Drinker

    Alexander Pedals Superball

    This is an interesting pedal, as you might guess. It is weird to use at first because you are not always directly controlling the delay time or mix or feedback etc. Everything affects everything and lots of unexpected weird and amazing sounds can be found (thank god there are presets!). There...
  16. The Holy Drinker

    Zoom ms 70 cdr pre set question

    I didn’t try it but it’s very likely that using drive effects will sum the input to mono. I’d suggest you to check out Source Audio drive pedals (L.A. Lady, Kingmaker, Aftershock).
  17. The Holy Drinker

    Current State of the Pedal Demo World

    Yeah of course, I wasn’t talking about only negative reviews. Those examples make a lot of sense and are helpful if you have the same setup, tastes and style as the person in the video but those are still one person’s opinions that people who don’t know any better will consider as facts. I made...
  18. The Holy Drinker

    Current State of the Pedal Demo World

    Anyone hanging around here would know that there are always people who hate your favorite pedal. What is a good sound, feature set, interface etc. is highly subjective. Think of your favorite pedal channel giving a very negative review of your favorite pedal. You wouldn’t agree but you’d move...
  19. The Holy Drinker

    Analog multi-modulation pedal?

    Crazy Tube Circuits Stones Hz https://crazytubecircuits.com/stoned-hz-v2
  20. The Holy Drinker

    Eventide Rose - new delay pedal

    I searched “square” in this thread and found some discussion. Apparently the delay time, modulation and resolution or some other stuff are tied together in some weird/interesting way and if I understood correctly that makes it difficult to “tune” the modulation range.
  21. The Holy Drinker

    Eventide Rose - new delay pedal

    Definitely agreed. I guess people might be thinking it’s expensive but considering it’s the same price as El Capistan I think it’s not hard to justify. I use the simple dual switch shown in the video and assigned the switches to invert and multiply. Combined with the Hotswitch, there are a lot...
  22. The Holy Drinker

    Eventide Rose - new delay pedal

    Seems like some people are able to get octave jumps from square wave modulation. I couldn’t tune it right no matter what I did. It always sounds a bit out of tune. What’s the trick I’m missing?
  23. The Holy Drinker

    Eventide Rose - new delay pedal

    I’ve had this pedal for about three weeks now. TL;DR: I love this pedal. Sounds really good, easy to use, can do a lot. When Rose first came out it didn’t look very interesting. I guess it’s primarily because it looks too simple especially for Eventide. Over time I became aware of its features...
  24. The Holy Drinker

    Life is Unfair Audio Pale Spectre (Tremolo, Ring Mod, Boost)

    Seems like there’s no thread about this pedal. Life is Unfair is a pedal company (just one person I guess) from UK and they have a couple of interesting pedals (check out their Synaptic Cleft tremolo as well) and they also make Devi Ever pedals. I’ve had the Pale Spectre for about a week but...