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  1. LikeAMotherF

    Good reverb Pedal?

    I didn't realize how much reverb pedals could alter your tone, but I've been looking at some demos and came across this one- And it seems pretty clear that the Hall of Fame had a definite influence on the dry-through sound. I was also clearly impressed with the MXR Reverb! Unfortunately, at...
  2. LikeAMotherF

    Best Quality Simple Looper?

    I'm in the same boat, and I'm looking at the MXR Clone Looper. But I have absolutely zero experience with any of this stuff so I'm curious to hear what other folks have to say!
  3. LikeAMotherF


    Hey Zeus! When you described it as a "basic Core model with no 10 top" I was imagining something drab and dull- boy was I wrong! Holy hell that's a beaut! I've dealt with Pitbull/Music Store Live before too, and have nothing but good things to say about them. Sweetwater, Prymaxe...
  4. LikeAMotherF

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    They didn't happen to all be Gibson Les Paul Customs, in Silver burst, did they? Did you get the "fell off the back of a truck" deal?!
  5. LikeAMotherF

    Holiday "Sales"

    I coulda swore I just saw the MXR Timmy selling at the usual suspects for >$100 this past week.... Could it be a case of waiting til it's too late? To catch the sales, I mean. Prymaxe is doing 25% off most everything new. Sweetwater was doing at least 15% on most stuff. Keep looking... or...
  6. LikeAMotherF

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Damn. Best of luck. Hang in there. Sending prayers and well wishes your way. And mojo. Lots of mojo sent!
  7. LikeAMotherF

    steel string supreme - a thread (Re: new statements from Mason/vertex)

    I really enjoyed it when the tower of lies about the BBE wah was beginning to crumble around him, and when it became absolutely clear that we he was just gooping a BBE product, he started to say that he actually *did* design it; he did the original designs that BBE used for them, but he wasn't...
  8. LikeAMotherF

    Russian Pedals are the Best

    You come to TGP for the "high quality posts"?!
  9. LikeAMotherF

    Which Reverb? Ventris, RV-500, or BigSky....help!

    So, Wolfie, it has been two months; how are you feeling about your decision? Do you have any second thoughts or things you wish you knew going in? As you may remember, I was in the same exact spot you were in. I was pretty set on getting a Big Sky, but my mind was swayed by the overwhelming...
  10. LikeAMotherF

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    So my complete haul this year is Strobostomp HD TS Mini Ventris SD1 and some pedal toppers.
  11. LikeAMotherF

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    Nice. I scored a brand new SD1 for $25!
  12. LikeAMotherF

    Best Pedaltrain alternatives?

    Rockboard does sell modules, though, that can easily be assembled to the sides of the board. I have a Pedaltrain, but if I were to buy a new board I'd probably look at the Rockboard pretty hard. I appreciate the fact that they have gone modular so you can set everything up to your liking.
  13. LikeAMotherF

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Lol I've been eyeing that pink drive for years. Literally. I'll be curious to hear what you think! It seems like you've been on a bit of a churn lately. Is that correct? I feel like I've seen a lot of your wares in the Emporium that last month or two....
  14. LikeAMotherF

    Seems most Pros use flat pedalboards

    I do remember seeing a product that was intended to cover the entirety of different Pedaltrain sizes. But I can't actually recall who made it or where I saw it. It has been a while. When I was trying to cover the gaps on a section of my board, I just went to the dollar store. I bought a small...
  15. LikeAMotherF

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    I bought it used on Reverb. I was just patient. It's a Pedaltrain Novo24, and it had the case included as well as a CS12 already mounted. $200 OTD, shipped.
  16. LikeAMotherF

    What bridges the gap between a Strat and a Les Paul?

    Anyone who knows the Scorchers gets a thumbs up in my book!
  17. LikeAMotherF

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    Miss Marsha I really do appreciate your generosity, @Snare227
  18. LikeAMotherF

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    You're right. I just tried it and applied it to something that I'd put in my cart- and it worked. And I did it with something that's *never* discounted! If only I had the $!.....
  19. LikeAMotherF

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Ffuuugggg. $320 for a Volante sounds nice! :jo If I weren't completely broke I'd totally jump on that one. I'm not sure if I should be relieved or annoyed that I just can't afford it right now....
  20. LikeAMotherF

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    In other news, I picked up a Ventris. You guys convinced me to go with it instead of the Big Sky. I was able to get one new on a BF deal for what I've seen them going for used. Well, actually pretty much the cheapest I've seen them go for used. I also grabbed a Peterson Strobostomp HD on sale...
  21. LikeAMotherF

    Lovepedal Hermida SNS Appreciation Thread Part Deux--The Ham Sammich Lives!

    Ooo which ones? I love 335s! I always wanted a 335, but they seemed so damn expensive. So I was able to grab one when CME had that monumental blow out a couple of years ago. Now I know why they cost so much- they're worth it! Knowing what I know now, I would gladly pay the asking price for a...
  22. LikeAMotherF

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    I got my pedalboard with the case and a Truetone CS12 mounted underneath it for $200, shipped to my door. I don't know where you all are shopping at. But you gotta look harder!
  23. LikeAMotherF

    The Source Audio Ventris Reverb: it's in the wild... and it's AWESOME!

    I also just bought a Ventris today ( :dude :dude :dude ) but I'm a hopeless luddite. I'm trying to think if I have any data-friendly USB A-to-B cables, and I think I can use the one from my old Samsung Galaxy. It was the cable that came with the "Rapid Charger". I can't imagine that would have...
  24. LikeAMotherF

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    Was this a SDOTD dealie? I checked and the cheapest I could find it for was $100-ish after price drop and BF code. Are you talking about the full-sized HD pedal? Or the clip on? I just bought an HD the other day. But if I can get one for ~$70 I'll return it!