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  1. rufedges

    This Week's Free Lesson: How To Find Your Voice On The Guitar

    Almost a 10 minute video and no actual guitar playing...., myself included, love Most of SRVs tOne and playing, he was a shooting star, a genius never to be completely replicated, I wonder what modern blues would be like if Clapton he gotten on that helicopter instead of Stevie.
  2. rufedges

    Single coil guitars that seemed to magically have less 60 cycle hum?

    Shielding the body cavity and PG definitely helps, it’s makes a huge difference, and I don’t hear any loss of tone.
  3. rufedges

    How was R.E.M. influential?

    Alternative nerd rock, I definitely grew up loving a few of their songs.
  4. rufedges

    NGD:Because I couldn't bring myself to buy a Strat

    Looks like top quality craftsmanship..... however, also looks like a Parker fly fell into a cotton candy machine before it got rescued.....
  5. rufedges

    Rocketfire Total 60s Strat Pups - wowza

    I’ve had them in my strat for over 6 years now, I would say they do the Raunchy Texas / SRV tone really well, they’ve got a little compression to them, but glassy and clear in the same right. Have not thought once about changing them out.
  6. rufedges

    Body shapes that look cool with one pickup

    Going to say that Jerry Cantrell’s white super-Strat guitar was pretty iconic.
  7. rufedges

    Adam Jones Signature Gibson Les Paul in the works

    I was a big Tool fan back in the day, saw them live in 98’ and again in 2002/2003. However, they haven’t released an album since, what , 2005? Does anybody under 35 even know who they are anymore?..., this collaboration is probably 10+ years too late IMO.
  8. rufedges

    Great 64 Strat, but body wear not consistent with neck

    I am no vintage expert. However, this guitar looks more like a new Nash guitar than an actual vintage strat. If they are saying everything is vintage, total lie. For example, the pickguard, all knobs, and pickup covers look brand new, especially compared to the condition of the body. If this was...
  9. rufedges

    Annoying overtones from Strat

    Yes, possibly this...too much magnetic pull. The fact that it disappears with a slight guitar volume reduction is a good possible indicator this might be the problem. Also, if you’ve got a metal string tree on it, this could also be a culprit... I’ve been using the Tusq Xl tree for years now...
  10. rufedges

    Guitar Lesson from John Mayer

    Good post.....just when I think I’m getting decent after 25 years of playing, humbling.
  11. rufedges

    Strat players: recommend some pickups

    So many options..... but, for A great SRV tone, my Rocketfire total 60s have been in my guitar for the last 5 years, no thought of changing them. Very confident they could mimic Mike McCready through his type of pedals and a Marshall type amp.
  12. rufedges

    Nash Guitars... I'm confused?

    I custom ordered it also requiring a non refundable deposit, primarily because there were no boat necks available. Somehow in my research I missed Danocaster and Nash looked like the best option.
  13. rufedges

    Hand picked woods etc - what does it mean?

    It invokes a sense of rarity and superiority, but mostly, it provides some validation for the company to charge the buyer more money, it’s clever actually.
  14. rufedges

    Nash Guitars... I'm confused?

    I bought a Nash back in 2015, all that’s left of the original is the neck(not including frets), tuners, and pickguard. Lollar blondes were sweet, but too Mayer and not enough Stevie, pickups were not an issue. Bridge hardware, body, overall price, not impressed. Neck is good though, boat neck...
  15. rufedges

    High headroom blackface 1-12 combo. What's out there?

    35SC from Vintage Sound is also an option. He dropped a 50W OT in mine, I added NOS tubes, bypassed the trem so that the trem knob now can boost the unit, and swapped in an eminence commonwealth 12 in a slightly larger cabinet, it’s a beast.
  16. rufedges

    Speakers for a big low end punch ...

    If you can find an Emminence Commonwealth, it will deliver. I love mine, pretty transparent and stupid heavy, but 225 watts, it’ll handle any amp. Huge lows and sparkly highs, lows are 20hz lower than any other speaker, I think 60hz, most start at 80hz. I’ve had mine since 2014, sounds better...
  17. rufedges

    Oh you've got an overdrive problem? Yeah me too.

    Nice collection, I don’t collect, but I’ve love to try out most of those to see how they perform in my rig. I already have a Timmy in my board and 2 diff versions of AM 808 Silver, really wonder how they compare to the 808HW; but, would love to rent that collection for a day.
  18. rufedges

    Questions on Deciding on a Bridge for my MJT Strat

    I’ve got a Callaham bridge with as oversized brass block from killer guitar components (KGC) highly recommend both. You’ve got to buy the trem bar from KGC though, the Callaham wing work. Just order the trem plate and saddles from Callaham and the block bar from KGC. I’ve had both for a couple...
  19. rufedges

    Tone is in the hands and not the gear..

    Good gear makes good musicians sound better. Good gear does very little for subpar musicians. Tone is comprehensive, takes skill and the right gear, otherwise all the pros would be using the cheapest guitars and amps
  20. rufedges

    Moving Overseas different voltage, how did you handle it?

    Step up/ step down converter... google, you can prob find numerous options on Amazon or Ebay
  21. rufedges

    ONE drive pedal with a blackface Fender?

    Analogman Silver Maxon OD9 with TB stomp switch. I own it, awesome, SRV little wing TS engaged sound.
  22. rufedges

    Low gain OD pedal

    My Timmy is my most transparent OD pedal. If you want a more transparent TS, get a Maxon OD9 analogman Silver. More transparent than my TS808 RI Analogman Silver. KoT is pretty transparent too, but I sold mine after only a short time years ago. Royal Blue OD is pretty transparent too.
  23. rufedges

    Is this Strat "The One"?

    Or, buy an MJT body off eBay and make the swap. Yes, more expensive than a 3 dollar can of paint, but worth it. I swapped the body on my Nash a couple months ago, and other than losing about 1lb in weight, no tonal difference I can tell. Pickups and the neck are the primary factors in tone if...
  24. rufedges

    Free the Tone Time Flight Y1 powered by Voodoo Labs 4X4

    I did for at least 4 years, no issues.
  25. rufedges

    15" speaker recommendation?

    Eminence Commonwealth 15 —/ if you can find one. 4” voice coil, huge power rating, Uncolored tone. But, heavy like an EVM