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  1. portobear

    What song REALLY shook you and made you pick up guitar?

    Highway Star from Made in Japan by Deep Purple. The first time I heard it was the pivotal moment for me, I wanted to learn to play from that moment on. My favourite song to this day and I still get an adrenalin rush every time I hear it.
  2. portobear

    Your Black Friday Purchase

    Bought a Vintage V6 Thomas Blug signature. Gets great reviews as a well priced, good quality S type. Looking forward to getting my hands on it, I think it will be a great addition to the stable, it has some pretty amazing specs for the money.
  3. portobear

    What does your Dream guitar look like

    Mine looks exactly like the one in my avatar, my LSL Saticoy HSS.
  4. portobear

    Modern strat alternatives. Suhr, Tom Anderson, Xotic, Cutlass, G&L, etc

    My Strat search ended when I found my LSL Saticoy HSS.
  5. portobear

    What's the one piece of gear you bought that totally removed your GAS?

    Bluguitar Amp 1 Mercury has absolutely killed my amp gas stone dead. All the classic tones I love in one package.
  6. portobear

    Favourite Guitar Tone?

    First ones to spring to mind, Ritchie Blackmore, Made in Japan Jimmy Page, TSRTS Soundtrack Rory Gallagher, Stagestruck Carlos Santana, Moonflower Also, I'm really enjoying Thomas Blug's Strat tone on his Bluguitar YouTube channel.
  7. portobear

    Picking my main guitar

    For me neck size and shape is first priority. If I don't like the feel of the neck then nothing else really matters.
  8. portobear

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    I remember being smitten by the 25th Anniversary Strat and the Gibson Corvus. File under "WTF was I thinking???"
  9. portobear

    Which Guitar Are You Still In Possession of That You Regret Buying?

    An Ibanez Prestige 1570 in blue flip flop paint that I bought from new when they came out. The only time I enjoyed playing it was when I tried it out in the shop. My hand cramps up after about ten minutes playing the lollipop stick neck. It's probably been played for less than an hour in the...
  10. portobear

    Pick a song you'd like played/performed at your funeral

    I'm a big Deep Purple fan, so I think back to back playing of "Into the Fire" and "Burn" at my cremation would be most appropriate.
  11. portobear

    Greatest Rock Band ever

    For me. Deep Purple Rolling Stones Led Zeppelin The Who
  12. portobear

    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    Jack Bruce with Clem Clemson and Bruce Gary. Mick Taylor and Snowy White.
  13. portobear

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    Bluguitar Amp 1 Mercury, gives me all the classic British rock tones I grew up with in one unit. Since I bought it my Amp G.A.S has been non existent.
  14. portobear

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    Agree 100%, three of my biggest influences and giants in their respective genres.
  15. portobear

    The CD Collection

    I've just recently dug my CD collection out of storage & they're now in my new man cave/music room/home office. Treated myself to a new Denon CD player after many years of not having anything to play them on and now I've started buying CDs again to plug some gaps in my collection. Having a...
  16. portobear

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    Al DiMeola's Black Les Paul or Ritchie Blackmore's Strat from the Made in Japan album.
  17. portobear

    Portable Plexi head options?

    Bluguitar Amp 1 Mercury would be my pick.
  18. portobear

    Best Hotrodded Marshall tone around $1k?

    Bluguitar Amp 1 Iridium might be worth considering.
  19. portobear

    Underrated bass players

    Roger Glover of Deep Purple never gets much of a mention but I love his playing. Always a rock solid groove and his bass lines are perfect for the song.
  20. portobear

    What guitar cables are you using- Mogami, Evidence Audio, Lava, Monster Whirlwind, Ernie Ball other?

    I've started using Pig Hog recently, sound great, look great, reasonably priced.
  21. portobear

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    Flight of the Rat from Deep Purple in Rock. Love this track, always amazed it's never been performed live by them. One of my favourite Blackmore tones ever and the drumming is just phenomenal.
  22. portobear

    Your favorite strap, and how low do you sling it?

    This is my new favourite strap, handmade in the UK. Great quality and not overly expensive.
  23. portobear

    TGP approved??

    I'm no TGP, but I approve, if that counts for anything!