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  1. Matt L

    For the first time ever, all the Grammys nominees for best rock performance are women.

    The Grammys have a history of cluelessness. I wouldn’t even consider most of those nominees “rock”, much like Jethro Tull was never a metal band....
  2. Matt L

    For the first time ever, all the Grammys nominees for best rock performance are women.

    except for the large number of young ladies playing shred guitar on the internet and talking about pedals on these very forums.....
  3. Matt L

    For the first time ever, all the Grammys nominees for best rock performance are women.

    no, they clearly made the all-female list for a reason.
  4. Matt L

    For the first time ever, all the Grammys nominees for best rock performance are women.

    those few years when they didn’t play Heart, Pat Benetar and Joan Jett’s two hit songs every hour on FM rock stations.
  5. Matt L

    Billy Gibbons ever play fast?

    Badass song and killer trade-offs with Warren at the end, but not hearing anything fast in there.
  6. Matt L

    Badass guitar intro songs

    Owner of A Lonely Heart When Doves Cry
  7. Matt L

    Watching all these freaks on YouTube can be depressing

    As mentioned above, these cover solos are basically pointless endeavors in the big picture these days. They’re basically the guitar version of defeating the big boss in a video game. So you can play Tornado of Souls note for note. Great. So can a million other guitarists. Maybe they’re not all...
  8. Matt L

    Sometimes backing singers are better than the lead singer.

    Ritchie Kotzen when he was in Poison- i remember watching that live, having no idea he could sing like that
  9. Matt L

    Any fans of the band Europe?

    Norum and Marcello were worth the admission, for me. Both killer players.
  10. Matt L

    PRS 2021 lineup guesses

    Doubleneck Vela Semi-Hollow 6/12
  11. Matt L

    David Lee Roth releases song from the unreleased album with John 5 on guitar.

    right, because anyone who had any sort of commercial success should just curl up and die when they’re not in the spotlight anymore. Nice sentiment.
  12. Matt L

    Guitars you wanted for their looks alone?

    I just bought a 1981 Fender Walnut Strat just on seeing one picture. Will probably weigh 11lbs and I’ll hate the neck, but it is one of the most gorgeous guitars.
  13. Matt L

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    I picked Ted Nugent as a “not popular” guitarist more for the fact that he is literally not popular to a lot of people for his political views and persona. Just a little twist on the concept. He’s always been a badass guitarist IMO.
  14. Matt L

    Favourite not popular guitarist?

    Ted Nugent....
  15. Matt L

    RIP Rocco Prestia

    Just saw a FB from ToP that he is in hospice...doesn’t sound good obviously. A legendary player, you can’t be more in the pocket than he was.
  16. Matt L

    Some of Pete Townshend's power chords are the best in the business but...

    He’s unique and interesting to me. I like his soloing. It reflects his personality and intensity.
  17. Matt L

    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    what exactly did Prince do that pushed musical boundaries? He had his own style, but everything was based on something previous. His guitar playing and antics were heavily influenced by Hendrix, if you really think about it. Even his use of the color purple.
  18. Matt L

    Neal Schon to Musicman?

    Hope he makes the other Reverse Standard body shape too. Thought those were both cool.
  19. Matt L

    I’m not crying, you’re crying....I’m a strong man, I swear...

    I Remember Everything by John Prine gets me prob once a day when they play it on the station we play at work.
  20. Matt L

    Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSH...anyone play / own one yet ?

    I know exactly what you mean...I have the amber quilt mahogany Floyd version too. Love that one, but I wish they’d do a roasted maple Floyd version, too.
  21. Matt L

    Charvel Pro Mod DK24 HSH...anyone play / own one yet ?

    I‘ve owned the pink HSS, the blue HH, the gold SSS and the natural ash Tele body Style 2. I still have the HH and Tele. They seem to vary out of the box. The gold and Tele were pretty good, but the pink and blue needed work. I found most of the issue was at the saddles.
  22. Matt L

    So, what's the deal with Heritage?

    I had two fantastic 2016 535s, traded them away last year in one of my usual G.A.S. induced fits of boredom. I actually traded a couple of Gibsons in to get them, including a ‘74 ES-355 and dot neck ES-335 reissue. The Heritages were just nicer instruments in almost every way.
  23. Matt L

    Floyd Rose Woes

    If you can take some pics, post em. I’m guessing there might be a setup issue somewhere if you’ve had problems with all of them.
  24. Matt L

    Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation Reimagined?

    Pointless musical endeavor, just a cash grab to be honest. I love the original, no need for this.
  25. Matt L

    Resolved: there is no one more badass than Grace Jones

    Just ignore him...I don’t think I’ve ever seen one positive post from that person.