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  1. davidespinosa

    Cab depth

    What are the height and width ? If you increase the height and width, then it's fine to increase the depth as well. You only get unpleasant resonances if it's too deep compared to the height and width.
  2. davidespinosa

    Three prong cables and death cap

    @Elmusico Yes, just clip it out. https://robrobinette.com/Death_Cap_and_Ground_Switch.htm
  3. davidespinosa

    Who currently builds the best 50W 1986 Marshall clone

    @lesterchopper The consensus is Germino. (But I have no direct experience myself.)
  4. davidespinosa

    Class A amps?

    Yes, you can make a push-pull class A amp. You need at least two tubes. The tubes are biased so they both amplify the whole waveform. One tube amplifies the normal waveform. The other amplifies the inverted waveform. The OT combines the two signals so they add up properly. Yes, you can make a...
  5. davidespinosa

    Is There a Small Tube Amp Around 20 Watts That Stays Clean?

    @BadHat Depends what you mean by clean. A 20 watt amp will give you 20 watts of clean, but no more. If you want more clean watts, consider solid-state, like a Fender Tone Master Twin, or a Quilter. Also, if you have no particular volume requirement, then any amp will play clean if you keep the...
  6. davidespinosa

    Does This Amp Exist?

    @ratedepth Used: Pretty much any boutique handwired Princeton New: Any Fender PRRI with a 12" speaker, like these. If you really care about $1100 vs $1000, call Sweetwater or GC and tell them it has to be $1000...
  7. davidespinosa

    How many controls does an amp need?

    You can have either 1 amp with 20 controls, or 20 amps with 1 control. Whatever works for you !
  8. davidespinosa

    Magnatone Construction

    @Jazztone https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?media/magnatone-stereo-twilighter-guts-interior-inside.146892/ https://www.harmonycentral.com/expert-reviews/guitar-and-bass-amps/magnatone-panoramic-stereo-all-tube-combo-amplifier-r556/ Also, point-to-point has a very specific meaning...
  9. davidespinosa

    Bartel amp owners help!!

    Probably not, but anyone with a soldering iron can change it out.
  10. davidespinosa

    Low Wattage Combo Amp for Home breakup

    Would suggest one of the smaller attenuators: Dr. Z, Swart, or Tone King
  11. davidespinosa

    Why use amps when we got acoustic guitars?

    If you're trolling, you're not funny. If you're not trolling, what's your point ?
  12. davidespinosa

    Anyone ever get a chance to A/B a Magnatone Twilighter Stereo and a Swart Stereo Master 20?

    @DaveNJ Those amps are apples and oranges (not comparable). The Magnatone is a mono amplifier with a stereo vibrato. There is no way to use stereo effects other than the vibrato. The Swart is a true stereo amp.
  13. davidespinosa

    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    Yeah, I meant a used Dumble. I can see that a new Dumble would be pretty hard to get !
  14. davidespinosa

    Is a Princeton Reverb with 12" speaker enough to gig with?

    With monitors or in-ears, you don't even need an amp.
  15. davidespinosa

    Who makes low wattage JMP 2203/2204 clones?

    Ceriatone is made in Malaysia. I expect they have no problem shipping to Europe.
  16. davidespinosa

    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    It's easier to buy an actual Dumble.
  17. davidespinosa

    Revv D20 w Studio Phones

    @DecoWaves Try a pair of AKG 240's ($100 or less). They're relatively dull -- good to compensate for a bright amp. But it's not about "studio headphones". Studio headphones are accurate, like studio monitors. The AKG 240's are dull, not accurate.
  18. davidespinosa

    Bogner Princeton post honeymoon

    @fatbagg So what's a Bogner Princeton ?
  19. davidespinosa

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    @ledvedder Amp1. Have you listened to the videos ?
  20. davidespinosa

    Who makes low wattage JMP 2203/2204 clones?

    Does it have to be small size ? Ceriatone might do a low watt version in the standard chassis.
  21. davidespinosa

    Suhr... is there going to be a PT 15 two channel combo?

    So why a combo ? And you're okay with open-back ?
  22. davidespinosa

    Suhr... is there going to be a PT 15 two channel combo?

    PT-15 IR: 9.25” (H) x 20.5" (W) x 8.25” (D) 25 lbs PT-15 1x12 closed-back cabinet: 17.4" (H) x 20.43" (W) x 11" (D) 30 lbs What size and weight do you expect for the combo ? Is open-back okay ?
  23. davidespinosa

    What happened to JDesign?

    IIRC, J Design is Ben Fargen's brother. You can contact Ben here and ask: https://www.exclusiveamps.com/ And please post the result here when you find out, thanks !
  24. davidespinosa

    This has blown my mind!

    Are these close-miked ? If they're room-miked, the position of the cab in the room makes a difference.