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    New Ben Harper

    Ben has come to be one of my favorite artists ever. Alone with an acoustic, he is perfection incarnate.
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    Phil Lynott

    Here is one you wouldn't usually come across. Listen to the verses in this song by Donna Summer. The phrasing is VERY Lynott influenced, IMHO. No kidding. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY3DuLr1Ku8
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    Zoso , Anyone seen them ?

    Sarah was SMOKIN hot. Many fond memories of her gyrating while singing Black Dog. Mmmmm.... I always sensed the lead guitarist was on a major ego trip. She is a competent guitarist. Nothing special. The magic of that band was indeed the singer and drummer, complemented by the versatility of...
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    Zoso , Anyone seen them ?

    Terry, If you want to have some fun sometime, check out a band named Lez Zeppelin (all female, Zeppelin tribute band) next time they swing by your way. The equation is simple: all female band, hot lead singer, all zeppelin, played well. Add tequila chased by beer, and it makes for lasting...
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    Rattiest, raunchiest riffs?

    Intro lick to Deep Purple's Burn. Now thread is over.
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    One man, one guitar, and heart - Ben Harper content

    Such pure, simple, exquisite beauty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKdp_Ti3SgM&feature=PlayList&p=1756D367B44BE489&playnext=1&index=34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJMV6P16vLU&feature=PlayList&p=1756D367B44BE489&index=9...
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    Duke Robillard . Blues A Rama Video

    I paid for and downloaded a few of the Duke lessons. Wow! Production quality and format is just fantastic. Very efficient way to learn (makes it very convenient and easy). Haven't seen a similar format / approach before. Only thing I wish for is that I could actually download the stuff after...
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    A young Ritchie Blackmore on a 335

    Never saw this clip before of a young Ritchie Blackmore playing a 335. Its really a mix of a lot of different styles and ideas. Not all of it is good, but if you watch teh whole things there are a few gems that make it worthwhile. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=1vmXutNKVbM&feature=related
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    Live Footage - The Stealer

    Now THIS is strat tone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzodW9oDGqA&feature=channel Very well done, all the way around (singer nailed it too). What you running through on this one?
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    Duke Robillard . Blues A Rama Video

    Vids are spectacularly well done. Thx for sharing.
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    Great "unknown" talents in rock

    Bill Nelson, BeBop Deluxe
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    Damn you, Trussart!!

    I would bet my life savings however that you won't! :roll That is the funny thing about GAS. Its as much the chase as the catch.
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    Have you ever met a Rock Star? (and under what circumstance?)

    My most memorable mtg was when I was a grad student traveling to MN to present a paper at a conference. As I got off the plane I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful women. And as I got to the hotel there were more and more. And the hotel lobby was completely over the top. I remember...
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    PSA: Dean Chrome G Resonator

    Yes the hot rod cone is the new/latest alloy they are using. It is louder and clearer than their vintage cone to my ears, with a bit better sustain. A tad brighter than their vintage cone, perhaps, and as such maybe a tad less vintage sounding, but, all in all, I think the new alloy is the bomb.
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    Opinions on Taylor Acoustic Please...

    To my ears the Taylor highs are just too sweet....every time I pick one up all I can hear is James Taylor like songs. Great guitars but they just don't float my boat tonally. I have kind of settled in to the hi end Breedloves...they have a piano like clarity, due to their unique bracing system...
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    PSA: Dean Chrome G Resonator

    Bought a Dean Chrome G Resonator a while back (9.5" cone, biscuit bridge) http://store.guitarplaza.com/dechgre.html What I liked about it was the 14 frets, thin body, and the built in piezo and lipstick pups. And it looks just amazing. Really quite an excellent slide guitar. Anyway, this...
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    Setting up a 12 string - Tips?

    I am a newbie to 12 strings (but really handy with all my 6 stringers). What are the keys to a good 12 string setup? Here, good means to me that it plays as close to my 6 string as a 12 string possibly can! As I have played different 12 strings, a Taylor I tried out at GC seemed much more...
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    Just Played The EGNATER REBEL 20- WOW!!

    What is teh deal on the watts control? Is this a power scaled amp? Watts control seems too subtle to be power scaling, and even with watts all the way down the puppy can still be very loud with the master up. Anyone know what the watts control is doing, form a technical standpoint?
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    Cleartone Acoustic String

    Hey, we're unanimous here. How often does that happen on this board (everyone agrees)? That does it....these strings REALLY suck! :-)
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    Egnater Rebel

    Mickey, Is this amp truly power scaled? I din't think it was. Even with the watt control at the lowest possible level it is still pretty damn loud...master seems to have more of an effect on volume than watts control. Maybe it is power scaled, but can only knock teh voltage down a bit....not...
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    Egnater Rebel

    I have two of these bad boys now. They sound great right out of the box, but man, put some old glass in there and they are heaven. The power tube difference is subtle, but the preamp tube difference is huge. They come stock with Sovtek (GT re-branded) 12AX7WA's and these are very rough...
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    Cleartone Acoustic String

    Its really amazing what crap they are, as they are priced as or more expensive than Elixirs.